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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 3rd 2018

We have now landed on the coast after traversing the Troll Road. Before starting up we stopped for one of HP's countless shots where a Swedish couple began babbling to a clueless HP. He requested English, but they insisted there is a Swedish tag on the car. Sorry folks, only rented there. In perfect English they excitedly inquired if we were on our way to Trollstigen. Well yep, we sure are. They gushed about the beauty of the area, but the wife soon expressed horror at the drive finishing with "sure happy I was not driving". HP shared this info with Bird who became a bit irate at the anticipatory dread that was instilled in her. Obviously, we had success in the drive and still comment about the wimpy flatlander Swedes. This is not a frightening ... read more
Wispy Clouds Among Rock
The Waterfall

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 2nd 2018

Arrived at our very large apartment, large even by U.S. standards, a little after 16:00 (4pm for Americans) and watched the ferry operation. The ferry dock is located perhaps thirty yards from our front door. No, there is neither noise nor excessive activity. Ferries are rather quiet, while cars, buses and transfer trucks are loaded quickly and efficiently. We walked about our large town (okay, the large part is not true) enjoying the activity and scenery. Temperature remains at record levels today, but the forecast calls for a return to reality. Oh well, nice while it lasted. We are gradually working our way north, and have noticed it is never dark; sun sets but twilight remains until it rises way before we do. We leave for the coast later this morning, and after a couple of ... read more
Approaching Ferry, Fjord and Waterfall
Town Restaurant
Valley Farming

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hafslo June 30th 2018

Spent a few days in Hafslo at an idyllic setting but not much for dramatic photography, just time to relax a bit. Apartment was small, but the use of space exceedingly efficient; we liked it a lot, and the view, sheep chatting with us, what can we say? The female half of the owners has a Norwegian dad, an ex-cruise ship captain who married an American woman from Key West. The entire family visits that area for a month or two in the winter. Although her parents elect to live in Norway (sure don't blame them), the extended family is more American than most. Nice folks. Drive from Hafslo to Grainger took bit over six hours with numerous stops-pleasant. Bought tickets for another fjord cruise tomorrow. Weather continues very warm by local standards, seventies with low ... read more
The River, Not Waterfall
Another Glacier

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Sogndal June 28th 2018

This post includes a 2.5 hour ferry trip on a fjord, train ride up high and drive from Aurland to Solvern. All this in one post, while Preikestolen alone consumed two posts. Does that give you any sense of the quality of the scenery between them? Oh well, Waterfalls have become a bit old hat and the fjord cruise had one, two or even three around every turn. With that said this is the most beautiful country we have visited. Fjords with the mountains reaching down to the water's edge, waterfalls of all sizes, grassy slopes with sheep sometimes and other times villages hanging on the hillsides. Often running streams with crystal clear water with an occasional person fishing. We think Will and Joe Hulsey would like to fish here.... read more
Pastorial Setting
Okay, Okay but We had to Send This One

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm June 26th 2018

Here we have our drive from Bergen to Aurland, and a couple of pictures around our guesthouse. The day is simply beautiful, at least after we leave the fully overcast skies of Bergen (remember, they only have one in six sunny days). Our route, of course, follows the fjords with innumerable tunnels-the longest seven miles. Building roads here is not cheap and many incorporate a toll. They are very efficient in collecting tolls; simply register your tag with their toll website and it occurs automatically, even painlessly...until the credit card bill comes due. Our drive passes a number of waterfalls; we are sure we missed many more, but we will send the ones we liked the most. Hope you like them as well. The fjords have waterfalls around most every corner. Finally, we have a very ... read more
Knute Rockne
Roadside Waterfall
Waterfall and...

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Preikestolen June 26th 2018

Not much to say about the pictures that follow except this place took our breath away. The flat rock rises a little under 2,000 feet straight up-have the picture to prove it. Yes, that is a very long way. Looking at the rock with no guard rails you may wonder how many people accidently fell off, well either one or none. There was a double suicide and another person that authorities think was a suicide rather than an accident. Surprised us. Hope you enjoy these as much as we still do. There are many pictures, which we are sure comes as a surprise.... read more
Still Flat
Sister Rock

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen June 25th 2018

Mother nature obtained some revenge for the nice to perfect weather we have been experiencing. While not a total wash out, yet close, Bergen is marred by light, and fairly constant drizzle. This comes as no surprise to us as Bergen averages a maximum of sixty sunny days per year. After the very long day at the Pulpit Rock we had reduced our itinerary here, which became even more truncated with the rain. While disappointing, we are thrilled this did not occur yesterday at The Rock. And the rain did not preclude our planned lunch at the fish marked. We are sending this post out of order as Prekestolen will be much longer, and we are simply savoring the pictures. Soon, so can you. Bergen is a very cute city with a long and powerful history. ... read more
Doozer's legs
Hanseatic League Center

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Preikestolen June 25th 2018

So, as we suggested we elect to separate the journey up to the Pulpit Rock from the actual tabletop rock itself. Here we go-departure from our fjord-side apartment occurs a bit after 9am with temperature in the 50's and overcast skies. We lament a bit the weather, yet later will be quite pleased it is neither warm nor sunny. Bird confirms the trek begins at 9:23 as we observe essentially everyone wearing coats, warm hats etc. Are we missing something, the high should be sixty or so (at least at a coastal town two hours to the west), and we are attired in summer weight pants and short sleeve shirts. We do have light raincoats tucked away in a backpack. Undaunted, we confidently strike out. The grade quickly becomes rather steep but even, and our pace ... read more
Boggy Meadow
Gentle Steps

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Odda June 23rd 2018

As this is being written we've been at Jorpeland (a few miles north of the Pulpit Rock) a couple of hours following our 575 km trek from Oslo. So yeah that number of km only transfers to 357 miles, so about a five or six hour drive, right? Well no, it was a little under eleven. We left Oslo on a limited access four lane and made great time-Google maps must be wrong with the time we concluded. About an hour later the fun began, only two or even one lane roads with the one laners intended to carry traffic both ways. Shades of Lake Como Batman! Yes Gary and Lu, you too will experience the fun of Como roads. Some of the most difficult driving was crossing the highest points (top of Norway). Folks stop ... read more
Lake Country

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 20th 2018

Yeah yeah we know, the airheads omitted the picture of the cutest of the cute. Plan on it appearing here if the aforementioned airheads remember. Now for a bit of reality for you Americans. We took a drive a couple of days back from Copenhagen to Oslo. We knew Norwegian gas was a bit more expensive than Swedish, so we stopped near the border to buy a bit. Actually, we packed the tank with 11.5 gallons (our little Volvo has a small tank but achieves over 40 mpg) for just over $77. Should anyone like to compute, they will arrive at around $6.70 per gallon, and we were "pleased" with the price for we then crossed the border where the same gas at our next fillup will be over $8. So, no complaining about three dollar ... read more
Olympic Ski Jump
Opra House
Peace Prize

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