Perhentian Kecil


Perhentian Kecil is a popular destination for backpackers, featuring long white sand beaches, dense jungle trails and excellent diving and snorkelling. The island is part of a Marine Park, and as such a protected from excessive development, though each year a little of natures paradise is replaced. A renewable energy center (wind and solar power) supplied the local village with electricity, until critical parts were stolen, rendering the entire project useless.

Long Beach is the liveliest area of the island, followed by Coral Bay, accommodation consists mainly of Beach Huts, but a few resorts operate concrete and air-conditioned units.

Highlights from Perhentian Kecil

• Snorkelling and diving
• Relaxing on the beach
• Bands and beach bars
Hints and Tips for Perhentian Kecil

• Best weather (in season) March-October - (off season) Nov-Feb heavy rain and waves keep all but the most determined surfers away. There can be unseasonable good weather - or you can be trapped on the island for many days.
• The fast boats to the island cost 70RM return, there is a 5RM park fee, taxis from the airport or train station in Kota Baru should cost about 50RM.
• Beware of cheap dive operators - if a dive operator is undercutting the standard rate dramatically - corners are being cut - it may not affect you - but someone in the future may suffer with faulty equipment.
• Coral Bay is the quieter beach, Long Beach bars play loud music long into the night - though you're more likely to be kept awake by the chugging of generators.
• There are no ATM's on the island - stock up on cash before you arrive.

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