Karel Kosman


Karel Kosman

Moved my internet based business into a caravan in summer of 2006 and have seen a lot of Europe (http://001yourtranslationservice.com/travel-Europe/cheap-travel-europe-tour-guide.html). Been great, but now I want to see the rest of the world so will sell it and travel out of a backpack (already bought small new laptop etc.). Learn what my guests have said about me through http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/kenax/. I can offer work on the computer and am willing to pay for your travel expenses but would prefer someone who is willing to work (most likely translations, unless you can think of something else through the internet, or perhaps dancer or street performer?) to help pay for costs.

Middle East » Cyprus » Kyrenia July 17th 2013

Before landing at the Istanbul airport I had spent two action-packed years in the Mediterranean. While on the island of Cyprus, basking in the glory of the Mediterranean, I regularly alternate between the Christian Greek south side and the Muslim Turkish north side. I have developed a deep feeling of affinity for the Muslim people. Particularly for the young Persians from Iran who populate the Eastern Mediterranean University. Throughout my travels I have also formed bonds with many Roma people, whom I refer to as Gypsies. It is a label they say they cherish. This last point I checked with them very carefully. I had never intended to go to Cyprus. My travel plan was to stick to the co... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Giresun June 21st 2013

I hope I won’t have to pay more than 80 Euros, or that I won’t be stuck in this expensive city for too long. I even imagined myself as Tom Hanks in that true story movie of a guy stuck at an airport for a couple of years. After all, technically, I could pull it off, having everything with me that I needed. I worry that this logistical nightmare will set the tone for my new life of living solely out of a backpack, now that I have left my truck, my trusty home for five years, behind. But one thing I like about large and busy airports like this, such as Heathrow, is the international feel of it. People from many corners of the planet, with their particular form of dress and mannerism, mixed up ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Famagusta June 15th 2013

To view the source text with pictures click here. Everything is running smoothly in booking my flight from Europe to Thailand. Breezily I confirm the purchase, as I am generally careful when issuing commands on the computer, but a sign of my future travelling difficulties materializes the moment the emailed flight details arrive. October 2. A month early. Oops. Okay, I’ll have to knock out the last few roadtrips around Bulgaria and speed up my departure preparations. Everything should be okay. I have already made extensive plans and researched my destinations well in advance. I completed my computer backups, storing data on a server accessible over the internet, in case something happens to my trusty work laptop. I signed a power of attorney to two friends to sell my tru... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand December 31st 2012

Well, what can I say? It's a year since I moved to this island and one would think my travel stories would be uneventful, but somehow enough interesting things seem to happen here anyway. Have continued with my violin playing, until I arrived at an important point where people (including key ones, such as the owners of bars) were encouraging and complimenting me, and my confidence got strong enough that I started playing regularly. I felt I was becoming a little bit of a celebrity here, people waving and smiling at me as I passed them on my bike, I always smiling back, even though most of the time I had absolutely no recollection of them. The wind blows in your face as you ride your bike, and forces you to squint if you do not ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon October 13th 2012

Landlord thought he'd get greedy in the old place and asked me to move farther from the water so he could make more money for 1.5 months during the high season. Decided to move down shore and now he's bummed because he lost a long term customer. Almost double the price and well worth it. Now it's the best place I've ever lived in and should be here roughly six months, pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/103781745144117972393/NewPlaceInKohPhanganThailand... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Suphanburi August 8th 2012

Yo, a friend asked to see pics of the island where I'm staying at, so thought I'd write this blurb, even though I plan to stay here another year and hence this chapter of my travels is not completed yet. The guy whose house I was staying at over the winter inBulgariawanted to hook up with me in Asia and invited me to thisislandofKoh Phangan. He's been toAsiasome seven times and I figured he'd know of some good spots. Christmas was approaching so I decided to leave my solar panel remote village project in the north east corner ofThailandand head about half way down the length of the country, on the east coast. I think they filmed part of The Beach here. They have this these Full Moon, Half Moon and Black Moon parties where youngsters ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil August 7th 2012

So the rainforest was fun, such as boating out on my own to the hotel to use their highspeed internet. We were planning on setting up an internet relay system, beaming a signal from a router hooked up to a hard line on the mainland, picked up by a satellite dish suspended from a tree at a half-way point, in turn hooked up to a repeater router with smaller solar panel to broadcast it around the island obstruction to our resort. Blazed trails on my own through the jungle, only to find out later that the strange purring sound I heard was not a bird, as I originally thought, but an Asian tiger, which grow to about 40-50% larger than African tigers and twice my weight. Never returned there on my own! We were also discussing ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 10th 2011

The Traveling Gypsy I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1965, when the country was under the domain of Communist Russia. But the local government was liberal minded. The country’s president wanted “socialism with a human face”, and Czechs in general are a creative liberal bunch. After all, that is where Bohemia is located. Unfortunately, the conservative Soviet powers didn’t take kindly to this flowering liberalism, and because Czech is generally a very industrial country and was on the verge of developing nuclear power, in 1968 they sent in the troops to prevent a revert to democracy. Not to mention that Czech, bordered to the northwest by Germany and Austria to the south, has a strategic central location in Europe, which the Soviets did not want to lose (and neither Czech’s industry, which generally produced a lot ... read more

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