Take a trip to Fairy mountain in autumn

a trip by CicyYang
From: September 13th 2019
Until: September 15th 2019

Fairy mountain national forest park in autumn is really a nice place. Because the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Mountains and fields are full of colorful forest, while the sky is clearing. In the golden autumn sunshine, the colorful forest is more colorful and gorgeous. Colourful forest, blue sky, high mountain, meadow. Pure as a church. There seems to be a feeling of being in Switzerland.

The sunlight dappled the ground from the trees. As the car drove through the path of the forest, the light wind from the car picked up the leaves piled on the side of the road. Escape from the depression of work and the noise of the city, in this pure place without having to breathe the dirty air of the city. It's a real treat to be here. The grass has the peculiar fragrance of the earth. This large area of grass should be a perfect place for camping. If it snows in winter, it becomes a ski resort again.

As the sun gradually goes down, the color of the sun slowly became a brilliant gold, the whole land is gradually dyed into gold. Accidentally I found a small pond, in the absence of wind, like a mirror. Under the sun, the green grass seems to indicate that this place is full of vitality. Although the yellow leaves will eventually leave the tree trunk in a few days, the green grass seems to indicate that it will not be long before the winter, the whole mountain will be full of fresh green.

The big meadow of Fairy mountain is really a good place for camping. You can lie in the tent door under the stars and look up at the Milky Way. It seemed as if the whole night sky was a huge quilt enveloping us. But you should notice that the hills and the meadows are very wet at night. If you want camping, be sure to protect yourself from moisture.
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