Paul & Sheila Williams


Paul & Sheila Williams

We love to travel and experience different places and particularly like to view and photograph the world's wonderful array of wildlife - and we are so so lucky to still be able to do so. After retiring in 2010, we have travelled the world covering every continent as older generation nomads - hence our name Silvernomads. We have been really blessed to live out our retirement as we had always dreamed when we worked all those long years.

The world is such a kaleidoscope of colours and cultures that have blown our senses away and this blog is a great means to store all of those memories in a secure ‘out of body’ hard drive! Hopefully we will always have this great ‘encyclopaedia’ to look back on and ‘laugh at’ or sometimes ‘cry over’ - ‘did we really do that’ … …

We wish every one of you, peace, fun and laughter, life is too short to wish for anything else - go out and do what you want to do, or you will always regret not doing so.

Happy travelling to you all 👣 Paul + Sheila

Asia » China » Shanghai October 24th 2019

THE VICTORIA JENNA - YANGTZE 3 NIGHT RIVER CRUISE It didn’t stop raining and we had a long walk to get to our ship, the Victoria Jenna docked in Chongquing on the Yangtze River. Launched in 2009 the Victoria Jenna is one of the largest, most technologically advanced ships on the Yangtze River. The 10,000-ton, 418 passenger vessel is almost 440 feet long, spans six decks and is roughly 50 percent larger than other Victoria cruise ships. Due to scheduled maintenance at the Three Gorges Dam our ship was not permitted through the ship locks there and we would be going to finish our journey, just west of the dam at Maoping. On arrival absolutely soaking wet we decided to upgrade our Standard Cabin to an Executive Suite and we were glad we did it was ... read more
We found the bar really quickly
Temple - Jade Emperor Scenic area
Temple - Jade Emperor Scenic area

Asia » China October 24th 2019

CHENGDU Our flight from Lijiang to Chengdu was with Lucky Air but not completely lucky as we were delayed by an hour - but overall it was a smooth flight and we had some excellent views on our way over the mountains, with clear skies until we neared Chengdu when it became quite overcast which was so different to what we were now used too … … We were taken straight to visit Broad and Narrow Streets and were not really impressed with this we would have preferred to book into our hotel first. These two streets were basically two adjacent long straight roads, one very narrow and one a little bit wider - both full of tourist shops and eateries. Everywhere you looked it was heaving with people, you just got caught along in a ... read more
Photo bombed again
Broad and Narrow Streets - Chengdu
Chengdu Peoples Park

Asia » China October 19th 2019

LEAVING KUNMING We left Kunming and boarded our bus - the journey was going to take up to six hours, depending on traffic, heading up into the mountains but it would give us an opportunity to watch the world go by. We were lucky we were such a small group of nine and of course Helen our National Guide so there was plenty of room on the bus and we could all spread out. Water was available on the bus and you could buy three small bottles for 10 RMB. We drove through several small villages and a few larger towns the traffic was quite light which was good. In the small edged fields we saw local people tending their crops, mainly with hand tools, we did not see any tractors or other farm machinery just ... read more
Ancient Streets
Market Corner
Local lady

Asia » China » Guangxi October 11th 2019

GUILIN Our flight from Xian was quick and as we drove from the airport we noticed a slightly slower pace of life, although a lot busier than we had anticipated and probably not only due to the fact that we were in the middle of their national holiday and its special year. We were looking forward to seeing this scenic area and hiking up into the rice terraces. Guilin is renowned as one of China’s most beautiful spots and I must say our first glimpse was impressive but we had only seen large cities so far on this journey. Our guide Helen said that this was her home town and she was really enthusiastic about everything we could do here. It was hot though in the mid 30s so you had to take things at a ... read more
Wonderful greeting
Pizza with gloves
Gold & Silver Pagodas!

