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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta June 14th 2013

Hello all, For some of you this is the first time you have been fortunate enough to read my words of blog wisdom (in my defence, most of you asked to receive this). Consider yourself luckily, my UK family and friends have been bored by this for years. For those that have travelled south America I expect you will not be reading anything new, but its my adventure so humour me here. Also, as my grandmothers, colleagues and dearest Ma and Pa are reading this you will have to wait for me to get back/ email me to hear about near death experiences involving guns or juicy gossip. No major ones to report yet (all is well Dad, no guns in sight). Will stop talking about guns. So, it was a quick departure from Perth as ... read more
Valpo, Chile
Chile/ Argentina border
Quillemes, Argentina

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta May 7th 2013

Santiago,Mendoza, BA, Iguasu Dazed. Confused. Wide eyed. We time warped our way to South America (gaining a day with the time change) like rabbits in the headlights. Arriving in Santiago Chile we felt out of our depth having not done any research about the next leg of our trip. Desperately hanging onto all the Spanish we knew ('Hola') we realised this was going to be far more challenging than we had anticipated. Luckily we were eased into the experience by some of Charlie's family friends in Santiago having lunch at their mountain club and being shown the sights of the modern, European-esque, high rise, economic capital of Chile. After only a couple of days in Chile we moved on to Argentina and realised that Argentinian travel was right up our street. Although it is more expensive ... read more
Santiago Chile
Dental floss line

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta May 5th 2013

The bus ride from San Pedro to Salta in Argentina was fantastic. We traversed a pass nearly 5,000m above sea level and descended nearly 3,000m down a steep, windy road which offered great views. Salta is the biggest city in northern Argentina and I decided I hadn’t quite eaten enough steaks just yet. I also spent a day on horseback traipsing some typical gaucho country. I wasn't previously a huge fan of horse-riding considering my family owned a pony as a kid which I rode maybe 5 times in 12 years, but I was actually pleasantly surprised how much fun I had. The horses make the same trek every day so they know exactly where to go and operate on auto-pilot. If you try to make them do something different to what they normally do they ... read more
Life on the ranch
Picturesque valleys in Jujuy

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 30th 2013

This is our second entry around Salta, but this time we are venturing north for a loop of 500km following first the tracks of the "Train in the clouds", followed by the Grande Salinas, finishing by the amazing scenery of Purmacarca before heading back to Salta. But first, while exploring the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, we stay a total of two nights in Salta. The city is pretty compact, there are two nice churches...on nice little museum with a child mummy sacrified by the actually pretty interesting exhibits, even for Leslie and Tiffany...and that's nearly it for Salta. We also found a great restaurant next door from the Sheraton for some serious milanesas and steak... The area around Salta is basically boring, you need to hit at least 100km out of town to start ... read more
assessing the damages..

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 24th 2013

Ah Salta, you have made up for the bus trip from hell to get here. Leaving Mendoza at 8pm last Friday we were in good spirits after having spent a nice week in Argentina's 4th largest city and wine capital. Soon though, our spirits were dented as not long after a somewhat passable dinner was served, a loud clunking sound started emanating from the back of the bus. It was not a good sound, and was even louder when the bus changed directions between lanes or around corners. The drivers soon took notice and started stopping the bus to check on it every 30 minutes. After a few hours we found ourselves in a very small & dusty truckstop of a town disturbing the local mechanic from his friday night beer drinking (it was midnight by ... read more
View over Salta
Convento San Bernardo
Convento San Bernardo

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 10th 2013

Since we left the UK almost everyday has been filled to the brim with activities, wether it be walking, sightseeing and other touristy things its finally started to catch up on us, were both pretty tired. And if one of my mates was away travelling for 9 months and I'd been at home working my arse off I'd tell them to get lost, but we are genuinely more tired than we had been throughout uni. Coming from the ore inspiring, making you feel tiny, Iguazu falls, we headed for Salta, a smallish city surrounded by the Andean mountains. The quality of the bus ride had deteriorated enormously since the last one; our pre dinner drinks of whiskey had been replaced with nothingness and our gorgeous braised steak, mash and wine has their place taken by a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 9th 2013

Hi all, Tme to catch- up on some long due updates from our trip, I have actually been pick-pocketed a couple of days ago so me and Carmen are stuck in La Paz until i can get my emergency passport done... Other items in my wallet included national ID, driving licence and credit card. It was to be expected that something would happen on such a long trip it just sucks when it happens. Anyway... Our route from San Pedro took us to the beautiful city of Salta in Argentina, based on recommendation from fellow travelers along the way we opted to do the famous Uyuni salt lakes jeep tour from Tupiza in Bolivia, welcoming a less busy road (than the one from San Pedro) and better landscape - the best alternative for Tupiza was to ... read more
Salta streets
Salta - On our way to Iglesia San Francisco
Iglesia San Francisco

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 22nd 2013

We arrived in Salta at around 6.30am after our last, crazily expensive, 18 hour bus journey in Argentina. Wooooooo! After a short taxi ride we got to the hostel and luckily there were some beds free in our dorm so we got to nap for a few more hours. When we got up, we got showered and headed into the main plaza for breakfast where there are lots of little cute plaza-side cafes. We also went to do some exploring of its beautiful colonial architecture and museums - on the way of course I got followed by yet another stray dog. This had become an all to common occurrence for me in Argentina and I'm hoping it won't be continuing in Bolivia. After breakfast we managed to shrug off our stray dog and headed to the ... read more
Colonial building in main plaza
Colonial building in main plaza
Me and Luna

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 17th 2013

We all made it to Salta with a sleep over in Santa Maria. This is how Howard saw it...... Thursday 14th March.Woke with a start at 7-18am as it was so late and we were supposed to be going by 8.00am for the longest ride of the tour of over 530 kms, hard miles too and over the Andes.Down to breakfast then to the bike at 7-50 and off by 8-10. Not bad I reckon.Out on the highway and quite cold. The coldest so far for a start. We were warned, and I had all the liners in.Not too far in on the ride and the mist came down. Very hard to see. This was 40 minutes of hard riding until the sun burnt it off. The hardest riding I reckon because you just couldn´t see ... read more
The wheels still go round...
Leaving Santa Maria

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 8th 2013

08/03- 10/03: Salta: After another long bus journey (using Andesmar bus company from Cordoba to Salta), we arrived in this nice little town full of museums and history. Salta is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Argentina, based largely on its colonial architecture and natural scenery. The main Plaza: Plaza 9 de Julio is home to a lot of restaurants and bars but also main museums. We visited the following: ... read more
Pic from the Art Museum
Pic from the Art Museum

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