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October 2nd 2012
Published: October 21st 2012
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After an overnight bus journey and a Valuable lesson about essential clothing for night busses I arrived in Jireth and got a taxi to Kuala Bisu and caught a boat to long Beech.

On the boat I get chatting to a couple of Germans (easily the most common nationality to meet travelling asia) their names are David and Hannah, David is at uni studying to be a nurse and likes to quote big bang theory, Hannah is also at uni studying to be a teacher although isn't sure if it wants to teach. We all go to stay at the same place which is again called Matahari Huts like in Cherating.

Arriving on the island the water is perfectly clear as is the sand, so quickly ditch bags then go in for a swim. Whilst in the sea we sit an contemplate the island and son realise that although beautiful all there is to do is swim, sit on the beach, eat and drink. We wonder if this will be a problem and after 5 days there I can tell you its not!

Whilst on the island popular sources of entertainment were, the ones mentions, eating, swimming sitting on the beach reading, snorkelling, the island parties, playing cards, more swimming, getting burnt, avoiding the sun, applying copious amounts of aftersun.

2 particular highlights were

The island parties -

At night part of the beach would light up with tourches of fire, a section of sand was a dance floor and the DJ would play collections of dancy pop music that had made its way over to Malaysia, particular favourites that would be played several times in the night were woopem gangam style and a re-done version of Loca People where the words had been changed to "I dont want to study I just want to party" but the tune was the same. The island locals had some pretty good dance floor moves which was mainly came from high energy and enthusiasm a type of dancing I could get involved with! However one move that seemed popular was to dance with speaker gently swaying your head from side to side, it looked weird but was really popular, if ever one of the people that had managed to bag a speaker to dance with moved then their place would soon be filled by some one else, three second rule or not!


On the Island they ran snorkelling trips which allowed you to go see turtles, sharks and other general sea life. The trip had stops at 5 different sites, on the second site we got to see the turtle, word is he was called George and he seemed to enjoy swimming along the bottom of the sea eating the dirt as he went. At one time he swam up close to the surface to do a poo then he swam back down, must have been some kind of turtle ettiquette. Up close he was massive and you could clearly see the bumpy texture of his flippers (apparently the difference between turtles and tortoises is that turtle have flippers so cant go on land and tortoises have legs, meaning that the teenage mutant ninger turtles were actually tortoises all along). It took a few more stops before we got to se the sharks, eventually the guide decided the best way to attract sharks to us would be to catch some fish the rip it up and scatter it around us as we waited under water. The technique worked well and we soon had around 3 sharks circling us. The sharks were only small but they did move with a slightly sinister edge and their colour made them difficult to spot at times, you could see why they made good preditors, fish on the other hand were such bright colours they were being really sloppy on hiding from pottential threats.

After the Kecil I headed on to Khoto Baru.


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