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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 6th 2020

Salta by Jo, da, bussen startet opp presis kl 8.50 og vi var riktig fornøyde. Vi hadde ikke kjørt i mange minuttene før bussen kjørte på en lama. Heldigvis så det ut som den klarte seg bra, for den løp videre. Kvelden før, og i løpet av natten før vi dro, pøsregnet det og store vannmasser feide over vegene i distriktet. Veien til Salta var ikke noe unntak, jord og steiner lå igjen etter at vannmassene hadde fosset over veien et utall av steder. Ganske skummelt å se store steiner midt i veibanen, og bussen sneglet seg sakte framover. Bussen foran vår, kjørte seg likså godt fast i jordmassene. Det kom etter hvert en hjullaster og måkte ny veg gjennom søla. Turen skulle tatt tre timer, men tok over fem. Etter anbefaling av et norsk par ... read more
En hjullaster måtte til for å rydde ny vei forbi havaristen

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 27th 2018

Argentina! The last country to visit on our trip and the realisation that soon we will have to merge back in to normal life! (I know what you're thinking!) Our entry in to northern Argentina became a bit pricey when we should have done changed our leftover Bolivian money in before crossing the border and we lost a fair bit money when paying for our bus tickets with Bolivian money and exchanging the rest with some old lady selling sweets. Oh well, lesson learnt! Our transition from Tupiza to Salta was smooth although it took all day. We had a huge thunderstorm on the way which was also the first rain we had since northern Colombia, basically two months with no rain! The first impression of Salta/Argentina was that there is a lot more of ... read more
Garganta del Diablo
Winery Cafayate
Landscape To Cachi

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta June 18th 2017

Suzanne here... I was slightly dubious about spending18 hours on a bus, but it was by far the cheapest way to get up to Salta. In fact it wasn't too bad. As we moved north the scenery changed to plains and mountains, looking much more like the Argentina of my imagination. We did pass a double-decker bus by the side of the road which I can only described as decapitated. The prospect of an overnight bus didn't thrill me after that. But it was fine. Even if it did take 20 hours in the end. We finally arrived at Salta. Our first job was to book onward tickets to Chile. Unfortunately due to a storm the mountain pass was closed and they could not confirm whether or not the bus we wanted would be running. This ... read more
Iridescent clouds above Salta
So many horses, glad we weren't cleaning afterwards
Another town, another cable car ride

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta October 16th 2016

Leaving San Pedro de Atacama we made our way up the 34km hill to the border of Bolivia, with temperatures hovering around the 2 degree mark until we reached the Argentina border with no problems and the day warmed up to the low 30's as we made our way to Purmamaca for the night. The altitude had knocked Nikki around a bit, so she didn't join us for dinner, as she opted for an early night, her husband, Radar, kindly took her some leftovers to snack on during the night. It was such a great ride over the Paso Jama with views and riding to die for, we made numerous stops to rest our butts and to enjoy what nature had thrown at us. We stopped on the Salar (salt lake) to take some fun photos, ... read more
The Altoplano
Radar looking cool.
Another rest stop in no mans land

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 30th 2016

Monday, 12thSept. thru Wednesday, Sept 28. Hola from Argentina, where the food is good, the wine is better and the people are helpful and friendly. We have had a lot of fun with random persons met over the past two weeks. Waiters, waitresses and taxi drivers have been especially helpful as we fumble along with our our limited Spanish. We are always smiling and laughing and this just attracts like minded people. Observations worth mentioning, Graffiti is rife, we have always felt safe in BA, also most Argentinian girls are tiny and wear ridiculous 5" platform shoes to compensate for their lack of height. Our last two days days in BA before the long trek North; the decision is made to hang around the apartment, relax and leave only for lunch and tango lessons. Outside it ... read more
The orchestra at milonga Matilde3
Our favorite barmaid and waitress, Flor
Malcolm and I with our incredibly patient Tango teachers, Lucia and Gerry

