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23rd June 2018

Love all the pictures especially the one of Sally. Keep having a great time and be safe!
From Blog: Norway!
23rd June 2018

hey from georgia
love the pictures..especially picture of Sally!! KEEP HAVING A FUN BEAUTIFUL TIME
From Blog: Norway!
16th June 2018

Travel Day
Oh, my gosh--what a travel day ya'll did have----can't even imagine how exhausted and frustrated you had to be!! Happy you all finally made it to the apartment and now--the fun can officially begin!! Hopefully, the tour/social director can earn his job and title back from Bird!! Have a safe time and we look forward to more thrilling descriptions and pictures. Love you guys!!!
8th June 2018

Have a wonderful time--will look forward to your pictures and descriptions!! Stay safe!!
6th March 2018

hey from georgia
love, love, love the car story!! Pictures are AWESOME as always.. and it does seem as old man winter is on the journey with you.....continue to have a fun adventurous trip
5th March 2018

We just got home this evening from our trip and found all of your amazing pictures and writings in our e-mail--(we went all week on the ship with no wifi so Helms said we had to put phones on airplane mode) Waterfalls like none other--and the blue sky is beautiful. Know it has been one fun and adventurous trip so far---continue to be safe and most of all--much fun!! love you all
3rd March 2018

I am cold just looking at the pictures!! What is the temperature and wind factor? Are there any other people out and about? Understand how it got its name ! Very little snow?
1st March 2018

Looks cold
Interesting. What is the temperature? What is the size and population of Iceland? Thought your title was referring to Sheila's hair. Enjoy!!
22nd February 2018

looking forward to many more pictures and descriptions..have a great time!!
15th November 2017

more beauitful pictures
These Guinea Pigs have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures--and updates!! Have a great trip home--in a few days--and hopefully, we will be "tailgating" on the 2nd!! However, neither child--wonderful Walt or beautiful Christy--has committed --- Aloha
From Blog: Kaua'i
12th November 2017

helicopter pictures
These are breath-taking-can only imagine how beautiful looking out the helicopter at each location must have been. Just happy you hung on tightly and didn't fall out the open no-doors area. Thanks for sharing!!! Have fun at the new island!!
From Blog: Das Volcano
8th November 2017

Helms' address
love the pictures Handsome Pop--Helms' e-mail address is ghelms11@gmail.com Ya'll continue to have a wonderful, beautiful time in paradise!! Stay safe!
From Blog: Hawaii
27th September 2016

We are having such a great time on your trip--feel like we are with you all with the beautiful pictures you share and your journal updates--
From Blog: What a Ride
22nd September 2016

This photograph would make a really nice post card . Carol Ann and I both laughed at the picture of Shelia riding the camel.
From Blog: More of Rome
20th September 2016

I love this picture so does Alex!
19th September 2016

So much detail. I am enjoying viewing all of your photographs.
12th September 2016

12th September 2016

I see Bird in her stance with her arms crossed. Love it.
12th September 2016

This is awesome. Thanks for the pictures and stories. Love it and miss you!
11th September 2016

would have loved to have been with you on this stroll! :)
7th September 2016

Great pictures. Wonderful structures ! I really liked Odeon of Herodes Atticus.
7th September 2016

Great pictures and wonderful structures. I really liked Odeon of Herodes Atticus.
From Blog: Back to the West
7th September 2016

From Blog: Back to the West
6th September 2016

Just want you all to know that Sally is doing great and her big sister is taking super care of her. We got to enjoy her at Hilton Head for the weekend and I think you would say we bonded!! (after our initial meeting). Continue to have a w
onderful time and keep sharing your notes and pictures. Stay safe
From Blog: Back to the West
3rd September 2016

Pictures are absolutely beautiful......

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