The Legend about the Datian Ancient Village

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July 8th 2020
Published: July 8th 2020
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In Wulong famous “Watermelon Country” Canggou township, there is a long history of the ancient village—Datian village, which is surrounded by mountains. The scenery is as beautiful as a painting. This village covers an area of 260 acres there are 27 families and more than 100 people . It is said that during the period of Guba, human activity is already visible in the village.

There are lots of simple and unsophisticated tiles, old trees, and many ancient legends.

It is said that in the past, there was a big landlord in Xijiaba. People called him master Xi. Master xi's family is very rich. He has not only 100 acres of fertile farmland, but also a beautiful and capable daughter.

In order to have a suitable successor for his property, Master Xi decided to find a son-in-law who is good at planting. Whoever plants fast and straight seedlings will marry his daughter and inherit his property.

Hearing Master Xi wanted to select a son-in-law, young men from several nearby villages signed up. They stood in the rice field, everyone rolled up their trousers and bent their legs and back, ready to plant. That scene is very spectacular, more than one thousand people planting in 100 acres of filed. The young people in the field catch up with each other. The seedlings they planted were as neat as if they had been drawn with a line.

It was soon noon, Mr. Xi's daughter came to deliver the meal. A young man is busy planting rice seedlings, when he accidentally saw that girl, a sudden excitement, he fell in the field.

Seeing this, the girl immediately stepped forward to help the young man and encouraged him to cheer up. Under the girl's encouragement, the young man planted the seedlings in the shortest time! Then he married that beautiful girl and inherited the Xi family's property.

As an ancient village with beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage, Datian village is worth experiencing!

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