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I’m going to do one blog for the five days we were in Bariloche so I can bring it all up to date, but mainly because we did feck all. We were fairly lazy for our 5 days but sometimes you need a rest from seeing things. You can get ‘seeing things overdose’ very easily. We booked in to an Irish-Argentinean owned hostel called Pudu. Here we were to stay in quite simply the best hostel so far. We had travelled with Pat and Katie from El Bolson and they were staying at the same place as well. At the hostel we met up again with Karen who had been at the hostel in El Bolson. We went out for dinner that evening and had pizza and pasta. Nothing special but certainly filling. We decided afterwards ... read more
Skimming Stones

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 16th 2009

Myself and Pat hit the road at half nine in search of the Salmon of knowledge. Little did we know is that our knowledge wouldn’t catch us a thing. We had an adventure to say the least. We arrived at the lake and set out in search of the point where the shop said to fish. The guy said we would need to cross a river the would be barely knee deep. Bu****it. We arrived at the point to find it was a little bit deeper than he had said. Pat was undeterred by this and put on his shorts and started to wade through the river. I didn’t have any shorts with me. He was half way through and I knew we needed to get to the other side and this was the only way. ... read more
Fishing 023
Fishing 025
Fishing 026

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 15th 2009

We have stayed in the coolest hostel so far, here in El Bolson. It is called El Pueblito, which means little village. That is the feeling the owners wanted to get in there hostel and they have pretty much succeeded. It is a wooden house near a river and away from the road. Our room is a little garden shed out the back of the house and surrounded all sorts of fruit trees. They also make there own beer (very good), jams and cheese’s. It’s basically a hippie commune for travellers. You get to know everyone who stays here and the wooden barn as a bar out the back is as cool as it gets. You could stay here for a long time and never want to leave. Unfortunately that’s not possible for us. First though ... read more
El Pluebito 002
The new face of Piltri!

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 12th 2009

Our legs are sore. Very sore. We have just completed a trek about 30km’s long, that went up and down the whole time. Our walking for the next while is over. In El Chalten we have walked a combined total of 140km’s over three days. Throw in a few mountains peaks and rather large hills and what you end up with is pain and exhaustion. We are not seasoned trekkers or by any means fit so what we’ve completed is an achievement. Michelle said she is rather sick of achievements and would like to be un-ambitious for the next few days. I agree. We had been promised good weather for the day and by god did it turn out that way. Blue skies and barely a cloud to be seen. It was cold out but when ... read more
Las Tres
Las Tres
Las Tres

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 12th 2009

The weather wasn’t great today to try and do the big trek we had intended on doing. Instead we had a sleep in and late breakfast. We did a few bits on the really slow internet and pottered about the hostel for awhile. The weather had cleared up so we decided to do a small trek (about 10km’s) called Los Condores and Las Aguias. We didn’t need to bring anything with us as we were only going for 3 hrs. The treks we had intended on doing are only about 6 km’s return but or walk to and back from the trek is 4km return. We made it to the start of the trail and had to climb 100 metres above sea level. Not so bad if it’s gradual but it was steep enough. We made ... read more
Los Condores Trek 016
Los Condores Trek 018
Los Condores Trek 025

South America » Argentina April 12th 2009

Some of you might have seen that I hadn't shaved for a a week or two. The time finally came to shave it off but now i need you to decide which one I should keep. My appearance is in your hands!... read more
Styled Darren
Bouncer Darren
Biker Darren

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 12th 2009

After we arrived yesterday we sat down and decided what treks we would do. There were two long treks recommended. One of the was called Laguna Torre and we decided to do that one first. We slept most of Friday afternoon as the few drinks, early rise and bus journey had taken its toll. We went to the supermarket and got a few bits and pieces for ourselves. Fried rice with vegetables was on the menu and always a great filler when hungry. We haven’t eaten out now in over nearly two weeks and find cooking for ourselves much better. You can have what you want for dinner and it’s probably much healthier. Also, you can meet lots of people in the kitchen that you can’t meet in the restaurant. While we ate last night they ... read more
Laguna Torre
Laguna Torre
Laguna Torre

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate April 2nd 2009

We arrived at our hostel in El Calafate at around 1am on Tuesday night. Our hostel, called I Keu Ken, was a small taxi journey from the bus station. As we had just had a long journey we went straight to bed. We had no plans for the next day and decided to use it as a day to catch up on stuff like laundry. We hung around the hostel and only ventured outside to the supermarket to buy some food for the next few days. We had decided to do a tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier the next day which was to cost about 220 pesos each, about €100. There were other treks as well and one of particular interest was the trek actually on the glacier. This would have cost €125 each and ... read more
View from our room
Indoor bbq in action
Indoor bbq in action

What a day of walking! We started out a little bit later than expected after a sleep in until 8:15am. When we woke the weather was a lot better than the previous day and the ground was covered in a small layer of snow. The mountains were covered as well so it provided a very picturesque start to the day. A enough ham and cheese rolls were made to feed a family but today we spiced it up a bit by adding lettuce to the rolls. Some fruit and yogurt was added to the bag and we were prepared for a long hard days trekking. We got the bus to the national park at a cost of 50 pesos each, that’s nearly €25 for the return trip. The journey was only 12km’s so it was extremely ... read more
View from our window
Entrance to park

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 29th 2009

Darren and Michelle did nothing today because, well, we could.Only joking, it's been stormy today and unsuitable for trekking. We ate some home cooked dinner and drank some good Argie wine. Weather permitting we will walk a good 15-20kms tomorrow. In a bit. DH... read more

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