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Doing a volunteering in India: Schoolarships are available for European citizens to cover accomodation, travels and food.

Need people for a volunteering trip to India. There is a possibility to cover all the costs by helping with the activities of a NGO in England!
4 years ago, January 4th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #206347  
I am Beatriz, now I am a volunteer of a climate activist programme in England. Now, my team and I, we are doing our scholarship period to raise the money to go to the project in India in June!
We need energetic people in the team in order to have impact and to give motivation and ideas for the people in developing countries in order to improve their lives!
Firstly, we will be trained and prepared for a few months in England, in an international environment (all we live together, in community! ) to learn the essential things which will be used during the volunteer work in Africa and India. Secondly, we will work with our team in one of that countries helping the communities to improve the living conditions by providing education, working together with local farmers, school's staff and students or doing construction work.
For paying the costs of the accommodation, food and travels, the organization can offer scholarships for European citizens! In this way, the money won't stop your goal: "Make this world better".
Write your e-mail to get more information about the programmes!
The scholarship is for european citizens because of the strict immigration law in England which doesn't allow the foreing people to be here more than 6 months... I am sorry Reply to this

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