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9th November 2015

Hi you two - glad to see you survived the altitude - keeps enjoying x
8th November 2015

Amazing scenery. We look forward to seeing the videos.
8th November 2015

I love the colour contrast in that picture.
3rd November 2015

We enjoyed reading your latest blog and superb photography and look forward to the next step of your journey. Stay safe and happy travels. P&Sx
19th October 2015

Lovely looking place
3rd October 2015

Great shot ... ....
11th June 2015

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about Astrid but so glad that you found a good solution. Weather here has just warmed up as well but we are not holding our breathe that it will remain ... .... We saw several red kites on our way to Lincolnshire
last week. Off to Devon next week to look at some houses!!! Happy travels x
11th June 2015

Very neat, at least the stone chose a convenient spot to hit.
11th June 2015

On a Sunny Day you can't beat our beautiful Northumberland Countryside.
31st May 2015

that brings back memories we visited all round that area following terry and louise wedding. your camper van looks really.cool!!
31st May 2015

Thankyou for enduring your 42 hour journey to get back to the UK in time for my party.
31st May 2015

Lovely shot - it was pouring with rain when we were there last .... .... ...
27th April 2015

Great photos again and glad that you are still enjoying Queensland. We have just had our Ozzie friends stay over for a week which has been great. Hope to catch up when you are in the area. Cheers Paul and Sheila x
25th April 2015

The mammals look lovely but the bats, snakes and spiders! I dont know how you can leave the safety of the camper van in the dark?
11th April 2015

Really cute

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