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23rd February 2020

Glad you made it
Enjoyed your blog Sue and Jim and so glad you also made it to the Falklands - have many fond memories of our 'just one day' on the islands. S&P
17th September 2019

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31st March 2019

Great read Sue and enjoyed hearing your views on the islands - we so loved Trinidad and glad that you both had excellent birding too with Darren. Do call in to see us if you pass this way on your way to Southampton to collect A2.
20th October 2018

What pioneers!
Loved reading your blog. Very interesting stories behind every site.
21st October 2018

Thanks Becky
Good to hear from you & hope all is well. Yes, surprising sights pop up everywhere & we are still enjoying the travelling. X Sue & Jim
26th February 2018

So pleased for you
Hi there - so pleased that you managed to see the Butterflies and survived the uphill hike what an adventure! Looking forward to catching up with you on 21 April - 👣 Silvernomads x
6th February 2018

Great read once again ..
Hi there - glad to see you are still enjoying your Mexican adventure and that you are keeping mostly healthy ... ... P&S x
6th February 2018

I got quite a chuckle reading your account of how we were loaded onto the boat after attempting to snorkel in the rough waters. Sounds like Jim was successful at fishing. Shots of Tequila! You two are awesome! Anxious to read your next post. Safe travels.
30th December 2017

Cabo Connection
Sue & Jim- It was so nice meeting you in Cabo. Had a fun time on our water taxi, and touring the sites along the shore. How do I follow you on this blog?
21st December 2017

Que chula es La Paz!
Hola Sue y Jim, I have read your blog about your stay in " La Paz "Baja California . I was there in 1984, went with my mother. The Sea of Cortés was beatiful. At that time, the place becoming quite popular. Unfortunately, we didn't visit Los Cabos o Cabo san Lucas. Can't wait to read your next blog. I also want to take this oportunity to wish you and your family una muy Feliz Navidad y Próspero 2018. Love Aranza xx
From Blog: Lazing in La Paz
3rd December 2017
Anyone recognise the diver?

Is it Jacque Cousteau ?
From Blog: Lazing in La Paz
6th September 2017

Hola Sue & Jim
Loved your blog and photos, particularly the Roman architecture - Hope you have a pleasant journey back to the UK and wishing Jim a very happy 70th birthday - enjoy your day in London with the family. PS: By the way they still say Buenas Dias here in Costa Rica ... ...
23rd August 2017
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Break Away Sign
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30th July 2017

Made it ...
Glad to see that you made it at last to the 'outside' world - enjoy and enjoy some more.
21st July 2017
Snow poles to guide snow plough in winter, frighteningly high!

Break Away Sign
Informative article, just what I was looking for.Thanks! Break Away Sign
2nd July 2017

Looks like you have had a brilliant time. Thanks for my birthday wishes. When you back in the uk? Love to you both. Jennyx
1st July 2017

Last Alaskan
Great read and glad you got to see more Black Bears in Juneau, loved the orange toothed Porcupine too - happy onwards journey. P&S
25th June 2017

Campsite vs Wildlife
The commercial campsites sounded a bit of a 'rip off' but your wildlife sightings made up for that - see you in Juneau ... ...
12th June 2017

Looks like you are both having a great time. Great pics of the bears. Thanks for my birthday message , l had a lovely day. Take care and keep your eyes on them bears. Love to you both. Jennyx
12th June 2017

Great Blog
Hi you two - Enjoyed the read, loved the photos keep them coming ... ... pands
5th June 2017

Welcome to Travel Blog
Hi both - enjoyed your first blog from Travelblog and glad that you enjoyed your first cruise. As you found out you have to be selective on what you want out of a cruise which makes all the difference and of course the size of the boat makes a big difference too..... Look forward to your next blog from Alaska we so loved it there. P&S
21st May 2017

The laughter spreads.
19th May 2017

Lovely photos! Quebec is so beautiful. I was there when I was a teenager. I am sorry we didn't see you during your stay in the UK in April. Travelpod is closing in the 19th of June, please let me know where will you be publishing your blog
afterwards. I do really enjoy your photos the description of places. Have a lovely lovely time. Lots of love Aranza
26th January 2017

What a brilliant sunrise x

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