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Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 6th 2023

As we begin this last post, the ship is located approximately half way between Antarctica and tip of South America. Yes, of course, we're rocking and rolling, but so far not as bad as the journey south. Post will be devoted to Deception Island, including four absolutely adorable pinguins. This island is an "active" volcano, and we sailed right into the caldera! Honest Abe, and we have pix to prove it. Sailing along the Beagle Channel on 6 February took a few pictures and this is the end of our trip. Happy trails everyone. Bird & HP... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station February 5th 2023

Turned toward the north the night of 3 February stopping in the early afternoon the next day at an intersection of waterways for peculiar folks to jump into frigid water. There are a total of 175 aboard, and 65 folks took a polar plunge into water that was 31 degrees. Recall this is salt water, so it freezes at 28, not 32. Surprised us we carried so many crazy folks. Almost all of the pictures are landscape, which is the major reason we took the trip. Should you not be so enthralled by snow and ice, you can skip many. Trip is nearing an end; we likely dock at Ushuaia late tomorrow afternoon and depart the ship the following morning. Anticipate only one more post, which will be of Deception Island.... read more
Just a snow/ice shelf
Antarctic Landscape

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 2nd 2023

As we compose this blog the ship heads further south, and unfortunately back in the open ocean and...yes rollers. Being a small ship, we have 175 souls aboard, she is more affected by waves, especially abeam. Yet, we are also able to enter places larger ships cannot. In fact, no ship that carries more than 500 passengers can land anyone in Antarctica. We'll take the small, nice ship, thank you and this one is only six months old. As an added "benefit" we occasionally feel a bit of a "shimmer" as we encounter an iceberg. Ventura is expedition built PC-6 rated hull capable of plowing through many of the icebergs we encounter. On 1 February, Bird exited the ship for the initial occasion. She bounded into a zodiac, then climbed onto the conning tower of a ... read more
Proof of Antarctica
Our Sub Ride
Three Hundred Feet Down

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station January 30th 2023

The beginning of this post is from Mikkelson Island, not McMurdo Station. This site demands a region and Mikkelson was not available as a choice, so we just selected another M. The second part is Culverson Island. Between the two we sailed from late afternoon until early this morning. Shore on the port side (our side) was mountainous throughout the transit. Monsters and Doozer there is skiing in Antarctica; we saw many prime locations save for all ending in the ocean. Suspect that would put a dampener on things. But our cruise during daylight was magical consisting of mountains, snow, ocean, and a rarity here, sunshine. P.S. As we compose the post whales are feeding outside the cabin as snow falls. It snows every day, sometimes several times.... read more
Water Boat
Survival Hut
Gentoo Penguins

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station January 29th 2023

Placed foot on the actual continent about 9:30a on 29 January. Chatted with a ton of Adelie Penguins, irritated an elephant seal, and snapped a pix of a large bird. Recall this is a second home (summer use only) for these folks. Took us two days to cross a very rough Drake Passage before arriving. None of these guys travel on a comfortable cruise ship. As we proceed south the ice and snow becomes deeper, although the temp has not appreciable changed since we've been in Antarctica, hoovers around freezing. It does snow each day, although accumulation is light.... read more
Big Bird
Breeding Ground

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 28th 2023

Arrived at our second continent after a very rough two-day Drake Channel Passage. We are on the highest deck and forward. The entire ship had the rolls but for folks up high that was exaggerated. Items fell off dressers and tables. We hid the computer and camera to save them from harm. Even walking about the ship proved difficult, especially for Bird. Nonetheless we arrived in the South Shetland Islands on 28 January at 6 am. We will remain about this continent for eight days. First landing occurred this afternoon amid snow, sleet and rain. Being a couple of wimps we elected to wait for more favorable conditions. We elected to send this very short post as we know a number of you have been unable to sleep due to anticipating the reveal of our location. ... read more
Half Moon Key

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 26th 2023

This post will likely win the title of our shortest. We spent two days in Buenos Aires and, on one, toured the city with Veronica and her wonderful driver. The city is less dense, and traffic more civilized than Rio, although we're not sure Veronica agrees with either conclusion. There are no captivating landscapes as in Rio, and while the architecture seems better, there is not much to photograph. In fact, we only have the Cathedral to show you. While we enjoyed Marcio in Rio, Veronica is a highly polished professional. She provided extensive history of everything we saw as well as of the country in general. We depart the hotel on 26 January at the absurd time of 5:45 am for a flight to Ushuaia. This is the most southern city in the world. It ... read more
Jose de San Martin
Changing of the Guard
Change Ceremony

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana January 22nd 2023

Arrived in Rio after an overnight flight courtesy of Delta. Obtained a few winks, but the comfort level of Delta, which I consider the best U.S. airline, did not compare to the Virgin Atlantic flight we took last summer, at least not on their Boeing 767. Nonetheless, we spent much of the day with Marcio, our tour guide, being ferried about the city. And this is a very large town with some thirteen million calling it home. Not infrequently, we find the traffic in Atlanta atrocious. Well, it cannot hold a candle to this place. Driving is a hazardous sport. Motorbikes move about the lanes much as they do in Italy, except more cavalierly, producing curses from Marcio. He labels these folks "organ donors" as an average of two are killed in the city each day. ... read more
Chinese Viewpoint
Chinese Viewpoint
Hilton Copacabana Beach

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana January 18th 2023

Most of you folks are aware Sheila suffered a stroke at the Falcon's game on 20 November. Yes, this has not been a pleasant experience, but this stout Bird continues to make progress through her hard work. She now walks with the aid of Bella (her name for the purple cane) in secure places or with a rollator (and, of course, Bird demands we supply the rollators name, which is Rosie) in locations with many people. About a year ago we made plans for a trip down south. After the stroke we anticipated cancellation would be required. However, every neurologist (four of them) indicate she is perfectly capable of taking the trip and, in fact, should go. Yes, of course, we are making significant modifications. We will not independently access the various sights. Rather, we are ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands July 24th 2022

Winding down to exiting temps in the 60's including a fair amount of rain for those in the 90's. Not sure which we prefer at this point. This post will contain pictures from Dingle, Inishmore in the Aran Islands and Portrush in Northern Ireland. Seems the star of this group is Inishmore courtesy of Dun Aengus and the accompanying cliffs with the Cliffs of Moher running a close second. Dun Aengus is a Bronze Age Fortress constructed for a reason we are unable to discern. As you will see the area around the Fortress is largely barren limestone offering little inducement for cultivation. Nonetheless, the fortress was built on the edge of seaside cliffs with stacked limestone. Aside from the sights we engaged in another lengthy conversation, on this occasion, with a couple on holiday from ... read more
Ancient Sheep
Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

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