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In the town of Huolu town,in the Wulong District, there is a pond named Mengchong Pond, which. With an area of only 200 square meters, the water in the pool feels very cool. This pond has had a beautiful legend since ancient times. According to folklore, in the early years, there was originally no natural pond or stream in Longba village, only a small pond called Longtang near the elephant dog cave. Because the pond current was too small to be used for irrigation, the village was often experienced drought, and the Longba people often worried about the lack of water. In 1801, there was a great drought resulting in and the failed crops failed and hunger people went hungry. At that time, Luo Pianda, a strong man who was only twenty years old, had the ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing September 8th 2020

Separated by more than a thousand years, these performers take you back in time through the medium of art. At 8 PM on June 25, a major music program on CCTV 1, "Everlasting Classics", gathered many famous stars such as Dimasi, Wang Yuan, Han Geng, and Tan Weiwei to perform. This was the first broadcast since the outbreak of COVID-19. Tan Weiwei’s performance of "A Thousand Songs on the River" and the Art Troupe’s "Impression of Wulong" were especially inspiring. In recent years, Tan Weiwei has been dedicated to evoking memories of traditional culture with her songs. She travels around the country collecting folk music and looking for ancient musical elements. When she came to the Yangtze River valley, she heard the local people interpreting the ancient song "Chuanjiang Haozi" with a new way of singing. ... read more
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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing August 17th 2020

There is an ancient village hidden in Wulong district named Tianjia stockade village. This village is the only home of the Gelao nationality in Chongqing. It is said that the origin of the Gelao people is related to the ancient Lao people. This legend gives the "Gelao" nationality another layer of mystery. In the customs of the Gelao nationality, such as housing, dress, diet, funeral, and so on, a number of features are similar to those of the ancient Lao people. Among them, the "Three Yaotai" custom of Gelao, is the most unchanged. The "Three Yaotai" custom of the Gelao nationality refers to three kinds of feasts, which are the tea feast, the wine feat and the dinner feast. The tea feast is offered to treat guests on their arrival. The host will invite guests coming ... read more
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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing August 13th 2020

Weaving is one of humankind’s most ancient crafts. The Chinese are especially fond of it. The famous "Chinese knot" is one of China’s most representative cultural symbols. Today, China's weaving culture is very complete. The skillful hands of craftsmen can easily and quickly connect any strips in their hands and make a handicraft, which then become gifts to spread to thousands of households as a beautiful expression of creativity. Bamboo weaving is the most common craft. It has appeared since the Neolithic period. Because bamboo is crisp and clean and full of elasticity and toughness. It can be easily woven and is both strong and durable. Woven bamboo became the main material for utensils at that time. They used bamboo to weave mostly small objects closely related to daily life with exquisite craftsmanship. Therefore, bamboo strips ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing July 28th 2020

The most poetic season on Baima mountain is during the month of May, right in the middle of Spring. Baima Mountain is so beautiful in May, as it is full of colorful azaleas. Baima mountain belongs to the Dalou mountain system which covers an area of 450 square kilometers, with an elevation of 1,100—1,950 meters. There are 100,000 acres of primeval forest and more than 1,200 kinds of plants and traditional Chinese medicines, including gingko, buttonwood, camphor, and other rare tree species. Therefore, in the 1990s, Baima Mountain was praised by many experts and scholars as a "biological gene bank" on the 30th parallel (north latitude). The two best viewpoints to see the azaleas on Baima Mountain are from Nine Phoenix Mountain and Baoyan Mountain. Nine Phoenixes Mountain is located at the western foot of Baima ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing July 20th 2020

A Sanbang drum(Three sticks drum) is a local Tujia instrument, which is said to have evolved from the Fengyang flower drum. It first appeared in the Southern Song and Jin dynasties and prevailed in the Yuan dynasty. The show is generally performed by three people, who play drums, gongs and sticks respectively. Two sticks are used for drumming and one is used for the gongs, hence the name "Sanbang drum." But in Wulong, the Sanbang drum players use sharp knives instead of sticks. With rapturous allegro singing, Fu Xingbing, the inheritor of the Tujia Sanbang drum, a national cultural heritage, begins his performance. The shining silver steel is thrown high into the air, and the knife edge is so sharp that it sometimes even reflects light. In the face of the sharp knife, a calm Fu ... read more
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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing July 18th 2020

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. On this festival, Chinese people participate in many folk activities to pay tribute to Qu Yuan. The dragon Boat race, which is held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in Bayu, is the climax of the Dragon Boat Festival. This custom has been passed down for generations, with many unwritten procedures and peculiar practices. ·Raising the gang’s flag The Dragon Boat race on the Chuanjiang River is organized by the dock gang and the boat gang. Some of these gangs compete alone, or two or three together. Every Year from March to April in the lunar calendar, a gang participating in the Dragon Boat Race must publicly raise their gang flag on its pier. Each competing gang has to build their own dragon boat, ... read more

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In Wulong famous “Watermelon Country” Canggou township, there is a long history of the ancient village—Datian village, which is surrounded by mountains. The scenery is as beautiful as a painting. This village covers an area of 260 acres there are 27 families and more than 100 people . It is said that during the period of Guba, human activity is already visible in the village. There are lots of simple and unsophisticated tiles, old trees, and many ancient legends. It is said that in the past, there was a big landlord in Xijiaba. People called him master Xi. Master xi's family is very rich. He has not only 100 acres of fertile farmland, but also a beautiful and capable daughter. In order to have a suitable successor for his property, Master Xi decided to find a ... read more

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As a traditional residence of Miao and Tujia ethnic groups, the hanging foot tower is regarded as an ancient building in southwest China. Due to the humid climate in the southwest, stilted buildings have possessed a lot of advantages. It is high on the ground with ventilation and dry, which can prevent snakes, beasts. You can put things under the floor. Additionally, the housetop is covered by green tile and can have the effect that prevents rain, windbreak and sunshade. A tile, usually made of clay with arch, flat, or half cylindrical shapes, which can be used for building houses. The colors are usually in brick red or gray. Picking up the tile, that is, cleaning up the old cracked tile, and then adding the new one and adding tile surface in case of rain leakage. ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing June 15th 2020

Standing on the edge of the sinkhole, looking down at the suspended towers, the fields, and the crops hundreds of meters below, you can’t help but wonder about when, where, and how these people got here and what their life may have been like thousands of years ago. It was that curiosity that drove me to explore further. Sinkhole Village is next to The Lower Stone Courtyard Sinkhole. Locally the two sinkholes are called “The Sister Sinkholes”, but of the two of them, Sinkhole Village is larger. It has an opening diameter of 645 meters, making it the largest sinkhole in the world. Nowadays, Sinkhole Village has been fully developed into a well-known tourist attraction. As you walk around the scenic overlook of the sinkhole, you can see its outline shaped like a heart, tilting toward ... read more

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