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Travel from Langkawi to Penang

Travel by ferry or by air from Langkawi to Penang
12 years ago, February 12th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #128878  
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What is the ferry trip like from Langkawi to Penang?
Is it better to travel by plane or ferry?
Appreciate advice from anyone who has travelled this route. Reply to this

12 years ago, February 13th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #128969  
Hello Ros, and welcome to the Forum!

I've been researching the same journey, as the ferry heading from Penang to Langkawi arrives near lunch (a good time to make the most of expensive accommodation) but coming back from Langkawi to Penang, it was quite late (arrives late afternoon), which didn't suit me at all. Would be interesting to hear any comments too.

In the end I've decided to skip Penang and will just fly to Langkawi to KL, mostly due to timetable difficulties and the accompanying time constraints.
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12 years ago, February 14th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #129017  
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Decided to book the 2.30pm ferry trip as it only costs 60 ringetts about $20AUD compared to about $90 in the plane. Hopefully it will be relaxing during the 2 3/4 hr trip.

Hope you have a great trip. Reply to this

12 years ago, February 14th 2011 No: 4 Msg: #129023  
You too! The boat seems a comfortable way to travel, but the times just didn't suit me in the planning. Reply to this

9 years ago, January 13th 2014 No: 5 Msg: #178613  
If you want save budget, just take ferry to Kedah, and then take a express bus to Penang. Estimate time 6 hours.

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9 years ago, May 29th 2014 No: 6 Msg: #182100  
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Its better if you travel by ferry.


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9 years ago, October 26th 2014 No: 7 Msg: #186378  
It could also be scenic. Plus, you would be wasting at least 1.5 hours at the airport departing + the journey time, reclaiming your luggage... better by ferry, I´d say.

By the way, I saw lower prices here:
18 ringgit one way, 36 for a return ticket. You might want to check this site.
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9 years ago, October 27th 2014 No: 8 Msg: #186417  
...didn't mean to advertise, but it seems they removed my link.

Site name was Langkawi-Ferry.

I hope you manage to find a good service. Have a wonderful trip! Reply to this

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