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta July 14th 2016

I just used Salta as a hub for visiting Tilcara to the north, Cafayate to the south, and Cachi to the west. The city is comfortable and pretty and genuine, with countless food stalls near the long park by the bus station. There's a teleférico that goes up a big hill for nice views and a parallel trail that's a 40 minute stair hike. To make up for the unavoidably expensive taxi in Iguazu, I walked to and from the airport in Salta. There was a bike trail along the road most of the way and it took about 2 1/2 hours. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 29th 2016

Da wir nicht nochmals 19 Std. mit dem Bus fahren wollten, haben wir uns den Luxus eines 1,5stuendigen Fluges nach Salta gegoennt. 1582 gegruendet und nicht wie Mendoza durch Erdbeben zerstoert, zeigt sich die Stadt mit hellen Kolonialbauten und barocken Kirchen. Hier mieteten wir wieder ein Auto um den Nordwesten Argentiniens kennenzulernen. Wir besuchten Orte wie Cafayate, Cachi, Tilcara, Uquia, Humahuaca und Purmamarca. So klangvoll wie die Namen, so spektakulaer ist das, was die Natur zu bieten hat. Ueberzeugt Euch selbst!! Nach diesem Naturschauspiel fliegen wir morgen nach Buenos Aires.............. read more
oder 15?
und noch mehr
auf der Hoehe

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 14th 2016

Bonjour. Me voilà donc Salteño pour une année, l'occasion pour moi de vous en dire un peu plus sur ma nouvelle ville d'adoption. Salta, j'y suis passé la 1ere fois en 2005 lors de mon premier voyage en Argentine, mais je n'y avais fait que passer le temps de changer de bus. Je l'ai donc réellement découverte en 2007 quand j'y suis resté 3 ou 4 jours. J'y suis ensuite repassé en 2009 quand je filais vers la Bolivie, mais encore une fois pour peu de temps, juste une demie journée. Capitale de la province du même nom, Salta est une jolie ville, de style colonial (même si cela a tendance à disparaître), située à 1300m d'altitude et on la surnomme d'ailleurs Salta la Linda (Salta la Belle) mais ce sont surtout ses alentours qui sont ... read more
Carte des principaux sites touristiques autour de Salta
Vue de Salta depuis le téléphérique
Cathédrale et Plaza 9 de Julio - Salta

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 6th 2016

R: So, while Cate gets to tell you about our day on the ranch (see previous post), I get to tell you about the rest of our start to Argentina. We started out, as previously mentioned, with a bus ticket we didn't know would work. Everyone said it wouldn't, remember? It did work. People in San Pedro de Atacama know nothing. Our 9am departure from San Pedro rolled out at around 10:50am, so we were off to a flying start. For some reason, the online booking engine gave us a row which did not exist in "semi-Cama" seating (ie. Basic seats) and had instead given us "Cama" (fully reclining, leather seats) for the same price. Win! The bus company (Frontera del Norte) was better than the previous one (Tur Bus) and provided snacks and tea! The ... read more
Salta Cerveza - on ice
Dome of Basilica San Francisco

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta January 20th 2016

Hola. Je suis de retour en Argentine, à Salta dans le Nord-Ouest, où mon voyage se termine... Lundi je commence à travailler dans une agence de voyages qui s'appelle Tierras Argentinas et qui vend des circuits sur toute l'Argentine et les pays voisins pour une clientèle francophone. Si tout se passe bien je reste là une année!!! C'est donc la fin du voyage, ce qui m'attriste bien évidemment car je m'apprêtais à découvrir la côte ouest du Pérou, l'Equateur, la Colombie dont on m'a dit le plus grand bien et le Panama. Mais je suis aussi content d'avoir trouvé un travail, qui plus est dans la branche qui m'intéresse. C'était un voyage un peu bizarre. J'attendais une carte bancaire qui est arrivée apres mon départ, le vol entre Paris et Londres avait pris du retard et ... read more

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