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North America » Canada » Manitoba November 1st 2014

WINNIPEG We awoke early to catch our flight from Vancouver to Winnipeg which was only a two and half hour flight but we lost two hours in time as well. Our hotel was right next to the airport so we were able to walk but as soon as we got outside the cold really hit you - we hoped it would not get any colder during our stay…. The City of Winnipeg is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, almost at the geographic centre of North America. It is the eighth largest city in Canada and dominates the Manitoba economy. Around the mid 1700s fur trading posts started to spring up and brought in the first permanent settlement of the area with a group of Scottish crofters. The arrival of the Canadian ... read more
Winnipeg Musuem
On board the Nonsuch

North America » Canada » British Columbia October 25th 2014

QUADRA ISLAND The ferry to Quadra Island was quick but it was a raining hard and therefore not a very scenic crossing. Once we disembarked it was only a short distance to our next accommodation which was a self-catering cabin overlooking an inlet and a couple of small islands. The cabin was set off on its own and afforded privacy from the other accommodation and was certainly well equipped with everything we needed as well as a lovely view. We had free use of kayaks whilst we were there and hoped to be able to get out on the water at some point - if the weather would relent just a little! However it rained a lot in fact for most of the seven days we were on the island, we managed to get out and ... read more
Quadra Island
Seascape Carving
Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre

North America » Canada » British Columbia October 16th 2014

KNIGHT INLET We left Painted Lodge at Campbell River and set off on what we hoped would be one of the highlights of our six month North American journey. Access to the mostly uninhabited Knight Inlet was with Corilair Sea Planes as our next destination, Sailcone Grizzly Bear Lodge on Minstrel Island is only accessible by boat or float plane. We were a little early at the jetty but the staff were very friendly, booked us in and took our bags - a really quick checkin….… They said they were waiting for a couple more passengers but hoped to take off earlier than scheduled. We drifted outside and walked around the shoreline for a while waiting for our flight - not a bad way to wait for a journey. We returned to the small airport and ... read more
Minstrel Island arrival
Jetty Minstrel Island
Sailcone Lodge

North America » Canada » British Columbia October 9th 2014

PORT MCNEILL We continued to thoroughly enjoy our stay at Azure Beach House overlooking the scenic Malcolm Island in the far far north of Vancouver Island. The house was about half way between Port McNeill and Telegraph Cove with easy access to both - what we loved was the peace, quiet and complete solitude and time to do just nothing ... ... .... We walked along the beach most days, usually around to Hyde Creek - luckily our host, Rosalind had left us some wellington boots which proved extremely useful as we could easily cross the creek as well as the mud flats when the tides were right - had to be careful of the tides though as one could easily get cut off, particularly with the recent full moon and extremely high tides. The 'resident' ... read more
Bald Eagle
Beaver Cove
Blackberry Picker

North America » Canada » British Columbia October 8th 2014

VANCOUVER ISLAND It took about two hours by BC Ferry to get from Tsawwassen on the mainland to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The ferry terminal was very quick and easy and had a small variety of shops where one could wander before the ferry departed. The island is large at 290 miles long and 50 miles wide. It is the largest island on the western side of North America and most of the 750 thousand residents live in the South of the island around the City of Victoria. We thought it strange that the capital city of British Columbia was on Vancouver Island and not on the mainland. We departed the ferry and headed north to Nanoose Bay where we had booked a self catering cottage called Swallows Nest, for a week to chill and plan ... read more
Black-tailed Deer
Giant Mushroom
Trumpeter Swan

North America » Canada » British Columbia October 3rd 2014

GREENWOOD We stopped on the way to the Okanagan Valley at Greenwood, the smallest city in Canada. The town was born out of the mining boom in the mid 1890s when it was recognised as being within easy travelling distance of the many mining camps dotted around the area. It then became one of the biggest copper producing regions of the world, until copper prices plummeted after WW1 forcing the closure of the mines and smelters. People then left in droves and by the 1940s there were only 200 people remaining. The town has grown a bit since then but the population is still not up to those ‘hey days’. We picked up some brochures from an excellent Visitor Centre (very helpful staff) in the town and set out on a self-guided tour along its Heritage ... read more
Lottie’s Apparel
Rather large signpost
Entrance to Oliver

North America » Canada » Alberta September 28th 2014

KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK We left Banff and headed South through Kootenay National Park. As we entered the park we pulled into a lay-by which is where the Continental Divide sits, the boundary line for where water runs East into the Atlantic Ocean and West into the Pacific Ocean. A large roadside sign marked the actual spot which also divides two national parks and two provinces - Alberta and British Columbia, so we were back in BC again. We stopped a little further on at Marble Canyon, where Tokumm Creek converges with the Vermilion River. Over thousands of years the creek has slowly cut and carved its way through the limestone in a snake like manner as it divided the land in two. We set off on our first real hike of the day and it was ... read more
Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon
Radium Hot Springs

North America » Canada September 20th 2014

We left Lake Louise and decided to take the Bow Valley Parkway route rather than the main highway. The road was good and we stopped at a viewpoint to take a break and look at Castle Mountain which dominated the skyline. Near to the road was a memorial with a statue which was a Commemoration of the Castle Mountain Internment Camp - a poignant bronze statue with several plaques detailed the camp and the dire conditions therein - the statue was entitled, simply, Why? The Castle Mountain Internment Camp was the largest internment facility in the Canadian Rockies and housed several hundred prisoners during WW1. The internees most of whom. were Ukrainian immigrants worked in really poor conditions pushing the Banff highway through to Lake Louise. In 1917 the camp was dismantled and left to the ... read more
Johnson Canyon
Johnson Canyon Lower Falls
Banff Town

North America » Canada » Alberta September 13th 2014

ICEFIELDS PARKWAY We had a good journey from Jasper to Lake Louise, along the Icefields Parkway - known as the most beautiful road in the world. It was certainly one of them with its towering rugged mountain peaks, huge deep blue and white glaciers, stunning azure lakes and dark green pine trees - all surrounded by meadows full of colourful wildflowers in pinks, reds and yellows - what more could one ask for from a vista, and this went on for 150 gorgeous miles. SO MANY GLACIERS Glaciers are formed when more snow falls from the sky than actually melts on the ground - we had never seen so many in one area as there were along the Icefields Parkway road. The Canadian Rockies comprise the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains - all ... read more
Athabasca Glacier
Sunwapta River
Athabasca from Wilcox Pass

North America » Canada » Alberta September 10th 2014

We left our lovely B&B in Clearwater and immediately missed the solitude and comfort. We had a good journey though and stopped for lunch by a river - a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy the scenery. We continued on and finally moved out of British Columbia and into Alberta. The roads were really quiet and easy to travel along with no mountainous passes and scary bends so we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and it was not long before we reached our next destination - Jasper National Park. Jasper is the largest National Park in Alberta, a ski resort in winter that turns into a wonderful hiking area in the summer and we were looking forward to some serious hiking. We were staying at the Mount Robson Inn which was OK but ... read more
Old Fort Point Hike
Athabasca River

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