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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 18th 2018

Our circumstances have altered rather remarkedly following the hop across the pond. Funny how a little bit of Europe does that for us. We love these folks, their culture and architecture. Also the weather has been awesome. Seventies each day and mostly sunny. How folks in the north countries love their summer; they are out everywhere. Of course, they will pay for this dearly six months hence. But for now they have plenty of sunlight and revel in it. In fact, at midnight there is a bit of light (just a bit), while at 2:30 am it is quite bright. And we are not even yet at the higher latitudes. One humorous encounter to report. We were laboring to decipher the metro self-help machine in Copenhagen (no offices available) when a gentleman offered to assist. Yet ... read more
Stockholm City Hall
Riddarholmen Church
Our First Ferry

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm June 15th 2018

That was the travel day directly from hell. HP up about 6:00 on Wednesday and Bird about a half hour later. Yep, early for Bird. We finally arrived at our apartment in Stockholm on Thursday at 7:30 pm. To be fair that is synonymous with 1:30 Georgia time. Nonetheless, it encompasses over thirty hours-a long time to be traveling. Now for the sorry details. HP obtained the tickets last January, being quite pleased with himself at the price even though it included a six-hour lay over in Munich. He thought perhaps a car could be rented for a brief foray to some locale. Well, HP was able to secure absolutely no sleep on the flight over, while Bird was limited to less than an hour. We arrived in Munich very tired, looking for a place to ... read more
Guarding the Crown Jewels
The Beautiful Day

Everyone has been properly forewarned of the impending trip to the north countries, so no complaints. Bird and HP depart 13 June for six weeks distributed between six countries in and adjacent to Scandinavia. We fly into Stockholm, Sweden followed by Denmark, Norway (half the trip is spent here in fjord country and above the artic circle. Yep we will spend some days when the sun will not set), then down from the top of Sweden till returning to Stockholm and boarding an overnight ferry for Estonia, followed by Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia (yeah, we don't like Trump's buddy Putin either but, being this close, we must go), and finally returning via Helsinki, and two overnight ferries to Stockholm where we'll spend a couple of more days before the hop back across the pond. We ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland March 7th 2018

Boy do we have great news for you. A Roman ruin! Yep, HP and Bird briefly left Scotland for the north of England to survey Hadrian's handiwork. We also took in a Roman fort along the wall. Not much left of the fort, but we must recall the Romans abandoned poor England to the barbarians (yeah the folks who were our great...grandparents). These barbarians were a good deal less civilized than the folks who took over Roman provinces on the continent, thus they preserved little. As for the fort, largely only the foundation remains, but we can see portions of the 73 mile long wall rather well, and in fact took a little stroll on it. Yes, of course, there was snow about, but wind was absent and temp above freezing. No problem after Iceland. After ... read more
Wall Trailing Out to the West
More Wall

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh March 6th 2018

We believe we mentioned yesterday that there was snow on the ground in Scotland. Well this morning it's snowing cats and dogs! My god, what have we done. To digress a bit yesterday we were a bit sleepy (okay a lot) so after locating an electrical adaptor and having a very late lunch we returned to our wonderful apartment for the night. BTW for lunch HP had Bangers and Mash-very good, while Bird was equally complimentary of her Haggis, Neeps, and Totties. Of course everything is spelled correctly; how could you ask! As this is being written we are sitting, praying to the weather god to end the snow, while watching Good Morning Britain. At least it's above freezing so the snow isn't sticking. We are now reduced to one day in Edinburgh with determination not ... read more
Edinburgh Castle
St. Margaret's Chapel
Mons Meg

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes March 5th 2018

May as well admit it now, no Northern Lights. During the week before we arrived there was considerable solar activity and thus extensive Northern Lights. However, it was stormy the entire time so no one in Iceland saw anything. We had very good weather, at least in terms of storms, and very few clouds after the first day, but no solar activity to speak of-thus no lighting of the atmosphere. Oh well, we did see lots and lots of waterfalls, most of which were full of ice. Yes this is a cold country. Temps never rose above freezing anywhere, and when combined with the wind, it was cold...very cold. Okay, after the pain of the previous blog we spent a couple of days at a "horse farm". BB was out and about each morning petting "my ... read more
Around Borgarnes

Europe » Iceland March 2nd 2018

Yesterday the waterfalls were very impressive, but today...beyond impressive. Gullfoss (foss in Icelandic means waterfall) was the most spectacular waterfall any of us has ever seen. The ice only increased it's majesty. Yet, the wind and cold were a profound deterrence. Reflecting the extreme wind, there were occasions where Baby Bird was pressed into service of bracing HP as he took pictures of Gullfoss. Okay, a bit out of sequence, but we couldn't delay reporting on Gullfoss. Before this we visited both an extinct volcanic crater and a geyser; the latter could have been skipped. The end of the day we visited...guess...yes, a waterfall. This one was quite unique in that an ice bridge had been formed in front of the waterfall. Cute and something we have not seen before. Now for the pain. I do ... read more
Volcanic Crater

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík March 2nd 2018

Do you enjoy waterfalls? Well we have 'em, lots of 'em. Your trusty travelers obtained a very early start this morning thanks to HP-11:45. Yes, all morning the two birds in the caravan complained bitterly to HP-poor fella. At any rate we traveled ESE along Highway 1, otherwise known as the ring road as it completely circles the island. This is Islanders conception of a super highway-two lanes with a speed limit of 90km (56 mph). The road was actually quite fine for us as we repeatedly stopped during waterfall alerts. All of the falls we will show you are within a mile or so of the coast and quite close to the road. Most can actually be viewed from the highway, so the birds were often chirping "oh, how beautiful, stop, stop", and HP dutifully ... read more
Several Falls
Turf House
Secret Falls

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik February 28th 2018

Greetings from the country of Iceland. Your lovable travelers departed Baby Bird's house at 12p on Tuesday arriving in Iceland at 6a local time (that would be 1a your time). Of course we were tired, especially poor HP who slept not. Both Birds slept with mama Bird sleeping on the flight from Atlanta to New Jersey's beautiful airport (yeah, we're lying about the beautiful part) as well as from NJ to Iceland. After clearing immigration and customs we sat on our collective hands for perhaps 45 minutes waiting for the shuttle to transport us to our car. The delay was really fine as sunrise (if one could label it thus) did not occur until 8:30. Well, our direction challenged pilot (HP) then attempted to proceed west looking for an ATM and breakfast. After several times surveying ... read more
Annoyed Mother Geology
Hot Air
Lopsided Arrowhead

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 28th 2017

We are off again after a summer entirely in the U.S. This time Baby Bird is accompanying us to Iceland with Bird and HP moving on to Scotland, while sending Baby Bird to Denmark. I mean could you imagine spending more than five days with a Baby Bird! (yes Monster 1&2 you are mom free during that period and owe us) We will follow this brief trip with one next summer a bit longer to Scandinavia and beyond (stay tuned for details). Our (well, at least the author's) primary goal this trip is the Northern Lights. Yes, of course, during the day additional activities are in the offing. First days are about the Reykjanes Peninsula, Golden Circle and the south, followed by a couple of days out in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and finally a day driving ... read more

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