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Travelling to India

I am travelling to India with my dog
7 months ago, August 8th 2018 No: 1 Msg: #205359  
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I am planning to travel to the South of India next year with my dog. I have gone to India 5 years back. So this time I am mostly exploring the less crowded, less explored places of India. I also missed out on houseboating last time, so I'm doing that also. While researching I came across <snip> and I am planning to book a houseboat with them. So my doubt here is, is it allowed to take my dog along with me in this houseboat stay?
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7 months ago, August 8th 2018 No: 2 Msg: #205362  
Firsty, did you take your dog on your previous visit to India? If so, you'll be aware that rabies is endemic there - not just in dogs but in monkeys and other animals too and that an estimated 25,000+ humans die from the disease every year there. I hope you - and your dog - take all the necessary precautions, including avoiding the hundreds of street dogs you'll doubtless encounter!

With regard to houseboats, I assume you're travelling to Kerala and want to visit the backwaters there. Website addresses aren't allowed in the forums, so I don't know the company you found in your research. On my visit a few years ago, I used Southern Backwaters and found them very reliable (Google them). You would need to contact them to ask about taking a dog on board. Reply to this

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