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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta November 20th 2015

Hello folks, from Salta, where Fi and I are taking a few days off and enjoying the city. With about 700,000 residents (all of whom seem to be walking or driving on the narrow streets at any given time), Salta is the most Spanish colonial city in Argentina, with beautifully preserved architecture and well-manicured garden plazas. A lot has happened since our last update, including being awoken in the middle of the night by a minor earthquake; an apocalyptic rain and hail storm that dumped over 4 inches of golfball-size hail chunks within 1 hour, turning the streets into rushing rivers; riding through nearly 500 miles of windswept desert (who knew that Argentina had so much desert!); and a bad day resulting in a trip to the emergency room for me. But we've also experienced some ... read more
Setting up camp
Streets turned to rivers
Bike encrusted in hail

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta August 5th 2015

Distance driven today: 317 miles / 510 km Cumulative distance driven: 12,928 miles / 20,806 km Today’s trip: Tarija, Bolivia to Salta, Argentina International border crossings: 1 After 3 hours of rather easy riding, we finally reached the border to Argentina today. During our enjoyable morning ride from Tarija in Bolivia we steadily descended, and before we knew it we had left the last parts of the South American Altiplano that we have been riding on ever since southern Peru behind us. By the time we reached the border we were practically at sea level altitude, with the temperature having risen to a very comfortable level and the tropical vegetation, which we hadn’t seen since Ecuador, reappearing on the roadside. It felt really good after our challenging Altiplano adventures. At the border we were initially confused. ... read more
Bikers at the Bolivian border
Welcome to Argentina
Argentina overlayed on the US

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta July 6th 2015

Hello Everyone, I woke up cold so climbed down and got in with Neil to warm me up, He headed off to the main room to get internet whilst I had a shower once we got out of bed. We had a chilled day at Loki hostel; got a nice breakfast, wrote blogs, ate good food for lunch, drank beer, sent out couch surfing requests, up loaded photos and did our washing, well put it to be done. We have a place sorted for Santiago with couch surfing (it’s expensive in the city so we are now staying this a young couple and their little boy for 4 nights for free). Currently typing out requests for Buenos Aires, Rio, NYC and possibly Sao Paulo. Love Couch Surf!! We watched the film “Taken 3” in the room ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta July 5th 2015

Hello Everyone, We checked out of Talar Hostel in San Pedro at 9am, and then walked the short distance to the bus station where we had booked our 10.5-hour bus journey to Salta from San Pedro Atacama to Salta (20,000 Chilean /£21 each). We were told that the bus may not run today due to the icy winter weather on top of the Andes, but thankfully all was running on time. We chose the best seats when we booked-up at the front so we could stretch our legs out over the rail. They were also semi-reclining seats again and the bus included a cheese and ham roll for lunch and a biscuit and cup of tea in the afternoon! It took about 3 hours to the Chile-Argentina boarder crossing. This was very straightforward; queue up in ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 28th 2015

The weather was bad in Salta and my flight had been delayed by one hour. Planes weren’t able to land in the airport and my plane was one of the many circling around in the air waiting for the storm to clear to be able to land. There was no mention of this in the airport. On the screens it read ‘ask the flight team’ but by word of mouth I got to hear why the flight had been delayed. I was furious and feeling ready to stage a revolution against ‘poor air services’ there and then , especially after my recent experiences. I’d paid a small fortune for this flight as I had done for my last flight. The least I expect when a flight is delayed by so long is a clear explanation and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

PART ONE I soon became high on oxygen after suddenly hitting the lowlands after spending two weeks at high altitude. I felt as fit as a fiddle, and had plenty of energy from early morning to night even though it was hot here, and I was thirsty. I thought that I would head straight to the museums where there was least danger - unless a dinosaur fell on me or a mummy came alive and wrapped me up in it s bandages like mummies do to the cartoon character Scooby Doo when the team go to creepy museums. I reassured myself that this was a cartoon and was unlikely to happen to me, I felt today would be much luckier than yesterday. I had only been to one museum in Bolivia so now I had an ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

PART TWO EARLY TRIBES 1480 was the start of the Inca domination in North West Argentina. Afterwards, there came the Spanish conquest which was when religious art started in Salta and the people were ruled by a ‘cabildo’ and his representatives. The Spanish brought in a monetary system in order to measure wealth and saw the start of coins in Salta. The first coins had been made in Asia Minor and Greece in VII AC. Once the Spanish left Salta the design of the coins changed. (after or before the rule of Roman Empire - who started it? SALTA The city of Salta was founded in 1582. I learned quite a lot about how it was formed. At this time estancias (ranches attached to a church) were created and the population made use of the land ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

DOGS UPHOLDING THE LAW Today I was passing a shop on my way to the main plaza where I noticed people were standing around. One stray dog barked alerting all the other stray dogs from the neighbourhood to tell them that there was trouble. These stray dogs are clever, not only can they cross roads alone but they can become faithful companions to humans, and sense abnormalities. For example, if there are a group of tourists with a guide, the dog attaches itself to the group (especially if they’ve been stroked or fed by the group), and if somebody merges into the group who shouldn’t be there, the dog begins to bark and alerts other dogs in the neighbourhood. I followed these particular dogs to find a policeman with a bloody nose after being punched, and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

MUSEUM 2 was dedicated to showing ancient children (their bodies still frozen and preserved.) The Incas believed mountains were gods or ‘apus’ who protected nearby communities and therefore they built structures on mountains for rituals (many of which were built in Salta.) The children had been dead but preserved in freezing temperatures after having had rituals performed on their bodies and having been sacrificed to the Gods. One of the ‘sacred’ mountains where children were found on was Mount Llullaillaco. Archaeological digs and expeditons are being carried out all the time and more and more objects from the Incas are still being discovered.We got to see many recent expeditions on video tapes. MOUNT LLULLAILLACO Mount Llullaillaco is an inactive volcano located between Chile and Argentina. It is 6.739 metres high and used to mark the border ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 30th 2014

North Western Argentina sits in the corner where Chile meets Bolivia. It is a small corner of a big country. Heading South through Bolivia, we met many travelers who extolled the beauty of this part of the world, so we decided to add it to our itinerary as we were in the area. We crossed the border into Argentina at La Quiaca and some differences from Bolivia were immediately apparent. Gone were the bowler hatted ladies with their wide skirts, shawls and bundles (or babies) on their backs. Argentine women dress stylishly, with hairstyles to match. Generally the Argentines are fairer skinned than their Northern neighbours. This is due to the pattern of immigration that took place over the last two centuries. Much like the USA, Argentina was a new land waiting to be colonised, from ... read more
Tilcara - pucará ruins

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