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North America » United States » Tennessee January 28th 2016

Our first taste of the south brings us to the city of Nashville. Home of country music, 14 hours of live music everyday and the place where unknowns come to be discovered. The city is teaming with part time entertainers, part time uber drivers all hoping to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Even the people who worked at our hostel were from all over the globe, all hoping to gain a foot in the door on the scene. Getting here from DC probably had to be one of the worst overnight journeys we've had to make...Ever. And we've travelled a lot. This was also the first time for us catching the notorious greyhound bus. Many Americans we'd met prior to coming to the US always looked at us in shock, followed by ... read more
Small alleyways dormant by day
Drink driving

Washington, DC -In the midst of Pope-mania Arriving in Washington, DC we didn't know whether we were lucky or not. Pope Francis was arriving the following day to meet the president -roads were going to be closed, access to some of the sights were going to be limited. The whole event was kind of a big deal. We knew nothing about his DC visit until we were on the Megabus there. We are not Roman Catholic, so hearing of his visit we were more or less indifferent to it. We were coming to Washington to sightsee, get a glimpse of Barack and shamefully visit sights featured in the popular US TV show 'Scandal'. Washington, DC is definitely a capital built with the intention of being a capital. The wide roads are in grid format; vertical avenues ... read more
Getting creative with photos here.
DC at dusk
Angles and Curves

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 20th 2016

Okay so the dreaded bus journey was nothing short of pleasant. Lots of legroom, plug socket wifi, clean toilets. Its funny really because instead of locals all we could hear across the bus was different accents and languages from around the world. It seems as though while the locals avoid such journeys, tourists and travellers make the most of them. No 'recently released' prisoners making their way home, we think. This was however with the newer bus-line 'Megabus', either way gives us hope for Greyhound. Boston has so much history to it. We never really knew much about the oldest city in the states or even much about how the US won independence prior to our stay here (we blame school). Only thing we were really aware of was its large Irish community and the popular ... read more
Old and the new
Following the footsteps of the freedom trail
Relaxing by the port

North America » United States » New York » New York January 17th 2016

Sorry for the delay with this next blog, we decided to take a break with publishing blogs over Christmas. We hope you continue to enjoy our travels that follows on from our adventures in the States! Pre-Trip For this world trip, along with visiting countries we could easily travel around on a budget, we also wanted to go to countries that we knew would stretch our finances a little. Japan and China were destinations we had to include so then it was a decision between countries like Australia, New Zealand the States and Canada. Our budget could not cover all 4 and in the end we decided on the States. It was the slightly cheaper option and we were eager to visit all the places we had always seen on TV as children. The places ... read more
Lady liberty
View from Madison Square Park
Strolling through the city parks

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi September 13th 2015

As our trip in India draws to a close, we begin to become more relaxed in our approach to a new place. We're practically winding down and preparing ourselves for our next journey (in a way). After enjoying some beach time in the beautiful Alleypey, Kochi is our next and last destination in India (althoug technically its Chennai as we fly from there). More of a city with a fishing port, many people have fell in love with Kochi and it's relaxed pace. Us falling in love with it would be going too far, but we've definitely had enough of India's big cities at this point. Thankfully most of the places we've visited in the south of India are a world away from areas such as Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Cows are few and far between, ... read more
The famous Chinese fishing nets
Back to basics

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey September 9th 2015

Cruising through the backwaters of Kerala we slowly meandered through the lush rivers surrounded by calm, tranquil slow paced village life. The backwaters were nothing short of incredible. Another highlight and memorable experience. Gliding slowly through the waterways we were very content and relaxed as we witnessed this tranquil place. We passed many local houses, fish farms, men, women and children walking the riverbanks. It was so peaceful. We had the opportunity to witness the larger waterways on our houseboat we stayed on for a couple of days and the narrower waterways when we later hired out a small boat for the day on a separate occasion. These waterways were beautiful. There were so many different shades of green. From the bright green rice terraces to the darker green palm tree leaves, the light green mango ... read more
Tranquil life on the river
Bathing and washing
Lush Greenery

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore September 7th 2015

The initial draw for Mysore was the yoga (for P mainly). Apparently there are many yoga centres offering classes and some even offering courses. After getting the yoga bug in Indonesia, P placed Mysore firmly on our itinerary. Of course Mysore is more than just a yoga hub, it's a huge modern city; with wide one way roads, colonial style buildings, a palace and a large cathedral. We likened it to Jaipur when we arrived but far more cleaner and organised. Before getting here we pictured it to be a lot smaller and less busy. How naive of us. This is India. There's an overnight train that goes straight from Hospet (near Hampi) to Mysore. We were on that train. But due to a major oversight on our part we had booked it only part way ... read more
Local street seller
A grand catholic church
The palace draws its inspiration from many countries and faiths

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi September 4th 2015

Hampi; described as one of the most bewitching and spell-bounding landscapes with sandy temples and ruins dotted across some of the most spectacular scenery. Now a world heritage site, but in its prime it is believed Hampi was once one of the richest and largest kingdoms in the world. Take that you other built up ugly capital cities. In other words Hampi is generally described as a place not to be missed on a trip to southern India. Furthermore it was off the tourist trail of Rajasthan. Saying all of this, before we arrived we could not get ourselves excited for Hampi as we enjoyed our few days of relaxation in Goa and had seen enough palaces and temples to last a lifetime by now. Did we really want to see another one, two or even ... read more
These children loved having their picture taken
Stone ruins amongst the stones
Braving the intense heat for some sightseeing

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach September 1st 2015

Sat in a beachside bar, catching up with blogs, an overwhelming feeling of happiness built up in my stomach. I don’t ever want to go home we thought to ourselves. Why is it that the beach does something to us? You soon become relaxed and you just feel really good. In some ways it is almost therapeutic just being there. Well for us that is how we felt sitting on Anjuna beach in Goa. Looking out onto the amazing blue skies, the sun shining brightly although you dare not look at it as it you would momentarily lose your vision. Instead you smile at its beautiful reflection or stream of crystal light sparkling in the sea seemingly moving all the way towards you. We sat there simply watching the waves furiously crashing into each other, making ... read more
Anjuna beach in the late afternoon.
Surprised to see our first Church in India
Food glorious food

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi August 30th 2015

Dare a dip in the ganges When we hear people talk about India, one of the first things they mention is the famous Ganges river. Even after hearing the stories, watching the documentaries and even reading various blogs on it, we knew we had to visit this holy city. This is the city where Hindu's come to be put to rest. Like we said, we'd heard many of the stories and....well in all honesty for a long time we had been put off on coming to this place . Especially P! I mean who really wants to see the charred remains of someone floating down a river? Sorry to be soo blunt that's just what we heard. Getting here should've been straight forward from Jaipur. We had the trains booked already and the tuk tuk ordered ... read more
The holy city
 A bottle of ganges!

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