Asia » China October 4th 2019

HIGH SPEED BULLET TRAIN We took the high speed train from Beijing to Xian which still took 6 hours as we made 13 stops en-route! However we did travel at speeds of 190 miles per hour which was pretty fast. Although not as fast as a plane as far as travel time goes, you save so much time and stress by avoiding having to get to an airport 2 hours in advance, long security lines and the queues would be long this week as we were now in the middle of the ‘magic holiday week’ in China - even more so due to the 70th year celebration of the People’s Republic of China. We had comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and we just relaxed and looked out of the windows as we passed through ... read more
Xi'an Railway Station
Terracotta Warrior Workshop
Terracotta Army

Asia » China » Beijing September 30th 2019

HUANGHUACHENG GREAT WALL Another early start and we transferred 45 miles out of Beijing to reach the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall of China. So very different to our visit to the Jinshanling Section a few days ago this part of the wall edges the side of Haoming Lake. The Huanghuacheng wall is divided by reservoirs, and some parts are even submerged in the water, which is a very unique characteristic, distinguishing it from other sections of the Great Wall. Again the first sight of the wall takes your breathe away - this time as we approached the area the wall was snaking across the green hills, stopping here and there where it had disappeared into the undergrowth or dropped off the edge of the mountain tops. We were directed across a massive dam to ... read more
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing September 27th 2019

DOWNTOWN BEIJING Since our last blog from Beijing, formerly Peking we have enjoyed getting acclimatised to the area whilst resting after our flight and a great days hike on the Great Wall. We enjoyed several shorter walks around our hotel watching locals go about their everyday lives, little market stalls being set up on the side of the road and we noticed that the fresh produce disappeared as quickly as the farmers were putting it out. A good sign of fresh produce and looking at the stalls excellent quality. We were going to use the subway and head a little further into the city but Marco our guide for our wall hike informed us that some of the stations were closed because of the security, rehearsals for the pending celebrations - the previous evening he had ... read more
Tiananamen Square
Mao Zedong - Tiananamen Square

Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2019

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Well it has been absolutely ages since we were last travelled and I really do miss our frequent wanderings around the globe, although we have had many journeys throughout the UK it was now time to get ‘abroad’ again. … … Last year we visited India and enjoyed every moment and for our main break this year we decided it was time for us to visit ancient China. We very nearly visited in 2014 but ended up only reaching the border in the north of Vietnam when we visited Sapa and the surrounds. We have many pleasant memories of our time in the north of Vietnam which you can read about in previous blogs if you wish. Of course we would not have travelled now if we knew we would be escaping ... read more
Beijing City
Happy Birthday to me !
Gateway to the Wall

Asia » India December 10th 2018

We flew from Udaipur to Mumbai (Bombay of old) and then an onward flight to Nagpur located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is notable for its juicy oranges and extensive amounts of them are sent out to different parts of India and abroad. Due to the long distances we had to rest here for the night before heading off to visit three of the National Parks. It was here in Nagpur that my Uncle, Ronald St John Groves was posted to a teaching seminary in 1937 just three months after being ordained in Devizes, Wiltshire. All was well at first and he enjoyed his first mission but when WW2 started he was the only Englishman for miles, the rest were German, Italian and French and life became pretty unbearable so he returned to ... read more
Tathastu Lodge - looks different in the daylight!
Spotted Deer
Gray Langur

Asia » India December 4th 2018

INDIA TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY ... ... .. Over a period of about a week, we visited three amazing cities of India all so different but equally impressive. We drove from Ranthambore National Park to Jaipur a journey of 161 km which took us around 5 hours - a long day. The traffic was horrendous for most of the journey, driving in India is certainly something of an ordeal! You meet just about everything on the roads and the constant beeping of horns does get a little bit much at times - give me the Highway Code any time … … All kinds of vehicles some in very poor conditions are on the roads, in the main though its the motorbike that is ‘king of the road’, usually topped with up to five people. Ladies ride ... read more
Sweeping the forts
View from our room Jaipur
Amber Fort - Jaipur

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