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North America » United States » Nevada » Lake Mead September 4th 2019

Today Terry and I had to attend a sales presentation in the afternoon so we needed to find something to do that was near enough that we could be back by 1:30. We decided to go to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The Hoover Dam sits on Colorado River on the border of Nevada and Arizona. It was built between 1931 and 1936 and was originally called the Bolder Dam but was changed to the Hoover Dam in 1947. It is a major tourist attraction with nearly a million visitors each year. The Hoover Dam supplies electricity for Los Angeles and several surrounding states. It also supplies water for over 18 million people. The Lake Meade Reservoir is the largest of its kind in the United States when it is full. . Several movies have ... read more
Towers Carrying power generated by Hoover Dam
Plaque at Lake Mead
First view of Lake Mead

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 4th 2019

The grandkids love the Peppermill in Reno. They love the Tower rooms, the café, the buffet, and the pools. When we are going thru Reno at the beginning of a trip, they all clamor to stay one night there. This was no exception. We pulled into the Peppermill parking lot, as we have many times before and found a place to park our RV and truck. We all got out of the truck and were going to pack up an overnight bag quickly and hopefully check in early so that kids could start swimming. As we were walking to the RV security came over and told us we could not park there, or in any of their lots. We were thrown off guard, we’d always parked in their lot, and besides, we were parked next to ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 9th 2019

I know the overly used saying, 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', but I had such a blast in Las Vegasthat I just had to share it with all my readers. So, I visited Vegas on a weekend and had just two days to experience the world's largest casino cultured city. My itinerary was jam-packed with things I have wanted to do always in Vegas. I was traveling solo as I knew the city was safe to travel and I had done a thorough study of places to go and the ones to avoid. I was on a budget trip, so I had to pre-plan my finances so that I do not miss any fun. A friend of mine who had visited Vegas a year before suggested that the cheapest way to do a nice ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 14th 2019

Heute habe ich zunächst wieder gefrühstückt, wobei die Auswahl in diesem Hotel nicht so schön ist, wie in anderen. Es wurde auch mit Wegwerf-Geschirr serviert. Danach ging ich zur nahegelegenen Station der Monorail und bin zum Las Vegas Strip, also der Hauptstraße der Casinos gefahren. Dort bin ich ausgestiegen und entlang gelaufen. Es war da schon recht heiß, aber man konnte es noch aushalten. Irgendwie muss ich nichtsahnend am City Center Gebäude vorbei gegangen sein, aber die anderen waren auch beeindruckend. In einem Casino war ich im Eingangsbereich. Es ist ja jetzt nichts, was mich besonders interessiert. Danach bin ich mit der Monorail wieder zurück zum Hotel gefahren und habe so dies und das gemacht. Erst am Nachmittag bin ich ins gleiche Einkaufszentrum, wie gestern, und habe mal wieder mexikanisch gegessen. Dann wollte ich doch noch ... read more
The Las Vegas Strip.
Im National Atomic Testing Museum.
Im National Atomic Testing Museum.

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 13th 2019

Heute habe ich wieder ordentlich gefrühstückt und bin danach gleich ins Auto, um nach Las Vegas zu fahren. Dabei habe ich an einer Kreuzung ohne Verkehr leider ein Stoppschild ignoriert. Eine Polizeistreife hat dann gleich mal das Blaulicht eingeschalten und mich darauf hingewiesen. Aber zum Glück habe ich keine Strafe bekommen. Ich bin dann also auf dem Weg nach Las Vegas am Hoover Damm vorbei gekommen und habe ein paar Stopps eingelegt. Einmal um den Stausee zu sehen, einmal um von der Autobahnbrücke den Damm zu sehen und dann bin ich noch über den Damm selber gefahren und habe ihn von der Wasserseite fotografiert. Aber eine Tour durch das Bauwerk - organisiert vom Besucherzentrum - zu machen, hatte ich jetzt keine Lust. Ich hatte vielmehr in Las Vegas nach 2 Tagen fast ohne Internet einige Dinge ... read more
Am Hoover Damm.
Am Hoover Damm.
Am Hoover Damm.

