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Europe » Portugal » Alentejo September 24th 2016

Geo: 38.571, -7.9096We made it to Lisboa (Lisbon for English speakers). Our apartments have run the gamut from Prague and Barcelona, at the low end, to the wonderful at Meta (and others we can't recall), but this may be the best ever. The furnishing are adequate, not super, but that is not what makes this place stand apart...its the VIEW. Gosh its wonderful! A bit more in a later post.Okay, on the way from Seville, we made two stops at guess what...Roman Ruins (well, and other items). Italica near Seville was reportedly "average", yet possesses a "well preserved" Amphitheatre. Evora has a number of different historical items including Roman, Moorish, and Christian. We agree Evora is superior, but neither match Baelo Claudia near Tarifa.Well Bird objects tremendously to the number of pictures HP intended to send, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville September 23rd 2016

Geo: 37.3833, -5.9965Your trusty travelers continue touring Seville. Today we paid a visit to Royal Alcazar. The palace was originally erected by the Moors in the 10th century, and redecorated by King Pedro I in 1348 (he was one of the numerous sovereigns on the Iberian peninsula before Spain was united in the later 15th century). He really did a good job, and largely used Muslim craftsmen. The Spanish royal family continues to occupy the top floor when in Seville.We ventured out at night for a Flamingo performance, followed by the worst Spanish meal we have had. There is no close second. But, we imagine its our own fault. We intended to make reservations at another place but neglected to make the phone call. So, after the Flamenco, we took a shot in the dark...and missed ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville September 22nd 2016

Geo: 37.3833, -5.9965Almost the entire day was spent at the Cathedral, although we will share a couple of additional pictures. This is the third largest cathedral in the world, only being eclipsed by the Vatican and St. Paul's in London. Unfortunately they are performing restorative work in and out, so we miss some views (again folks not consulting with us about our itinerary, what nerve!). Even more insulting, we notice that "pensioners" are eligible for a 4 Euro ticket rather than the full price 9 Euro, but a pension card is required. Well, we are both pensioners, but neither of us possess a card. We thus informed the clerk who, not missing a beat, said "eighteen euros por favor" (means please).As with the Vatican and St. Paul's, there is, in addition to the Nave, an extensive ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Tarifa September 21st 2016

Geo: 36.0127, -5.60295Have a quickie for you troops. On our drive from Tarifa to Seville, we stopped by Baelo Claudia. Believe it or not, Bird discovered and arranged this trip! The place was a Roman fishing village located entirely on the Atlantic dating from the mid 1st century AD. Tuna ran here then, and they still do.Okay Bird demands I fess up. As last year, we brought clippers for my bushy top and beard. All that year, and even half of this one, I dutifully inserted the plug into the transformer. But not yesterday. Nary a sound was emitted, but the motor of my clippers was burned when I plugged their 110 volt engine into the 220 volts supplied here. And to think I labeled Bird compassionate with Hercules.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom September 20th 2016

Geo: 36.14, -5.35We backtracked a bit in order to visit Gibraltar. As compensation we will provide a nice picture similar to an earlier one. Sorry, but now for a humorous, and very enjoyable interaction with a couple of Brits. On the return from Tangier, we sat next to a couple from England, and engaged in a lively and enjoyable conversation. This began when the husband looked across at us on the ferry and offered, "so you are going to Seville"? Apparently, he had overheard an earlier conversation with another person about our next city. We then spent the next hour or so discussing England, the Brexit, Gibraltar, the U.S., and of course, Donald. The couple laments the Brexit. As everyone knows, if there was another vote, England would not leave the European Union, the decline in ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-T├ętouan » Tangier September 20th 2016

Geo: 35.7728, -5.8235Okay, today is when we actually set foot on the fourth continent. Hopped the ferry at 10:30 arriving in Tangier at 12:00. We traversed the Straight of Gibraltar (waters where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet). The seas were confused near land (means waves not moving in a consistent train), especially at Spain. The 500 of so foot ferry rocked a good deal, which surprised us given the size of the boat. Yet, we made it unscathed. Tangier is not the quant little village some may expect. Much of it is a relatively large vivacious city. Most of our time, however, was spent in the Medina (old town), which very well could fit with expectations both in terms of the town and the behavior of the inhabitants. There were a great number of small vendors ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Tarifa September 20th 2016

Geo: 36.0127, -5.60295We have arrived at the very southern tip of Spain. From here the confluence of Mediterranean and the Atlantic is visible (sure we have the pix). Africa is so close you can almost reach out and touch it. Did we mention a Pillar of Hercules? Yep, we captured one, the other will be available later.We crossed Strait of Gibraltar landing in Tangier, Morocco. Sure, we have pictures of the place, and will be happy to share them with you, but you'll have to peruse the next post.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Ronda September 19th 2016

Geo: 36.742, -5.16641Good Day Everyone,Your trusty tourists descended on the little town of Ronda yesterday for a brief visit to a Three Star Bridge and the oldest Bull Fighting Ring in the world. The former captures three stars from Rick Steves. We are now questioning his ratings, but the bridge is an engineering feat. It was originally built in the mid 18th century but fell after six years (of course, this would have never happened if the Romans had built it). The next construction spanned over forty years being completed just before the dawn of the 19th century. As Bird and HP traversed this bridge, we reminded each other that the former bridge collapsed thus quickening our steps.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia September 17th 2016

Geo: 37.8864, -4.77683Ah, cool and breezy Cordoba. Just received a message from Doozer and learned the temp in Gainesville is 78, while here it is 93. However, there is minimal humidity. In fact Bird and HP sat at an outside café and consumed two more sangrias and had a couple of tapas after the visit to Mezquita.Cordoba is a bit like Granada in that there is one stupendous sight and several much smaller ones. We visited the smaller ones yesterday, while today was solely devoted to Mezquita. This is a relatively small and pleasant city. We are enjoying Spain.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada September 16th 2016

Geo: 37.1765, -3.59793Well, everyone has enjoyed a several day respite so you should have the stamina to endure many pictures. And we have 'em. Most of what is here depicts Alhambra. This is the grandest of the Moorish structures. It comprises a fort, two homes, extensive gardens, and a great number of other buildings. It is by far the preeminent sight in Granada.First, a bit of a compliment for the tour guide. She and HP descended on the ticket office for Alhambra tickets to which the clerk replied, "do you want September 28 or later"?. "What", we exclaimed! Sure enough, the first ticket available was two weeks away. Being the wimp he is, HP just hung his head anticipating we would not see the three star site. The tour guide, however, persisted, and received the possibility ... read more

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