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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 5th 2013

"Salta por Siempre" (Salta für immer) so hät mis Hostel gheisse det. En bessere Name chönt mer nämli gar nöd gee, ha mi bim erste Spaziergang dur das hübsche Städtli scho in Mr. Salta verliebt. Nach Buenos Aires wo voll isch vo Huup-Lärm, Hundegaggi verdräckte Strasse, stikigem Abgas, Hektik, Demonstratione…isch mir Salta grad idyllisch vorcho degäge! S Hostel vermissi ezt scho, s isch uu eige und voller Überraschige. Zum Bispiil hätmer immer müse ufpasse bim Zmorge ässe im Garte, das eim nöd e riifi Avocado uf de Chopf flügt, will alles vole Avocado Bäum isch det! Mir isch eini ufem Tisch glandet, wohni den grad verspise han. Mmmh so öpis feins! Es anders mal bini verschrocke, will plötzli irgend es komischs Tierli über mini Füess kroche gnäuerem aneluege hani dänn bemerk, dases sich dadebii ume ... read more
El Anfiteatro

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 1st 2013

This is a 24 hour long bus trip from Iguazu to Salta. The plan was to see a bit of this beautiful country. Upto now all my travels had been by air and I must admit that I had seen very little of this beatiful country. Even the bus trip to the glacier walk was useless in this respect as it was raining all day and the windows were all misted up.The first part of the journey starting at Iguazu at 1000hrs reaching Corrientes at 1900hours. There we have to change buses leaving Corrientes at 2100hrs and reaching Salta next morning 1030hrs. For the first 30 minutes (50km) it was through dense forest. Then the forest partially gave way to planned tree plantations. The country side was still green and lush. Within a couple of hours ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 6th 2013

Journée tranquille à Salta aujourd’hui, à prendre son temps et à essayer de se renseigner pour les prochaines étapes Visite du MAAM, Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña, un petit musée consacré principalement à la découverte de 3 momies d’enfants en 1999 sur le volcan Llullaillaco à plus de 6700m d’altitude. Une histoire fascinante mais une vision encore plus époustouflante des photos de ces momies (et dont une en ‘chair et en os’). Les Incas donnaient en sacrifice des enfants élus et les enterraient dans les hauteurs andines, ce qui fait que le corps congelait tout de suite et était maintenu intact. Rien à voir avec les bandelettes égyptiennes, ça fait froid dans le dos quand même… Pas de photo bien entendu mais pour plus d’info, lien vers site du musée au bas de ce post Le ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 4th 2013

Dernier bus du périple à 2h30, arrivée à Salta à 7h, ENFIN ! J’ai toute la journée devant moi, cool, mais il est un peu tôt quand même, donc je fais une petite sieste à l’auberge. Puis balade dans le centre où je retrouve par hasard dans une boutique des italiens qui étaient avec moi à l’auberge de San Ignacio quelques jours auparavant ! Empenadas typiques dans le marché central puis comme tous les musées sont fermés le lundi, nous partons faire une balade (sportive) dans la cosan Bernardo)lline en face, 1021 marches à grimper pour avoir la vue sur la ville (aussi appelé chemin de croix de San Bernardo !) . En tout cas il fait carrément moins chaud qu’ailleurs et ça fait du bien de se dépenser après toutes ces heures dans le bus ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta December 10th 2012

In the 5 days we spent in the Salta / Jujuy provinces in NW argentina, we took almost 400 pictures and videos. The scenery up there is just mind blowing; we couldn´t stop taking pictures. It will be a while before I get them all uploaded with the sluggish internet around here (in Bolivia now). Needless to say I´m quite a bit behind with pictures and the blog, but it will get done eventually. Anywho... Our bus to Salta was the longest bus ride so far: 18 hours. Another bummer was there is no company that offers a super cama (seat that lays all the way flat) on that stretch. But this time we wised up and took sleeping pills which made the ride much more bearable. The bus left Mendoza at around 8pm, and got ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta December 9th 2012

So if you like wine, steak, beautiful sunshiny weather in December, friendly people and green rolling landscapes then you should come visit Argentina. It is an amazing country - definitely my favourite place in South America so far – and so totally different to anything we’ve seen since this trip began. There are heaps of things about Argentina that excite me but 2 more than the rest stick out, Red wine, normally of the Malbec variety and Steak – rare, both of which I’m planning to become staple parts of my diet over the next couple of months. My Argentina adventure started in Salta, a beautiful green city, massively cosmopolitan, even more so when you compare it to the cities and towns we’d recently spent time in in. Arriving late afternoon as the sun was still ... read more
Steak, Steak, Steak
Christmas in Salta
Salta from up high

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta October 12th 2012

Salta is by far the most colonial city we have visited on this trip. Whereas Buenos Aries was a large bustling city and Pt Iguazu was a small town supporting the falls, Salta has a traditional colonial feel. With its central plaza surrounded by the cathedral and government buildings, it demonstrates its Spanish heritage. It is very tourist friendly with affordable restaurants, sidewalk cafes on the plaza and museums, but does not have tourist city feel of cheap t-shirt stands. On the way to Salta, we met an Aussie couple in the Pt Iguazu airport. We had to wait a few hours for the late plane which is not uncommon for Argentina Aerolinas. We finally got to our B&B which turned out to be great find. 44 Caceros is run by Jorge and Susana who turned ... read more
Plaza 9 de Julio
Plaza 9 de Julio
Iglesia San Francisco

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 18th 2012

As usual we had a plan for today. Unusually and amazingly it actually happened. We wanted to spend some time enjoying the space and countryside on horseback and so we had arranged to ride the estancias horses for a few hours. As we are so bad at Spanish, Josephine organised for her eldest granddaughter Maria to accompany us. Fiona has done quite a lot of riding but the style in Europe is different than in Argentina so it took a while to get used to. The other thing that was really hard was mounting. Fiona found it almost impossible to get her leg high enough to go in the stirrups. She really is getting old!Once we were all ready we went for a lovely ride around part of the farm. The jam factory next door was ... read more
End of the morning ride
Cows in a red dust cloud

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 17th 2012

We could tell Salta was a tourist town from the second we got off the bus. As we waited for our baggage we were approached by a tout for a hostel in town. There were several others ready to pounce. This was the first time we had seen such tactics in Argentina. We brushed them off, found a taxi and jammed ourselves and all our luggage inside. We wanted to hire a car and thought the airport would be the best place. Town would actually have given us more choice but we ended up getting a car at the airport. The offices are only open when someone is due to return a car or when a flight comes in and there weren't many cars available. The hire lady was really helpful showing us which roads were ... read more
Our room
The verandah
The view down the table

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 12th 2012

So Salta was just a stop off really, to reak up the incredibly long journey to BA to met Sara. Sofia went all the way through in one go. About 30 hours i think. Hard to the core. But as I was in no real rush I had me a break. The main goal of the stop off was to not do anything that Sara might want to do when we got back here later. Unfortnately I failed in that mission thanks to stumblng on the MOST AMAZING STEAK I{VE EVER HAD. Ahem. Given I don{t really eat steak. not a particularly tall order I must admit, but I was with other people (yep, i made me some friends), 2 of whom were big steak eating men, and they concurred it was amazing. I mean it ... read more

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