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South America » Bolivia May 5th 2009

We arrived at the bus office with Chris and Andrea at half nine like the girl in the office had asked us. We waited for a short while until she appeared with a bit of bad news. Our bus driver had not shown up for work! Luckily Andrea and Chris had good Spanish as we didn’t really understand her. We just knew something was wrong. Luckily tough she could put us on another bus on the other side of the street that left at the same time. Phil and Katrina from our salt flats tour had booked this bus which was 10 boliviano cheaper but not direct. Now we would be joining them but didn’t feel like fighting over the 10 boliviano extra we had paid as it was the equivalent of €1. The bus we ... read more
La Paz

We woke up this morning to go see the amazing Salar de Uyuni, this time without any problems. It was an early rise at 5am so we could see the sun rise on the Salt Flats. Slowly the lights came on in the other rooms and soon everyone was ready to go. We loaded up our jeeps and left San Martin without even seeing it. As we had being delayed the day before we arrived when it was dark and left the next morning when it was dark. It wasn’t long before we reached the start of the salt flats. The sun was beginning to make light but was still not visible. We got to a point in the salt flats and stopped to watch the sunrise and take some funny photo’s that the completely white ... read more
Salt Flats Day 2 & 3 141
Salt Flats Day 2 & 3 142
Salt Flats Day 2 & 3 107

Surely nothing could go wrong! Well it did. After our breakfast of pancakes tea we all gathered outside ready to go with our bags. Only problem was that one of the jeeps was refusing to start. Our two guides worked tirelessly on the engine to get it to work. We had been told to expect problems as the terrain we were travelling through wasn’t exactly like a road of any type. Out here also there is no garages or mechanics. The guides are fully qualified in maintaining their own vehicles. It was 8am when we were meant to leave and it didn’t look like we were moving any time soon. The guides were apologetic about the delay and told us we would be underway as soon as possible. As you might see from our photo’s there ... read more
Still My Friend
Michelle's Friend
Broken Jeep

We got up early on the morning of our 3 day tour so that we could have a good breakfast before we went. For all we new food could be limited and not so plentiful. We had to be at the office of Estrella del Sur at 8am. We stopped at a small café where we had breakfast the last few mornings in San Pedro. They did a nice and simple breakfast of three fried eggs, a bap and tea. When finished, we went down the small and dusty road to the office. Others were waiting outside when we arrived. Soon we got the call to jump into a bus which would bring us through the border checks to the other side of Bolivia. The queue in Chile went in no particular order. Locals could skip ... read more
Our first toiltet stop
Border control
Our Jeep

We decided the minute we heard we could do sand boarding that we would do it. Michelle fancies trying snow boarding in New Zealand so we thought we would have a trial run on the sand. We had seen people doing it the evening before and it looked pretty tough. The best way to do it was by renting a bike and strapping the sand board to your back and cycling 5km to the sand dunes. The cost of renting the equipment was €8 and very reasonable for 6 hours. We got the bikes at 11:30 and with a map in hand, headed towards the desert dunes. There is only one dune that you can sand board on as the rest are protected. The cycle was fine for about 10 minutes until we reached the turn ... read more
Saturn (enlarge to see)
Sandboarding 006
Sandboarding 008

We took the bus from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. The drive through the Andes was amazing. We reached heights of 4200m above sea level and it was our first taste of high altitude. It didn’t affect us as much as it could have but we did feel it. Symptoms are headache, short of breath, vomiting and in some cases nose bleeds. All we really suffered from was short breath and slight headache but Michelle did feel like getting sick. Aspirin helps with Altitude sickness but I’m afraid we came without any. When we arrived in San Pedro a guy had to get oxygen. It can affect anyone regardless of fitness or age. A few times on the bus when I fell asleep, I woke up gasping for air. At the border in Chile, ... read more
San Pedro
San Pedro
San Pedro

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 25th 2009

Our 16hr bus journey was as easy as ever and we have now become full accustomed to long journeys. When we arrived in Salta we had no address for our hostel and couldn’t find an internet café to look it up. A sound guy trying to sell us another hostel gave us the address. Soon we were in a taxi and on our way to Las Rejas. We had decided on dorms because of the cheap price of €7 each a night and it was the top rated hostel on the net. We were shown to our room and even though we were in a dorm our two beds were in a separate room beside it but with no door between the two. I am missing $250 that I brought with me. I had divided $1000 ... read more
Darrens new socks
Michelle's new Jumper
Cable car to Cerro Bernardo

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 23rd 2009

Our muscles were feeling a little bit better the next day and we hit for the Agua Park at 10am to catch the 10:30 bus. Our bus was only 5 peso each way but the guy wanted to charge us 34 peso each way. After a bit of confusion we realised that I had said the wrong place and that is why it was a little bit more expensive! Soon we were on the right bus and it would take over an hour to get there. The scenery along the way was stunning and we even spotted a vineyard which had yet to harvest its grapes. The entrance was only 20 peso to the park which is quite cheap by Argentinean standards. We were a little surprised at what we found inside. The place was full ... read more
Not the best seat in the house!
Agua Park
Agua Park

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 19th 2009

There were six of us from the hostel doing the horse riding on the Sunday morning. Apparently there isn’t much to do in Mendoza on a Sunday and this was the best way to fill the day. We were all up early still hurting from our three or four hour stint on a rock hard saddle. We were to be collect at 9am but in typical Latin/Spanish form it was 10am before the guy arrived to bring us to his ranch. Two cars came for us and three went in each. Myself, Michelle and Katie went in one and Nick (American) and two Dutch girls (names forgotten) went in the other. The drive to the ranch was about 45 minutes and we passed through some wonderful parks on the way. When we arrived the owner was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 18th 2009

The hostel we are staying in is very quite and relaxing. They have a dog too so I like it here! The day we arrived we just had a look around the city centre of Mendoza. Most of what you do in Mendoza does not involve the town itself. It has nice big tree lined streets with plenty of restaurants and café’s. Our wine tour was outside the town so we needed to catch the bus to get there. Our bikes were only €7 for the day and we would collect them there off Mr. Hugo. We encountered a few problems before actually getting to the town where the wine our is. First the ATM’s in the bus station were not working so we had to walk into town to find one. After that we returned ... read more
Michelle wants on of these

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