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Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil August 6th 2016

Lieve vriendjes en vriendinnetjes, Dat was het dan, het tutje is weer thuis. Voor sommigen - lees mijn moeder, opa, oma en alle anderen die met geknepen billetjes mijn blogs hebben zitten lezen - is het een opluchting dat ik weer met beide beentjes op Nederlandse bodem sta, maar voor mij is het een ontzettend dubbel gevoel. De helft van mij rende al naar huis omdat het mijn vertrouwde leventje mistte, maar de andere helft van mij wilde niets liever dan op het mooiste eiland van Maleisië blijven om de droom te leven die ik drie maanden geleden begonnen ben. Terwijl ik terug ga naar mijn lieve familie en vriendjes en vriendinnetjes in Nederland, laat ik tegelijkertijd ook een hele hoop nieuwe vriendjes en vriendinnetjes achter met wie ik in een aantal dagen zo close ben ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil October 6th 2015

I got into Kuala Lumpur around 5 in the afternoon and hopped on the efficient KLIA Express train to KL Central station, where I changed onto the Kelana Jaya Line two stops to Masjid Jamek station. From there it was a nice short walk to my home for the next 5 nights - Back Home Hostel. It wasn't the cheapest hostel in town, in fact it was one of the pricier places I stayed on my whole trip - a whopping 13 USD a night - but it was a very cool hostel and very comfortable despite the ever-so-slight mould problem in the room! This was my second time in Kuala Lumpur so I'm not going to write much about it this time! I reminisced and revisited a handful a places including the Old Market Square ... read more
Petronas Towers
Long Beach
Golden Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil May 11th 2015

This was possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Tourism was taking over but was not too overwhelming on the smaller island where we stayed. It was 6 days of pure bliss! We arrived at the town of Kuala Besut after a few hours on a minibus and expected to be getting a slow boat across to the islands. That could not have been further from the truth! A tiny speedboat and a smiley, toothless old man met us at the jetty, with 2 massive 150cc engines strapped to the back. No sooner than we were all cramped into each other's personal spaces he gunned the engines and set off at a tremendous pace. Usually I don't mind boats, but I was writing my obituary on this particular ride. Waves were no ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil March 21st 2015

When doing our research on Malaysia one gem we had been looking forward to visiting the most was the Perhentian islands; Sat at my office desk with my attention drifting from work, my mind would take me to what I believed it would be like; perfect blue waters, soft sandy beaches, an amazing underwater world and great sea food. Add in a BBQ and a mango shake, then that would be my paradise. As our pending trip got closer more and more I would idle over days that we could spend relaxing on the beach, reading books, listening to music or exploring the island and cooling down with a shake, beer or just some refreshing cold drink. It wasn't hard to look forward to this place and forget about any work projects in hand. Oh how ... read more
Sunset on Coral beach
Long Beach
Our cabin on Coral beach

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil March 25th 2014

How I wished I can have a perhentian (stopover) here longer or forever. I had been reading a lot about this beautiful island, and read almost every blog entry about Perhentian since I started following travelblog. Many refer this beautiful place as heaven, paradise or so. This gave me a high expectation on this island, and honestly was a little let down during the first 15 minutes after I set foot on this place. What let me down? The trash and the dead corals. When I first arrived at Coral bay, I was so excited to look at all the fishes and corals thru the crystal-clear water. Yes the water was very clear indeed, but the dead white brittle corals had me disappointed. The 10 minutes walk from Coral Bays to Long Beach was another let ... read more
Us waiting for the boatman
The sunset at Coral Bay
Mohsin chalet

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil September 21st 2013

I was debating about whether whether I would include a Malaysia chapter for this blog or simply omit it. I hesitate not because Malaysia was unimportant, uninteresting or unexciting but rather I really enjoyed my stay here even if it is not the most glamorous of countries. Also, I should mention that in this case I am referring to Penninsular Malaysia as opposed to Borneo which I have already written about and rightfully deserved its own space. Malaysia is probably the most overlooked of the SEA countries. It lacks the parties and hedonism of Thailand to the north and the exoticism of Indonesia to the south. In many ways Malaysia seems to act as a buffer between these to hotspots. For Canadians anyway. As for Germans, well, I might as well have learned German to prepare ... read more
Tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands
Street art in Penang
Underappreciated Coral Bay

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil September 7th 2013

It was now seven months to the day since we'd left home. When our pals Darren, Jim and Ste had told us of there plan to meet us in Malaysia along with Sonya's buddy Laura, Sonya and I had been in New Zealand, just four months into our trip. We were delighted at the prospect but it seemed along way away. Yet the three months in between had passed by and the reunion we had so eagerly anticipated was upon us before we knew it. We would meet the gang in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, spend less than 48 hours there before heading to an idyllic little island off the north east coast of the peninsula, called Perhentian Kecil. I'd had the pleasure of visiting the Perhentian's on my last trip to Asia in ... read more
Darren and Sonya
Coral beach
Frisbee days - Perhentian Kecil

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil September 7th 2013

Finally arriving in the Perhentians at 7am after a long, uncomfortable mini bus journey and a speed boat, Justin and I trailed the stretch of sand to find accommodation. Getting frustrated, as we were looking for a specific price range, Justin walked up through the wooded area to try and find the original place we opted for (only saying this because a local man said he had never heard of it before). He strolled back over to me after 15 minutes of being gone, saying, was there and for a double room it was 20 ringett per person. Perfect. In the meantime, I had been chatting to Shanae (English) and Jerry (Taiwan) who were also waiting for the owners of another place to appear, but they thought, our option sounded good so decided to join ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil June 8th 2013

Von Kota Bharu nahmen wir den Bus und dann ein Boot auf die Perhentian Kecil Islands (Kecil heisst klein - es gibt auch noch eine grosse welche gleich nebenan liegt). Die Insel ist wirklich klein, so kann man vom einen Strand zum anderen Strand welcher auf der anderen Seite der Insel liegt, einfach zu Fuss in 5-10min gehen. Auf den Perhentian gibt es keine Autos und nur ganz wenig Motorräder, weil es gibt nicht wirklich Strassen, sondern eher Trampelwege. Weil wir am Freitag ankamen war es ziemlich schwierig ein einigermassen günstiges Guesthouse zu finden. Wir fanden schliesslich doch noch eines, wechselten dann aber am nächsten Tag in eines mit "Seaview". Im Guesthouse in Kota Bharu lernten wir Aki, einen Tauchlehrer kennen. Deshalb entschloss sich Vy, in derjenigen Schule ihren 2. Tauchkurs zu machen, wo Aki arbeitet. ... read more
auf der Wanderung
über Bäume...
...und unten durch

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Kecil April 24th 2013

Wir fliegen nach Kota Bharu und machen uns auf zu den Perhentian den paar Tagen hier werden einige Tauchgänge unternommen. Die Unterwasserwelt hier ist der viele Fische und Korallen...zu den Highlights zählen mit Sicherheit die riesen Schildkröte, die aus dem Nichts auftaucht und völlig uninteressiert an uns vorbeigleitet...Wir haben Glück und sehen abends nochmal ein Monsterexemplar am über einen Meter lang robbt das Teil über den Strand um seine Eier abzulegen...wir sitzen gespannt im Sand und verfolgen, wie sich das Riesentier langsam wieder Richtung Wasser begibt... Jetzt seid ihr wieder auf dem laufenenden. Auch wenn ich nicht wirklich viel geschrieben hab in den letzten Berichten, schaut euch die Bilder an, denn die erzählen ja auch geht weiter nach Borneo, nach Kota Kinabalu um genau zu sein und von dort weiter nach ... read more
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