North America » United States » Nevada » Jackpot June 8th 2019

Well we are finally on the road. Our first night was in Jackpot. We drove a little over 400 miles mostly on two lane roads with very little traffic. My kind of traveling. The only incident was a 1/2 hour delay between Wells and Jackpot while they cleared the road after a semi went flying off the road. Not sure what happened just a lot of skid marks and the semi laying on its side. Could have been the strong winds we were fighting all day. Anyway we are here safe and sound at the Cactus Pete Casino RV park next to the local airport with no air traffic. Steve and Marianne, also known as the kids, stayed in the casino hotel and us tucked away in our little home away from home. The temperature is ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 20th 2019

Weather: sunny and 88 and gorgeous States: Nevada Cities: New York New York Miles: 0 miles Hours: 24/7 Sites: Fremont Street, The Strip, Shark Reef Restaurant: Public Us, Excalibur, Mercato Della Pescheria Hotel/Home: Fairfield Movies: Audible: Rested and ready to...Vegas Baby. At least a kid friendly version. We met up with Stone (Paul’s brother) for breakfast. He took us to Public Us restaurant. It was sooo good. Stone always has good restaurants. It was a cool little local restaurant with yummy food. I had the best homemade gluten free bread with an avocado spread, tomatoes and smoked salmon. The boys got some beautiful french toast and waffles. Elizabeth got some kind of breakfast burrito. Paul got a lovely oatmeal with fruit and nuts. He loves his oatmeal. Stone got some delicious looking egg skillet. It was ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 19th 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and 90s and gorgeous States: California, Nevada Cities: LA (Burbank), Las Vegas Miles: 269 miles Hours: 4 hrs 22 min Sites: Hollywood sign Restaurant: Other Mama Hotel/Home: Fairfield Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly Our alarm went off at 6:45. I wanted to forget the alarm and go back to sleep but not as much as i wanted to go on the hike. Our plan was to eat a meatless breakfast for Good Friday and hike to the Hollywood sign. I researched how and where to access the trailhead for the hike but I was nervous that it wouldn’t be that easy. It actually was easy.We arrived around 8:30 AM. Blue skies and 60s increasing by the minute which is why we started early. We parked and started up the dirt ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno April 14th 2019

Instagram: @vangogh50states Weather: Sunny and 60s States: Utah and Nevada Miles: 519 Hours: 6 hrs and 56 min Capitals: Restaurant: The Olive Garden Hotel/Home: Residence Inn Reno Sparks Movies: Devil Wears Prada Audible: Escape From Alcatraz We opened the shades this morning to a panorama of beautiful snowcapped mountains surrounding Salt Lake City. We did not appreciate this beauty last night as we came in at dark unaware of them except for the declining switchback roads leading us into the city. The guide rails keep you from running into the mountain sides or off of their steep cliffs. Night makes this a little less unnerving to drive. We woke up, had breakfast and hit the road to Reno, Nevada. Our first plan was to drive through Yosemite on the way to San Francisco but the west ... read more
Salt flat

North America » United States » Nevada March 18th 2019

When people think of Las Vegas , the night scene comes to mind due to the exciting and vibrant casino life. This easily conjures up images of dinner reservations before one hits the Strip to spin the slots. But chances are you will become hungry way before dinner time, leading to the question: what about lunch? Luckily, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint, and there’s plenty of options, whether you looking for burgers, pizza, Thai, ramen or a good barbeque. Here are the 10 best places to grab lunch in Las Vegas. 1. Burger Bar When people think of lunch, burgers quickly come to mind, but that doesn’t always mean that McDonald’s or Burger King are the best choices – although they instantly come to mind. Enter Burger Bar, an upscale joint that promises the ultimate... read more

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