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Both of us were working for P&O cruises in the Merchant navy. We met 2 years ago and have been a couple since then, and now going travelling for a year together!!!!

North America August 20th 2015

Hello everyone!!! We arrived in JFK New York around 9am; we had to make our way to Flushing Meadows on the tube system where we were staying; it was easy really. We took the JFK loop train to Jamaica Street then changed to the brown line until Jackson Street, here we changed to the 7 line to 111th Street and then it was just a 5 min walk to the Holiday Inn we were staying in. My cousin Paul had really helped us out and sorted us out two free nights here via his reward points. Thanks again Paul!!! The room was amazing, we had a penthouse room and it was huge! It had a King bed, a bath, free coffee machine, TV, and a great view. We stayed in the hotel for a little bit ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro August 19th 2015

Hi friends, Family and Bloggers, Today we had a long day a head of us travelling to JFK via Sao Paulo. It wasn’t a massive rush in the morning, so we packed up our things, Neil made us scrambled eggs for breakfast, and we eventually checked out around 11.30am. We headed to the bus station where we caught the 2018 bus to the international airport. I went with Jess and James two days ago when they left to make sure we got the correct station and to see how much cash we would need to keep aside for it. It was therefore easy for catching the bus and getting to the airport. We arrived 2 hours before our flight and checked in. The airport is tiny-so we couldn’t get our expensive tester creams and perfume fix. ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo August 18th 2015

Hey People, The priority today was finding a quiet place in the busy hostel for my phone interview with Carnival UK. After a disturbed sleep in our 9-bed dorm by the noisiest snorer I’ve ever had to endure, it wasn’t the best start. I prepared a few notes in the morning before I set the laptop up in the common room in preparation for the phone call. It seemed to be louder than usual in the common room today, which is just my luck, so Neil asked the reception if there was a spare room available to sit in that could still pick up the Internet connection. There was so; I moved the laptop into the room 10 minutes into the call. Anyway after an hour of trying to find every slither of sales experience I ... read more

South America » Brazil August 16th 2015

Good morning - Afternoon - Night everyone! The next two days were particularly relaxing for us and not worth 2 separate blog entries. We were asked by the English couple if we wanted to walk around the National Park and see the waterfalls there, but we really couldn’t be bothered, plus once you’ve seen Iguazu falls, there aren’t many more that really compare. James and Jess came back around 1pm, and said they never made it to the NP as they couldn’t work out which bus went there after the metro. Just as well we didn’t go I guess!! We all decided to go to the San Teresa Sunday markets about 2pm, as apparently they didn’t close up until 18.30. So we caught the metro over there, then walked up the famous Escadaria Selaron steps, carrying ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Lapa August 15th 2015

Bonjour People, We feel we have seen the main attractions in Rio now, so we are generally just chilling for the next 5 days before we start on the next big trip around the USA. So today we had another relaxing morning at the hostel. I started putting some notes together for my interview, we casually looked at houses for sale in Southampton, Neil’s been in contact with people from work too and we watched a few Grimm episodes throughout the morning too. We had that amazing salad for lunch again too. About 3pm we decided to walk to the Copacabana shopping streets but we got a bit lost because there are huge hills dotted over the city, which limits your access around streets. So whilst trying to walk around this one hill we ended up ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro August 14th 2015

Oi, Today we thought we’d have a relaxing day at the Impanema Beach. So Neil and I caught the metro there, which is a 5 minute walk from the hostel, then a 10 minute journey, then another 10 minute walk to the beach. It’s a bit of a mission but it’s a better beach that the one by our hostel and better than Copacabana beach. Though saying that, we would consider ourselves beach snobs now, and the beaches around Rio really don’t compare many we have been too! The water is to rough and dirty to enter, and the sand has that dirty-sticky feel to it, but we stayed for a few hours sunbathing and then headed back to the hostel via the super market to pick up the cheap ingredients for an avocado, blue cheese ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro August 13th 2015

Hi All, Today we went on a full day tour to Sugar Loaf Mountain, Maracana Stadium, Christ the Redeemer, Sambadrome (Rio Carnival strip), Saô Sebastião Cathedral, beach tour, and a buffet lunch. We booked up through the hostel for approx. £40, we thought it would have come close to this cost if we were to have done each attraction by ourselves, and it was stress free and we had an English tour guide. Our first stop was Sugar Loaf Mountain, which is a peak that lies at the mouth of Guanabara Bay and rises 396m/1299ft above the harbor. The tour included the two cable cars that took us up for panoramic views of the city. People can opt to just do the first cable car, if you go by your self, but the views are much ... read more

South America » Brazil August 12th 2015

Hi Friends, Family and Fellow Bloggers, So our plan today was to head to Lapa to see the Escadaria Selarón steps, Municipal Theatre, History museum and general area. We took the Metro to Cinlandia from Botafogo, and headed to the theater first, it’s an old building and the architecture is very nice, it was closed so we couldn’t go inside. We then headed to the history museum, this was a 15 min walk, it looked good but we had very little cash on us and they wouldn’t take cards so we missed out, but we have been to a million museums now!!! We walked back up into Lapa and after wondering around and walking the longest way round (my directions), we finally arrived at the Escadaria Selarón steps. They are really cool with so many tiles; ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro August 11th 2015

Hi Followers, So our first day in Rio, we started by looking at all the tours available, and whether it would be cheaper to do them on our own or on a tour. We worked out there was not much in it and the tour would explain everything and have the added history so we decided on the full day tour including Sugar loaf and Chris the redeemer with a few other things included. We booked it for a few days time. We walked to Botafogo beach today, which was a 5min walk, it was nice but the water was dirty as the yacht club was there so they had emptied out the bilges and all the engine oil so we decided to walk to Copacabana. We walked through the traffic tunnels to get to Copacabana ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro August 10th 2015

Hello All, So today we had an 1100 o’clock bus to Rio booked up online. In the morning we updated our phones, had our free breakfast, made chicken and cheese toasties to take with us for lunch then checked out. The couple we did the walking tour with were heading to Rio as well so we all walked to the Metro station then got the Metro to the bus station. It was only 8 stops on the metro so we got there about 1000, this turned out to be a good thing because when we checked our E-tickets it never said which company to go to, to get the tickets. After asking every company in English and bad Spanish we finally got our tickets and made the bus at 1100. It was 6 hours to Rio ... read more

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