Hi we're Chris and P. We have quit our jobs and sold our house to follow our dream of travelling around the world for 12 months!!!

Let’s jump back about 2 years - We're driving to P's friend’s house for an evening meal when she turns and says "I've been thinking..."
And what a thought that was indeed. That thought turned into buying a dilapidated property and spending a total of 2 years 'doing it up' ourselves coupled with a new job and a wedding thrown into the mix for good measure. We even questioned ourselves at times on whether travelling would actually become a reality or be just be a pipe dream for the both of us.

Lets jump back in to the present - After 2 years of hard graft, blood, sweat, oil based paint and tears we were thankful to see the house finally completed. I would like to say it was a sad moment when we sold it but it really wasn't (it was an amazing home too). I think the sale was overshadowed by the prospect of travelling around the world and also the fact that it happened so fast. We were at Chris's mums in the spare room before we knew it with boxes upon boxes of clothes and keepsakes. But I guess this is where our journey begins...

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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 13th 2016

Arriving in the early morning, we looked out of the fogged up window of our overnight bus. The sun was rising and we could make out the shapes and colours of the city as we entered into its heart. Despite hearing the many things this city had to offer; the churches, theaters, archaeological sites and other things of very little interest to us (such as the 24hr nightlife scene) we decided to limit ourselves to a day here. This meant a busy and tiring day of exploration. Always the the last thing you want after a sleepless overnight bus. Walking through the city we came to realize that Lima was a mish mash of buildings, divided by the enormous but busy roads that criss cross their way across the city. Huge colourful but weathered colonial buildings ... read more
Along the boulevard
Amazing coastline
Buildings of grandeur

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz June 28th 2016

Have you ever been to Narnia?? We haven't either but it sure felt close enough. Trekking in south america is a highly popular activity that travellers from all around the world come to try. Huaraz is definitely one of the most popular places in Peru to see some stunning scenery. Apparently its home to one the best mountain ranges in the world and also the mountain in the Paramount Pictures logo that you see at the beginning of films. From Mancora we took an overnight bus to a town called Chimbote - 11 hours away. Around 8am our bus stopped in Trujillo and everyone got off. Just waking up, we were a bit confused as to what was happening. After asking the driver, we were told we needed to catch a another bus but had to ... read more
Epic Glaciers of Huaraz
After making it to the lake, we thought we had seen it all. How wrong!
Hopping over the ice cold lakes

South America » Peru » Piura » Máncora June 24th 2016

So the unthinkable happened in Baños... we were given news that would make us start thinking about the end of the trip. A deadline!!! We knew there would be an end, we don't have bottomless funds and we always knew we could not live this idealised life for ever. Of course not. However we like the idea of travelling as we do, at a much slower rate now, visiting all the places that spark an interest in us. Initially we had in mind a year but was open to going home early or staying longer. At the beginning of the trip, away from our routines and work we were always enjoying ourselves but doubted we would last a full year. Travelling is hard work at times (believe it or not) and to completely relax out of ... read more
Chris's delicious chicken skewers
At the border town between Ecuador and Peru
The poor sea turtle

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños June 19th 2016

Baños - Known for being the place people go for activities in Ecuador. Nearly most travellers we had met had mentioned this place so there was no doubt that it was going to be touristy. To get here from Latacunga we hopped on a 2 hour bus to Ambato then another bus to Baños. Arriving in Baños we guessed it right, this place was all about tourism. It was so strange seeing so many westerners in the same place at once compared to last few places we had visited. There were tour shops with bikes and buggies vying for people's attention, women trying to draw you in with massages and enough eateries & tourist trinket shops to reflect the numbers of tourists here and then some. It always gives you a good feeling when you arrive ... read more
Feels like we're in a painting
Hoping the bridge is safe
Adventure ahead

