For most travelers, Nevada means only one place: Las Vegas. A glittering surreal world of gambling and entertainment on a grand scale, the city is unlike any other on earth. The rest of the state holds delights for those who seek them out: stark empty deserts, pioneer history, ghost towns, and even UFO conspiracies.

Highlights from Nevada
  • Las Vegas A city of entertainment on a grand scale, with giant casinos, excellent shows, luxury shopping, endless gambling, and anything else a traveler could want
  • Carson City Nevada's capitol, with extensive historic sites on the silver rush that settled the state practically overnight
  • Hoover Dam Gigantic dam on the Colorado River near Las Vegas that changed the history of the southwest
  • Great Basin National Park Remote national park preserving stark high-desert landscapes
  • Reno Nevada's other major set of casinos, where most activity revolves around gambling, plus a few good museums.
  • Burning Man Festival celebrating self-expression, self-reliance, and community, where people build the third largest city in Nevada in the middle of an inhospitable desert for a week. Held the week leading up to Labor Day in late August.
Hints and Tips for Nevada
  • Nevada is generally boiling hot in summer and hot in spring and fall.
  • A private vehicle is required to reach all parts of the state outside Las Vegas and Reno.
  • Las Vegas features hostels, which must be booked far in advance. Most descent sized towns have budget hotels of varying quality.
  • In Las Vegas, lodging demand varies so widely that one week may require reservations months in advance while the next may not need them at all. Rates can easily triple during busy periods, so keep a flexible schedule if possible. All casinos also add a premium of at least 20% on weekends
  • When driving in the desert, carry at least two gallons of water per person, and fill the tank when it drops below half full.
  • Burning Man requires significant preparation to attend safely. The festival website has the basics.

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