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18th July 2022

May the Force be with you!!
Great Pics- that is where I’d love to go-just beautiful. Tell Bird she amazes me in sending cards from home yet she’s across the pond!! Love
From Blog: Skellig Michael
18th July 2022

Beautiful! Bet you were very proud of yourselves for mastering this trail! The grass is so green and the rock so ragged. Have seen this many times on calendars, prints etc but, had no idea of where it was. Now I will always know where and someone who was actually there!!
From Blog: Skellig Michael
13th July 2022
Durham Cathedral

Beautiful bridge! Were you describing a large "outhouse"? Wonder what the most popular major is at Durham? Boris is gone or soon will be.
From Blog: Durham
13th July 2022

Eat your pie!!
Sounds like you had an extremely accommodating host. How long were you there? Those were beautiful doors.
From Blog: Durham Addendum
13th July 2022

All That glass
I thought the picture of all the sections was something then I saw the one you said was the size of a tennis court. How many glassmakers do you think worked on all these windows? The round church is so precious in comparison to the size of the cathedrals. Glad to hear you will not relocate to England but, have enjoyed your visit.
13th July 2022

Beautiful description of four of the best days of your life!!! Sounds like an amazing time and beautiful memory. I continue to be amazed by the architecture and the awesome work it took to build these buildings and these mounds. Sheila, did you check out a good book? \
3rd July 2022

Wonderful adventure
Dear Bird and Pop, Thank you for taking us on this vacation with you. I am enjoying the posts and pictures. Continued safe travels and hope to see you soon when you return. All the best, Gina
From Blog: Durham
24th June 2022

Frolicking Fun for Fiftieth
I was thrilled to see the Blog Posts start back up as you take us along on your journey. John and I visited Stratford upon Avon in the mid ‘80’s. We saw a unique, wonderful production of Hamlet. It was only marred by John’s snores and my elbow to his ribs. Thank you for sharing the photos and experiences. Have fun, be safe and hope to see you soon!
11th June 2022

We are certainly enjoying your trip through your pictures and updates.....stay safe and keep having fun!!! Love you
8th June 2022

Loving this blog! So happy for you both.
12th June 2022

Beech Weather
Thanks Michelle, weather here is like Beech, cool and windy. Hope every thing is well with you five.
6th June 2022

Love the Title Bird!!
Fabulous entertainment for me … are there pics? If so I couldn’t get to them.
20th July 2018

There were some very pretty pics here even though I just rushed through them! I think of Russia as dark and cold. I really like the less ornate and " village" type pictures. St Issacs looks like the dome on GA capital.
From Blog: St. Petersburg
17th July 2018

Happy you all are still having fun---loving all the pictures---take care and stay safe
From Blog: Helsinki
17th July 2018

You mentioned people not being as refined in your last blog. The arbor and the people at Mossy Creek probably not on the refinement scale you have seen in Helsinki.
From Blog: Helsinki
11th July 2018

Happy 46th
Happy, happy, happy 46th .and what a beautiful exciting way to celebrate...this trip looks fascinating...enjoy the jackets and cool weather...it is 97 degrees in central Georgis
From Blog: Lofton Islands
5th July 2018

Your right
Beautiful little village! My head would just be turning from place to place taking it all in. Fred, think you could have your on travel/comedy show. Enjoying the information and your commentary!! Go see something else beautiful!
From Blog: Trollstigen
4th July 2018

Who took the picture of HP with the fishing pole?
From Blog: Trollstigen
2nd July 2018

Great photographer
Loving these pictures and comments! I believe this is your most scenic trip yet! Looking forward to more. Be careful and enjoy!
From Blog: Hafslo
28th June 2018

Flat Rock
I admire you guys---LOL, I got frightened just looking at the pictures and the height of it---pictures are AWESOME!!
From Blog: Awe Inspiring
23rd June 2018

Love all the pictures especially the one of Sally. Keep having a great time and be safe!
From Blog: Norway!
23rd June 2018

hey from georgia
love the pictures..especially picture of Sally!! KEEP HAVING A FUN BEAUTIFUL TIME
From Blog: Norway!
16th June 2018

Travel Day
Oh, my gosh--what a travel day ya'll did have----can't even imagine how exhausted and frustrated you had to be!! Happy you all finally made it to the apartment and now--the fun can officially begin!! Hopefully, the tour/social director can earn his job and title back from Bird!! Have a safe time and we look forward to more thrilling descriptions and pictures. Love you guys!!!
8th June 2018

Have a wonderful time--will look forward to your pictures and descriptions!! Stay safe!!
6th March 2018

hey from georgia
love, love, love the car story!! Pictures are AWESOME as always.. and it does seem as old man winter is on the journey with you.....continue to have a fun adventurous trip

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