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South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 4th 2016

Being traditionally British we aren’t the biggest coffee drinkers (tea is our fave tipple), it’s safe to say that although Salento is a part of the zona cafeteria, we were not just coming here for the coffee. No, we were also coming here for the mountainous scenery and the nearby cloud forest holding its own little secret. Salento, a smallish colonial old town with pretty colourful stripes lining most rows of buildings, the obligatory main square filled with locals predictably socialising and relaxing. The main stone church standing elevated over the surrounding buildings and a stunning lush green mountainous backdrop. Coming from Bogota, Salento certainly had its charm - greenery everywhere you looked in this quaint and colourful town. All buildings were around 2 stories high and the surprise of a steep incline or decline around ... read more
Somewhere up in the clouds
Coffee: From the beginning to the end

South America » Colombia » Bogota April 24th 2016

We didn't really know what to expect going to Bogota, other than it being colder than where we arrived from. We came to find a sprawling city in the highlands of Colombia with larger than life street art and a dark intriguing history. Sometimes the 2 were even intertwined. We decided to stay in the area called 'La Candelaria' a small section of the humongous sprawling city. One of the hippest places to stay due to it being on the university district with the area covered in mesmerising graffiti. One thing you couldn't miss however was a police presence here with their huge muzzled Rottweilers on a leash. Many people we had met either loved or hated Bogota either put off by the police presence or opting to stay here for months to study. We didn't ... read more
Such quaint side streets in such a big city
Life-like street art
The little church on a big hill

South America » Colombia » Villa de Leyva April 15th 2016

Drawn here by the promise of a town lost in its colonial richness, it was not hard to add this place as a stop on the way down to Bogota. Unlike many towns Villa de Leyva had preserved its history by maintaining its cobble stoned streets and white washed walls. Our stay in Villa de Leyva was only brief. We spent our time walking the cobblestoned streets, admiring the quaintness of this town, the lovely ambience, people watching in the main square and taking in the mountains that soared all around this town. For us it was the simplicity in this visit that we really enjoyed. Along with the church in the main square, we came across another few which was surprising to see given their close proximity to the grand church in the main square. ... read more
Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day
Reminded us a little of Santa Barbara in the states

South America » Colombia » San Gil March 28th 2016

Leaning backwards, Chris slowly walked himself over the edge of the cliff. P could barely look over the ledge. Finding his footing and feeling confident, he took a few more steps backwards and began his descent. Then came the water - a tap operated waterfall sending litres of water per minute over the cliff. Chris immediately lost his footing as the rock became slippery and swung outwards and then sideways crashing into the wall then becoming entangled in a tree branch. Thankfully this wasn't another near death experience like we had on the Great Wall. Dangerous yes. But luckily we were on a tour of extreme activities with a very proficient guide who only spoke Spanish. We guess thats a good and bad thing. San Gil is the hub of extreme activities in Colombia and many ... read more
No me gusta
Don't take Viagra take Goat's Milk
Now jump!

This our 100th blog!!! Thank you everybody for reading and following our adventures. We hope you still enjoy reading them as much as we love sharing them. Some countries more than others are known for having the perfect beaches; for the relaxing, unwinding and admiring the pure beauty of their idyllic setting. The ones that spring to mind include the picture perfect beaches of Mexico, Maldives, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, Philippines and Australia. All known for their outstanding sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. All in their own way offering their own slice of paradise. When looking into our very last minute trip to Colombia, we read many posts highly recommending travel in Colombia but noting that if you were looking for a beach paradise then you should look elsewhere. That’s okay we thought to ourselves, our ... read more
Colombian's Carribean costline
Beach life
No cabins, hotels or hostels on this beach

South America » Colombia » Cartagena March 19th 2016

After 4 and a bit weeks of Spanish lessons, dance lessons and believe it or not some relaxation time we were finally back on the road again. Our destination - the beach. Not just any beach however, we were going to Playa Blanca. From when we arrived in Cartagena all we heard about was this beautiful beach just over an hour away from Cartagena. Most people only really visited on day trips and returned with a playa blanca tattoo - sun burn. People spoke very highly of Playa Blanca with its white sand and clear blue waters. Obviously with it being so popular (especially on the weekends) people visit it by the van load and the price of things on the sand bar-like beach strip tend to be higher than normal. We chose the cheapest route ... read more
How I would do anything for another Coco loco
The many flags serving as a reminder that we are in Colombia

South America » Colombia » Cartagena March 18th 2016

(p2) Our Spanish was slowly progressing, we already knew a few words and phrases that we had boosted in Mexico. But during our 3 weeks in the school here we started to get our head around the grammar, mainly in present tense touching on the confusing past tenses in our last week. Whilst this was really beneficial, in hindsight due to varying levels in the class we wish we would have just booked individual classes. Our teacher was awesome in trying to meet everyone’s needs but sometimes you would be covering something you already knew. And still our conversational speaking and understanding was still low. We could just about form sentences. The problem with Cartagena being on the Caribbean coast is that they speak Spanish with a difference, cutting off parts of the word. Like when ... read more
Colombians know how to throw a carnival
The place we have come to Love
Miss Colombia

South America » Colombia » Cartagena March 17th 2016

The plan was to stay in Cartagena for 3 days. We quickly learnt however that the only way to enjoy Cartagena was to live it and that sure enough was going to take longer than 3 days. Over the last 10 months of travelling, we kept hearing whispers about Colombia.  How it was untouched, how friendly the people were and what a hidden gem it was in South America.  Limiting our trip to a year however did not allow time to visit Colombia. After all we wanted to visit Peru and Bolivia first and foremost and we only had a few months left.  After arriving in Mexico, slightly exhausted and not having a real plan or an agenda, the moment we heard another mention of Colombia, a decision was made. We had to include this on ... read more
One of our favourite images
The bright colours of the old town

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach March 10th 2016

"Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn, we're going to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami" We could not get this song out of our heads since we booked our flight here. We sung it out loud, to ourselves and every time we were reminded of our pending trip to Miami. No telling, we were pretty excited to be heading back to the US albeit for only 2 nights before we fly to Colombia. We looked forward to all the things in the US we missed - the food especially for Chris. It had only been 2 weeks since we were last here. Although we arrived and were flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we opted to stay in Miami; an hours drive north. An hour if ... read more
Iconic life guard hut
Creating footprints in the sand

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres March 9th 2016

Imagine your days spent swinging in a hammock or laying on the beach under the bright blue sunny skies. Or jumping into crystal clear waters so calm and walm to cool off before returning to your shaded spot under a palm tree. Maybe practicing yoga in the morning, attempting a little slack lining in the afternoon and dancing the night away in the evening; making new friends and finding new favourite songs.... This is exactly how we spent our time here. Almost 2 full weeks! Isla mujeres is a place where time stops and you almost forget you have other destinations to visit. This is our 5th time (3rd together) on this island and it's still one of our favs. We first enjoyed Isla mujeres as a couple way back in 2008 and visited it every ... read more
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Plastic bottle island.
Be there or be square

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