Volunteering in Malaysian Rainforest - November 2011

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August 7th 2012
Published: August 8th 2012
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So the rainforest was fun, such as boating out on my own to
the hotel to use their highspeed internet. We were planning on setting up an
internet relay system, beaming a signal from a router hooked up to a hard line
on the mainland, picked up by a satellite dish suspended from a tree at a
half-way point, in turn hooked up to a repeater router with smaller solar panel
to broadcast it around the island obstruction to our resort. Blazed trails on
my own through the jungle, only to find out later that the strange purring
sound I heard was not a bird, as I originally thought, but an Asian tiger, which
grow to about 40-50%!l(MISSING)arger than African tigers and twice my weight. Never returned
there on my own! We were also discussing about me setting up teambuilding
weekends as a means of drawing in additional guests.

Unfortunately, the internet on my mobile phone was extremely
slow, the gas to the hotel and back was getting too much, electricity from
their solar system was too meager and cutting into my computer time, and there
was too much friction with one of their staff, so my lovely time there was cut
short after only a month.

Fortunately, just before my departure, one host contacted me
asking to come up to her school in northeast Thailand. I was very warmly
welcomed there and they eventually took me up to a very small village in the
mountains. Again powered by solar panels. I am to help them fix many of their
panels, help them with their computers and occasionally teach some English to
the children. They buy me beers and feed me endlessly, so it's pretty cool up
here and I decided that I like the Thais (friendliest in Asia
they say) so much I will try to get a year's visa. This should force me to the
capital of either Laos or Cambodia,
which I may combine for a short period with another Helpx.net project. Will
hopefully be another adventure! More details at http://travelgoof.com/. Pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/103781745144117972393


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