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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Miri September 20th 2009

Miri was our next destination after leaving Kuching. It was a 14hr bus journey to get there. A company was recommended to us by our taxi driver and the bus we would be taking was pointed out to us. Of course when it was time to get on the bus it wasn’t the same one, and you could say, a little less comfortable looking. We could only get two separate seats as it is the end of Ramadan here and all buses to Miri were full. When we got on though, the kind bus conductor arranged two seats for us together without us asking. It was at the front and I had no seat in front of me which meant I could stretch my legs to my hearts content. The 14hrs turned out to be long ... read more
Walkway to the caves
Walk to the cave

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching September 17th 2009

Since I last blogged we have been back to Kuala Lumpur to catch a flight to Borneo. We landed in the city Kuching in the province of Sarawak. It was here that we were going to try and stay with a village tribe in the Borneo jungle. We had booked in to a certain hostel that had offered better and cheaper tours into the jungle and it was highly recommended by others. When we arrived they told us the guy who ran them was gone to Kuala Lumpur and didn’t know when he would be back! Great. We had a walk through the town but all the tours they offered were €50 each more expensive and as that is our daily budget we decided to try something else. We went online and the No.1 activity in ... read more
Monkey cups
Small but deadly snake

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil September 11th 2009

Our journey here wasn’t without its hassles. Our bus was over an hour late leaving and we had to wait beside 20 or 30 other buses in an underground bus park with all their engines running. It was hot, humid and the fumes were intoxicating. Add to that people staring at you the whole time and it becomes very uncomfortable. I know we’re different looking but surely we’re not as alien as some people make us out to be. You could stare back with full eye contact and this does not put them off. Eventually we got on the bus and we were on the road to Terengganu where we would get a connecting bus to Kuala Besut where we would get a boat to the island. It sounds like a long hall but it wasn’t ... read more
BJ the monkey
Monitor Lizard
Shark = Dinner

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang September 7th 2009

Our bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur only took 6 hours and we both had a TV screen on the back of the chairs in front of us. They had lots of different movies and TV shows and we could pick what we wanted to watch. When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur we got a taxi from where the bus let us off. A long time later and our taxi driver couldn’t find our hostel. We knew he was in the right area, he just couldn’t find it. We eventually got out and said we would walk. We asked a few people and eventually found it. Bags unloaded we headed out for something to eat. We could already see the big price difference between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We ended up in a very nice place ... read more
Very lazy frog
F1 Racing

Asia » Singapore September 4th 2009

Michelle had warned me that we had to be out of the hostel and on the road for 9am. She had something planned for my 30th birthday at 10:30am that morning, somewhere on the outskirts of Singapore. I hadn’t a clue what she had planned so I just went with the flow. On the train I was pestering her as to what it was but she wouldn’t tell me. She had me baffled as it was well outside the city and she had to pay in cash. Eventually we came to the house of Roxanna, a women of Indian origins from Singapore with her own cookery school. Today I was going to learn how to make Springs rolls, Mee Goreng and Onde Onde. As I like to cook this was perfect present. Part of me thought ... read more
Cookery Class
Mee Goreng
Cookery Class

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo September 3rd 2009

If Carlsberg did Zoo’s, it would do Singapore Zoo. The last zoo we went to was in Santiago and we left there a bit depressed after seeing only one animal per cage. They looked totally unhappy and it is not a zoo I would advise anyone to visit. Singapore Zoo on the other hand is the complete opposite. Orang-utans roam freely around the zoo and you can get so close to the animals sometimes you wonder are you too close. The big difference with this zoo and every other one we have been to is that the animals move around in their enclosure. Baboon’s ran from a distance at top speed and hurtled themselves head over heels into the river surrounding their home. We accidentally walked in on two turtles having a moment but that didn’t ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 12
Photo 8

Asia » Singapore September 2nd 2009

Three months and 16 days to go before we're home, for any of you that are interested in us when we return! With a massive adventure and the biggest cultural differences we will come across on our travels we're really excited about Asia. Our first stop for a few short days will be Singapore. A tiny little country at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula. Its probably best we eased ourselves into South East Asia by coming here first. Its similar to any western city and has all the trappings to go with it. When we arrived in Changi Airport we took the bus to our hostel. As we were tired after a long days travel we just wanted something cheap and cheerful to eat. They have food markets here called Hawker markets and they are ... read more
Teachers Day!
Grand Prix Seating

Oceania » Australia September 1st 2009

Australia is quite big. In fact it’s feckin’ huge. What we got to see was only the tip of the ice berg. Not even that. It was the small drop of ice at the very top. It’s definitely a place we will have to return to but you would need a year to be able to say you have seen the country. Overall we travelled 4000km from Sydney to Cairns over the space of a month. As it was rushed we only got to see some of the highlights but we have some great memories from our time there. First up was our time spent in Sydney. It was more like a break from travelling. We met up with some of Michelle’s friends and family and also met up with Katy from South America. Tony and ... read more
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
Wild Life World

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef August 28th 2009

You worry sometimes, about how many times you can get excited about seeing another beach, another mountain or even another town. Have we seen it all before but in a different shape? The whole east coast of Australia is full of amazing beaches but there is only so many times you can think a beach is the nicest one you have ever seen. You just think silently, well, it’s the same as the one down the road, stunningly beautiful, but, the same. We have often discussed about getting ‘sightseers overkill’. We have seen so much now we had hoped we wouldn’t become blasé (Michelle likes that word but I know it as Unmoved) about things. Then you go snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and you get absolutely blown away. Blasé/Unmoved. What the hell do they ... read more
Underwater Pictures
Underwater Pictures
Humpback Whales breach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 25th 2009

After leaving Noosa we took a two hour drive to Rainbow Beach. A bit of the beaten track but we had two reasons to go there. The first one was Michelle and Danny’s(Michelle’s friends we met in Sydney) sisters were working there, Sinead and Ruth. The second was to visit Fraser Island just off the coast. It was good to meet up again with people from home and have a few drinks. Its not that often we go out so it was good to get out for a few nights. Rainbow Beach itself is a very small town, it has no bar or nightclub, but the hostel the girls worked in had one that stayed open until 10pm. It has a beautiful stretch of beach though(as does all the east coast) so we spent or days ... read more
Lake McKenzie

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