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Asia » China » Beijing September 21st 2019

ON THE ROAD AGAIN Well it has been absolutely ages since we were last travelled and I really do miss our frequent wanderings around the globe, although we have had many journeys throughout the UK it was now time to get ‘abroad’ again. … … Last year we visited India and enjoyed every moment and for our main break this year we decided it was time for us to visit ancient China. We very nearly visited in 2014 but ended up only reaching the border in the north of Vietnam when we visited Sapa and the surrounds. We have many pleasant memories of our time in the north of Vietnam which you can read about in previous blogs if you wish. Of course we would not have travelled now if we knew we would be escaping ... read more
Beijing City
Happy Birthday to me !
Gateway to the Wall

Asia » India December 10th 2018

We flew from Udaipur to Mumbai (Bombay of old) and then an onward flight to Nagpur located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is notable for its juicy oranges and extensive amounts of them are sent out to different parts of India and abroad. Due to the long distances we had to rest here for the night before heading off to visit three of the National Parks. It was here in Nagpur that my Uncle, Ronald St John Groves was posted to a teaching seminary in 1937 just three months after being ordained in Devizes, Wiltshire. All was well at first and he enjoyed his first mission but when WW2 started he was the only Englishman for miles, the rest were German, Italian and French and life became pretty unbearable so he returned to ... read more
Tathastu Lodge - looks different in the daylight!
Spotted Deer
Gray Langur

Asia » India December 4th 2018

INDIA TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY ... ... .. Over a period of about a week, we visited three amazing cities of India all so different but equally impressive. We drove from Ranthambore National Park to Jaipur a journey of 161 km which took us around 5 hours - a long day. The traffic was horrendous for most of the journey, driving in India is certainly something of an ordeal! You meet just about everything on the roads and the constant beeping of horns does get a little bit much at times - give me the Highway Code any time … … All kinds of vehicles some in very poor conditions are on the roads, in the main though its the motorbike that is ‘king of the road’, usually topped with up to five people. Ladies ride ... read more
Sweeping the forts
View from our room Jaipur
Amber Fort - Jaipur

Asia » India November 24th 2018

HEADING TO RANTHAMBORE In our last blog we had arrived at the railway station in Bharatpur and I must say we were quite astonished as we walked along the platform to see groups of people scrambling across the lines to reach the platform on the other side rather than use a perfectly situated bridge! Even the ladies with their long silk saris were crossing on foot and being helped up on to the platform on the other side - we of course used the bridge … … After a short wait on the station platform we boarded the train which was quite full but everyone had seats. Although we did change ours as two guys had huge suitcases under the table and asked us to swop as there was nowhere else to stow them - we ... read more
Ranthambore Fort
Ranthambore Fort
Thirsty work

Asia » India November 23rd 2018

AGRA The pace of this group tour is fast, very fast but we are still enjoying every moment but so much to take in, we are only just touching the surface of this extraordinary country. Our Air India Varanasi to Agra flight took just over an hour and we were quickly driven to our next hotel, the Trident Agra by Sanjay who is our designated driver. We do not have a tour guide as our group is only 6 people so we pick up different guides as we make our way around Northern India at the forts, temples and palaces we visit but we keep Sanjay as our 'constant' and he is a great guy. Married with three children he spends long days away from them at the height of the season in India. The Trident ... read more
Taj Mahal
Posing of course
Beautiful decorations

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh November 17th 2018

‘Varanasi is old than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together’ - Mark Twain Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh takes its name from its situation on the banks of the Ganges, on the confluence of two rivers, Varuna and Assi. It is said that the city rests on the trident of Lord Shiva thus imparting an incomparable energy into it. Known to devout Hindus as Kasha it is one of the oldest living cities in the world and is the aspiration of every devout Hindu to die at Kasha thus ensuring a direct passage into heaven. It is here where thousands of Hindu pilgrims immerse themselves in the sacred Ganges River every day of the year. This very sacred and vibrant spot ... read more
Sarnath Museum
 Lion Capital of Ashoka
Buddha from the 5th century

Asia » India » Rajasthan November 13th 2018

I have always wanted to go on a pilgrimage to India - it was here that my great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Allen was born in 1870 and lived in the country until the early 1900s. Her parents were James Allen who was a military man and Elizabeth Moore but I do not have any information on them apart from their names, although a ‘family story’ said that Elizabeth (nee Moore) was in some way related to Thomas Moore the Irish poet but I have been unable to prove any connection … … Mary Elizabeth married my great grandfather, Edwin Henry Tucker in Bengal in 1887. They had several children in India including my Grandmother, Frances Elizabeth Tucker before returning to the UK. Having lived over 30 years in the country it must have been very strange ... read more
Grand Tour of India
Beautiful couple
Mughal Emperor Humayun

OUR EXTRA LONG FLIGHT TO TRINIDAD They told us Trinidad and Tobago would be the perfect combination of Caribbean and South American birding - so we decided to head back to the Caribbean - the last time we had visited, just Tobago was in 2003. Well we had a ‘bit’ of a journey getting there but considering the amount of time we travel it is to be expected that things do not always go according to plan! We had reached the runway at Gatwick when the Captain said they had developed a fault with one of their sensors which would unable them to fly through ‘clouds’ so he would have to return to the Airport Terminal for Engineers to fix it … … So back in a holding bay we sat on the plane and after ... read more
White-headed Marsh-tyrant - male
One of many Hummingbirds
Green Honeycreeper - Male

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Coclé October 18th 2017

EL VALLE DE ANTÓN El Valle de Antón, generally called El Valle, or Anton's Valley in English, is a small town in the mountains of Panama with about 8000 residents and located in the central province of Coclé. Three million years ago a large volcano in the area erupted with such a massive force that it blew off its entire top - creating a crater, nearly four miles across - one of the largest in the Americas ... ... Over the years the crater gradually filled with rainwater creating a massive lake and much later in time, through erosion a large breach opened and the entire lake drained out. The resulting flood created an extensive network of rivers which attracted wildlife and indigenous people into to the region and the valley was born. So now, El ... read more
Heading down from Le Mesa
Local Map
Hike to Altos Maria

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Colón October 10th 2017

GAMBOA, PANAMA - 1 - 7 OCTOBER 2017 We flew into Panama from Nicaragua and the flight was really quick and easy taking under an hour and half - a really short journey for us. It was a speedy process through customs as well and we soon had our luggage off the rack and wandered outside to meet up with our driver who was waiting for us. The journey to Gamboa was also quick and easy and about an hour after we set off we reached an iron and wood bridge crossing the Chagres River which is the only access road into Gamboa our destination. This old bridge was well past its ‘sell by date’ and falling apart, vehicles waited patiently at the traffic lights to cross since it is only capable of providing space for ... read more
Wind turbine blades ...
Looking out over the Panama Canal
Panama Canal and road/rail bridge linking Gamboa

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