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April 25th 2009
Published: April 27th 2009
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Our 16hr bus journey was as easy as ever and we have now become full accustomed to long journeys. When we arrived in Salta we had no address for our hostel and couldn’t find an internet café to look it up. A sound guy trying to sell us another hostel gave us the address. Soon we were in a taxi and on our way to Las Rejas. We had decided on dorms because of the cheap price of €7 each a night and it was the top rated hostel on the net. We were shown to our room and even though we were in a dorm our two beds were in a separate room beside it but with no door between the two. I am missing $250 that I brought with me. I had divided $1000 in to 4 stash’s and I cannot find the 4th one. I don’t think it was stolen or lost but I cannot remember where I hid it! It is there somewhere but I’m getting suspicious of Michelle. Every now and again she has some new clothing but says that she has always had it and I just don’t remember! Only joking about that bit, but it is bugging me. Any suggestions?

Paul a guy we had stayed with from previous hostels was staying at the same place. That night after dinner we went out to some of the bars. We sat outside a bar for a while and had a litre bottle of Budweiser for only €2.50. Sure where would ya be goin’. After that we decided we would check out one more bar. There was music coming from one bar so we said we check it out. At the door we were asked where we were from and we received a warm welcome and asked did we want to get our own drinks at the bar or table service. We went straight for the bar. The music inside was kind of a mix between tango and samba (if that even exists!). Everyone was up dancing and seemed to be having a ball. One thing is for sure is that they can dance. The band were excellent to listen to but watching some of the dance was just as good. There was on couple in particular who were unbelievable for different reasons. They were both ‘well built’. The guy was a close looking to John Hayes as you’ll get. To watch them dance though was amazing. People around, were all watching them. I’ve never seen people as big move in such a synchronised fashion in all my life. They were as good as the band. In between each song the band would continue to play and they singer and crowd would sing Ariba, Ariba and clap there hands to the rhythm before the band would break into there next song. This only got people more excited and more and more would join in. Men in there sixties would get up out of there seats and move there hips and wave there arms like they were sixteen. We really enjoyed the hour or so there and secretly wished we got up and joined them all. I think if there was a few more of us we would have definitely joined in, but I don’t know if our moves would have been as good!

The next day we ventured around Salta. First up was a museum about the Incas that contained mummified bodies of children that were sacrificed by the Incas to their gods. Children were picked on beauty and stature within the community. It really didn’t pay to be a pretty nine year old girl with a well to do family. How things have changed! Two bodies were on display of young girls that were found preserved in the mountains. It was very eerie to look into the glass case at a young girls body. Michelle was spooked by the whole thing and still is! It was raining that day and it helped dispel any feelings of homesickness! We were hungry and new about a big American style mall that was on the outskirts of the town. What do all big shopping centres have? McDonalds. We knew if we went there we would find the ‘golden arches’ and we were right. Before we even saw the shopping centre we could see the famous logo from a distance. After our feed we walked around the shopping centre but did more window shopping than anything. When we were finished there we walked to the other side of town to find a art museum that had been well recommended. Unfortunately it was closed so we went to the bus station at the other end of town to get our tickets for San Pedro de Atacama. There was lift to the top of Cerro Bernardo nearby so we went there next. The clouds had broken but there were still some dark ones around. We pondered on waiting until the next to so that we might get better views but decided we should go up in case the weather was worse tomorrow, which incidentally it was. The mountain was a bit underwhelming and I’m just wondering do we have mountain overdose at this stage. After that we strolled through the park. As we passed a stall Michelle asked what candy floss was like. She said she cant remember ever having it so I parted with 3peso and got her a nice big pink one! We walked back to our hostel and relaxed a while in the room. We had heard of a great steak house that locals rave about called Viejo Jacks. When we got there it was early and no-one was in there bar two fellas. We sat down and got our menus. While we were deciding what to get the waiter suggested Picada. He said the steaks were 500g each and the best in the house. We debated it for a while, Michelle unsure if she would be able to finish one. She did mention sharing one but that was quickly put to bed! We didn’t know what cut the Picada was either. I tried asking the waiter with sign language to no avail. Eventually I said ‘donde’ (where) and he grabs his arse. Question answered. The meat of choice in Argentina is Rump Steak. We ordered two and a side portion of mash potato as you get no veg or anything with the meat. We had been over one month in Argentina and although we had some great steaks, they were great because of the size. Before we left Ireland both myself and Michelle had a t-bone in Paddy Burkes in Clarinbridge. Here in the land of steak we had yet to find one to match that. Finally we had. It was cooked perfectly and as nice as you’d get. Of course we had a nice bottle of red to go with it and some desert then after. As our final meal out in Argentina it was probably our best.

The next day we did nothing other than catch up with friends and family on the internet. We bought a bottle of red wine in the supermarket which was a little dearer than normal. We paid 28peso (€5) for a bottle of Trapiche Malbec ‘Collecion Roble’ 2006. It was matured for 12 months in French oak casks and if you can get your hands on it at home it was the best bottle we had. It had no acidity at all and was as smooth as we have had. I made a risotto for dinner and our last meal in Argentina was perfect. We sat and talked about our top 3’s of Argentina. Top 3 wines, meals, sights, activities, cities and many more. I’m going to try and blog then down the line at some stage and both of us have a difference of opinion on most things. Earlier that evening we walked through a nearby market and Michelle got a beautiful hand made jumper that I’m sure you would pay a fortune at home for. She got it for a little over €10 and it looks brilliant. I got myself a pair of knee high woolly socks that have little designs on them! (See Pics) I also tasted a few of the deserts from the stalls which were half nothing and tasted excellent.

The next morning we had to be up at 5:30 to catch our bus to San Pedro, Chile. Argentina has been absolutely amazing. It has everything. Cities, Mountains, Snow, Sun, Whales, Penguins, Wine, Steak, Waterfalls, Lakes and much much more. We have spent over a month here and if any other countries can top it we have some even more exciting times to come. For now we say, Ciao Argentina and the amazingly friendly people who have made this country an incredible place to visit.

In a bit. DH

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28th April 2009

nice legs daz........ :)
....luks like ye guys enjoyed argentina! be careful of that deadly flu thats goin round over there!!! xoxox
28th April 2009

it's closer to ireland than it is here!

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