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Quilotoa June 16th 2016

Ecuador has some breath-taking scenery and many hidden treasures, some completely overlooked as people head straight to countries like Peru or Colombia. However, a quick google search of Ecuador's highlights will bring up images of a turquoise coloured lake sat in the middle of a crater. A lake in a crater!? We didn't need to see any more pictures - we were sold. A week or so later... Clinging to a branch on a steep hill with one hand and the protruding root of a plant with the other, Chris managed to pull himself up onto the green land where the path continued. P behind him, heart pounding, couldn't bring herself to climb up this unsafe crumbling mud 'path' to get onto the upper part of the trek. We'd all agreed we needed to get higher ... read more
Lunch with a view
Ewe talking to me
On the edge

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito June 2nd 2016

We had heard the stories of Quito twice over, of how people had been pickpocketed or had their bags sliced open under their seat on a bus and having the contents removed. Even at the border they gave us a leaflet advising us of fake taxis that take tourists out of town and rob them. In our taxi to our hostel we were running through the checklist in our heads to be sure we were in a legit one. ▪️Meter with intact void tape - Check ▪️Orange number plate - Check ▪️Panic button - Undetermined ▪️Camera - Negative Two out of 4 would have to do. We checked on our phone gps that we were heading in the right direction. Thankfully we were. We would have caught the bus if it had not been dark but ... read more
It's all about the headwear
Life on the edge

South America » Colombia » Ipiales May 30th 2016

Okay so Ecuador wasn’t on the initial plan, just like Colombia. Ecuador was in fact added when calculating the best way to travel to Peru. We looked up flights from Colombia to Peru and they all came up to a figure of around $300US each. Bearing these figures in mind, why on earth would we take a flight straight to Peru when we could spend nearly 2 weeks exploring Ecuador beforehand for the same price of flying over it? For us it was a no brainer. For some, I think a barrier to crossing the border between Colombia and Ecuador (apart from not having ‘time’, or a lack of interest in Ecuador altogether) is the consideration of safety. We read that the road leading up to Ecuador all the way from Popayan was known for robberies. ... read more
Gothic Revival in style
The detail up close
Inside the Guáitara River canyon

South America » Colombia » Pasto May 22nd 2016

After a total of 24 hours travelling, including an 18 hour overnight bus journey we finally arrived in the small charming town of Chachagui - just 2 hours away from the Ecuadorian /Colombian border. As usual this wasn't even on our itinerary. We were originally going to stay in the city of Popayan to make it easier (and safer) for us to cross the Ecudorian border. That is until we heard about the big carnival taking place here. We said "why not?" or in Spanish "Por que no?" we were heading in that direction anyway and were intrigued by the origins and the growing present day festivities. The carnival is a 5 day themed festival celebrating the diversity of Pasto's culture uniting the black and white population hence the name "The black and white carnival" aka ... read more
Say cheese
Talcum powder warfare
The carnival queen atop her float

South America » Colombia » Medellin May 17th 2016

Seeing pictures of Guatape, it looked like a paradise in its own right. Tree covered mountains surrounding what looked like a mirage of blue sparking lakes and rivers encircling tiny green islands. After spending Christmas in Medellin, we wanted something a little more green and local for Chris’s birthday and new years. Coming here was one of the best decisions we could have made. Only a 2 hour bus ride from Medellin, many people opt to visit on a day trip but we could not understand the logic of this since we arrived. This place was beautiful, relaxing and charming with its small town feel but at the same time you could feel it was alive, with the buzz growing the nearer NYE drew. Our journey here was closer to the 3 hour mark due to ... read more
The rock aka La Piedra
Appreciating the view
NYE in Guatape is a lot of fun

South America » Colombia » Medellin May 10th 2016

Just like Colombia, Medellin has a lot of history...unfortunately a lot of it bad. At one point it was named the most dangerous place in the world. A stigma very hard to shake. Despite its history (again, just like Colombia) however, the people here are some of the most positive and friendliest people we've ever met. Which is probably the reason we've managed to stay in one country for so long. Medellin is a huge modern city with many boroughs stretching on for miles, surrounded by beautiful green mountains. It's a very friendly, clean and welcoming city that's not too fast paced. Most people not familiar with Colombia will probably have heard of either Bogotá (the capital) or Medellin (home to one of the richest & ruthless criminals to date:Pablo Escobar). Medellin is more than just ... read more
Having fun
It's a dogs life
Making new friends

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