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July 28th 2020
Published: July 28th 2020
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The most poetic season on Baima mountain is during the month of May, right in the middle of Spring. Baima Mountain is so beautiful in May, as it is full of colorful azaleas.

Baima mountain belongs to the Dalou mountain system which covers an area of 450 square kilometers, with an elevation of 1,100—1,950 meters. There are 100,000 acres of primeval forest and more than 1,200 kinds of plants and traditional Chinese medicines, including gingko, buttonwood, camphor, and other rare tree species. Therefore, in the 1990s, Baima Mountain was praised by many experts and scholars as a "biological gene bank" on the 30th parallel (north latitude).

The two best viewpoints to see the azaleas on Baima Mountain are from Nine Phoenix Mountain and Baoyan Mountain.

Nine Phoenixes Mountain is located at the western foot of Baima Mountain and consists of nine strange peaks. These nine peaks are very unique in shape, just like nine phoenixes flying proudly in the sky. Azaleas grow all over the hills at the foot of Nine Phoenixes Mountain. Each May, the azaleas bloom colorfully. When the mountain breeze blows, they are like surging waves from the foot to the top of the mountain. People can feel the strong shock of the surging waves, which makes them wonder whether they are in the real world or in a fairyland.

Baoyan mountain is a steep cliff with an elevation of 200 meters, just like a fierce "leopard head." Its strategic location is particularly important, as it was the main battlefield of the Baima Mountain battle in Chongqing during the liberation of the People's Liberation Army in 1949.

There is an old man with the surname Nie who told tourists that in the battle of Baima Mountain, the PLA soldiers were all very brave, like the god soldiers descending from the sky to chase and annihilate the enemy. When the ammunition ran out, they began to fight hand-to-hand. After three days of fierce fighting, the enemy killed and wounded more than three thousand people. The PLA Army paid a heavy price, and the blood of its martyrs was sprinkled on the wild azalea branches.

He said that in the past, the red azaleas on Baoyan Mountain were not as red as they are now, but from the spring of the second year after the battle on Baima Mountain, the azaleas blooming all over the mountain magically became more red, like the blood of the fallen soldiers.

The tourists who have heard Nie's story will go to the tomb of the martyrs and present beautiful azaleas to soulfully express their sincere respect for the revolutionary martyrs.

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