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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta July 8th 2012

My bus arrives in Tupiza, Bolivia at 3:15am, possibly the worst time to arrive in a new town as it is neither day nor night, almost too late to seek a bed and definitely too early to wait it out in a cafe. It completely defeats the purpose of taking a night bus. Reluctantly (I thought briefly about hanging out on the curb until something opened up) I ring the bell of the nearest hostel. The scratchy voice of a man who had obviously been sleeping addresses me in Spanish over the intercom. After a confusing exchange, he comes out and opens the locked gate for me, his shoes only pulled on half way, much like his attitude. Tupiza is a small, dusty little town which would have reminded me of something out of the Wild ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta July 5th 2012

Iguaçu Falls was next on the hit list 16 hours north of BA by bus; the river feeding the falls marks the edge of Argentine territory and the start of Brazil. This waterfall is the longest in the world at over 2km and to be appreciated properly we needed to cross into Brazil to see it from that side which has the best panoramas and the following day from the Argentine side where walkways take you right over the edge and to the base of the biggest and most ferocious falls. The day at the Argentine side was terrible, the rain was relentless and within 15 minutes our fake North Face coats from Saigon were soaked through and we were freezing. I'll let the pictures do the talking as I can’t do the place justice in ... read more
Quebrada De Las Conchas 1
Bodegas Etchard, Cafayate
Quebrada De Las Flechas 3 (Red Peppers)

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta June 24th 2012

So starting where we left off in San Pedro, the bus ride to Salta was another memorable journey. We arrived at the bus at 5:30am ready to go, half hour later we were off. The ride up the hill in the dark was a steady one, the temperature gradually dropping the higher we climbed until the windows were frozen on the inside. About an hour in and the sun was rising giving us our first glimpse of the pass, well at least that was through the small section of window that we had managed to scrape clear with a credit card. The landscape was a beautiful white from all the fresh snow, it made us wonder whether we should of stayed in San Pedro and hired the sandboards and headed out for a bit of off ... read more
Thank you Snow Plough
Crazy Rock Colours
Getting into this bike lark

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta June 4th 2012

We arrived back to Argentina after getting a bus from Asuncion to a place called Resistencia in Argentina before transferring to a bus for Salta. Salta is bar far the prettiest place we have visited in the country and really is a good final destination here. We stepped off the bus and we both knew that it was a nice place. From watching the taxi drivers pushing their cars to save money on petrol, to the friendliness of locals. Ok, we did notice that it was touristy and there were backpackers criss crossing here and there but there are some places that make it a must stop on the backpacker trail and Salta was going to show us why! The city itself is sprawled out but the centre is compact making it easy to negotiate. Similar ... read more
Main Square
Cable Car Trip

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta May 29th 2012

We have finally escaped Mendoza! Tried to leave on friday but the border to Cille was closed due to snow, then o satruday it was the same. So we decided to come up north in Argentina to Salta. We were celebrating finally leaving Mendoza when the bus broke down 20 metres from the bus station! Haha felt like we were being imprisoned there, we changed bus in the end and made it that time. We had 3 final days so kept calling them the last final day. I also put my swimming shorts on the radiator, and they melted in about 5 seconds! so annoying! Had a 22 hour bus ride to Salta, was so long that they had entertainment like bingo, and a 15 year old one a bottle of wine so that was suspect. ... read more
Holy Shit!

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta May 5th 2012

Thursday 26th April - Salta Argentina seemed a nice enough place on first sight, maybe not quite as attractive, affluent and European as we expected but it was certainly a lot more expensive than everywhere else we'd been to in South America. As a result we've decided to try and make a concious effort to be more economical which meant a return to the supermarket and more home made ham and cheese sandwiches. Friday 27th April - Salta One of the benefits of arriving in a more European style country was the potential to indulge in a game of golf which is quite common here. Before we could do this however, we had to secure some coin change in order to ride the local buses which is harder to obtain than you might imagine. It's so ... read more
Argentine Border - They let us in....
On the Links of Salta Polo Club
Cafayate's Vineyards

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 19th 2012

We were surprised as we arrived into Salta. We expected a bigger version of Cafayate. What we saw couldn't have been more different; green hills surrounding a low rise smoggy dirty city. We had held a vision of a super charming province capital and were sadly disappointed. Regardless we had planned on being here a few days and proceeded to walk to our hostel from the bus terminal. Much farther than we expected, 15 blocks later through the heat we arrived sweating. The hostel had a good set up and our ensuite room was clean so we were content. We dropped our stuff off and set out to explore the unappealing city. In the historic center Salta gained some charm with its well maintained colonial buildings and churches. The Cathedral was pretty impressive inside with the ... read more
Interior San Francisco
Range of vegetation

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 22nd 2012

On Tuesday we visited the famous Iguazú waterfalls on the border between Brazil and Argentina. They were absolutely amazing! When we went it was comparatively dry, there was even a small section with no water at all, but it still didn't detract from the general vastness of the whole place. We got up early in the morning to catch the bus to the entrance gate where we were immediately met by hoards of tour groups, mostly very elderly, but this was what we expected to be honest and obviously we were ourselves included in the tourist category so we couldn't complain. We were advised to take the train to the viewing platforms of ´La Garganta del Diablo´ or ´Devil´s throat´ first, so we did. However we soon realsied that the extremely long queue for a train ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 22nd 2012

After trying countless times to upload photos onto this blog, I gave up and started a google blog to put them on. So, to see some photos go to this website: Enjoy. They´re not all there yet but soon will be, although it´ll just be a selection of photos from each place because they take a long time to upload.... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 19th 2012

Hi all, here we are in Salta, the second biggest city in Argentina, we are here for two nights, mostly to recover from a lot of red wine, dust, huge lunches and a heap of fun. The little cars are going just great, except in the high altitude (was that a surprise? -Not). We have done a bit of maintainance here at the hotel, we have checked for loose nuts and bolts, greased king Pins and oiled knife blades. I have secured my battery, Paul has changed a jet into carburettor! to a smaller one, so hopefully he will handle the high altitude an bit more efficiently. Yesterday, we all checked our Spectro oil, before leaving Cafayate, and I stupidly did not lock down the filler cap (we all have to do this once!) so as ... read more
All having fun
A happy stall holder!
Conti Bear

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