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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta May 1st 2014

Days 70-72 our San Pedro hostel had one of the best breakfasts this trip so we loaded up for another long 12 hr travel day to Salta in Argentina for 2.5 days. While waiting at the bus station an independent Australian couple had a small backpack stolen from under their eyes & lost passports & whatever else. A heartbreaking scene to see their distress when told they weren't allowed to get on the bus as they did not have a passport to enter Argentina. Leaving San Pedro we retraced the road back to the turnoff to the Bolivian border but this time we had a very slow climb back up 2000 mtrs in in altitude. If a 12 hr bus ride can be considered pleasant this trip qualifies at least for 2/3 rds of the way ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 27th 2014

Salta is full of colonial architecture and has a lovely plaza which is a great place to relax and people watch. While in Salta we climbed to Cerro San Bernado for fantastic views over Salta and the surrounding countryside. We visited the Museum de Arqueologia de Atla Montana (MAAM). It focuses on Inca culture and, in particular, the child sacrifices the Inca left on some of the Andes' highest peaks. In 1999 an expedition to Llullaillaco, a 6,739m volcano on the border with Chile, discovered three preserved Inca children. In Inca culture some children, from the upper classes, were sacrificed to please or appease their gods and ensure continued fertility of their people and the land. The oldest child on display was a girl about 15 years old considered to be a 'virgin of the sun' ... read more
Mirador de Hornocal

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 16th 2014

We were all ready and packed and mentally prepared to leave our safe haven in Buenos Aires until it transpired that there wasa national transport strike and nothing was running the day we were due to leave. We booked in to a hostel near where we were staying and just had to suck it up for another night. after an extremely lazy/food filled day and sleep we were on our first bus of the final leg, heading north/inland to the second city of Argentina, Cordoba. 12 hours later we arrived without event, pretty done in from the journey. I wont go on too much about Cordoba because I dont really have much to say about it! A pleasant enough place but I didnt feel so excited by it.. nice churches, plazas and full of universities it ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 16th 2014

I liked Salta from the off. It helped that after the frustration of the Argentinean transport strike I was finally on my way again and that after plenty of practice I´d started to get the hang of bus travel Argentina-style. This time it didn´t matter that films were repeated from my journey up to Mendoza a few days previously or that they remained playing long after the coach had decided to call it a night, I just got my head down and slept. As I mentioned in my previous blog Salta would represent a (temporary) change of approach. I´d booked ahead, letting a travel agency in Argentina know my budget and itinerary, so rather than staying in hostels I was now in a pretty nice boutique hotel. The room was spacious and en suite, with mod-cons ... read more
Salta at Dusk - Regional Parliament
Seven Coloured Hill - Purmamarka Gorge
Pucara Del Tilcara

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta March 16th 2014

From Dusty Desert to Rain Forest Leaving Iquique and heading south down the Pacific coast to Tocopilla, we made good time, despite the massive road works while they create yet another toll motorway, at this stage as far as the Airport. We refuelled our motos and us at the Shell gas station in Tocoppila, before we headed inland, up into the the high desert once again. We made good pace in spite of the heat and isolation, with a couple of stops for drinks and a snack. As we approached Calama, we reached the highest point so far at 4845m. Some of the riders were feeling the effect of altitude by now and needed more rest stops. We regrouped at Calama, beside the worlds biggest Copper mine, the tailings are as big as mountains themselves, with ... read more
Rest stop
Yep, thats us again...
Check point at Rio Loa

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 14th 2014

Salta really reminded us of Peru- the houses, buildings, surrounding mountains – there were many similarities. We started to feel our language barrier as we checked in to our hotel... the lady at the front desk didn’t speak any English at all, she took my reservation print out and ushered us upstairs to a room that reminded me of a prison cell. I sat down in the chair in disbelief of this junk room, the shower head protruding over the toilet with a drain in the middle of the floor- hadn’t seen that since a hostel in Malaysia. Maybe we are getting spoiled with our trips in Europe or coming from our resort hotel in Iguazu but there was no part of me that wanted to stay here for 4 nights. Binnson downloaded an amazing voice ... read more
Storm coming in

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 11th 2014

After an exhausting 21 hour bus journey we finally arrived in the Northern Argentinian City of Salta. Upon arriving at our hostel, we did the only thing we could manage...sleep. A couple of hours later, feeling a little more refreshed, we strolled into the centre of this historic city to have a look around the main square and admire the colonial architecture the city is famed for. The centre piece of the square is a spectacular cathedral, which was holding a service just as we were strolling past. We poked our heads in to discover an incredibley opulent interior covered in gold. Just as we were leaving, a local lady approached us asking if we were catholic; as we were standing in a Catholic Church Rich felt obliged to say yes and the woman gave us ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta January 28th 2014

While visiting the area of the Tropic of Capricorn one of the locals noticed that the monument to mark the tropic was in danger of falling over and asked me to told it up (see photo 1) while they went to get some workmen to repair it. After five hours when no one had turned up I walked away. I hope it didn't fall down. I would hate to feel that I had jeopardised the local tourist industry. While in the garden of the hostel we heard the feint sounds of lovemaking. Someone thought it was a couple in one of the rooms. I said it was too quiet and it might be birds. We eventually found that it was two tortoises trying to make little tortoises (see photo 2). So before you complain to your ... read more
photo 2
photo 3

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta December 14th 2013

Salta - skulle efter sigende være en perle i det nordlige Argentina. Men ulig Steinbecks perlefiskeren lykkedes det os aldrig helt at finde perlen i Salta by. Den var fattig, rodet, urolig og med meget få rimelige restauranter eller cafeer. Den sidste aften var der store demonstrationer i byen, som der har været i mange områder for nylig i Argentina. Det lokale politi havde derfor beordret alle butikker til at afskærme deres forretninger for at undgå plyndringer efter demonstrationen. Dog fandt vi et lille dejligt hotel ved byens Cathedral, og vi havde en vidunderlige dagstur i lejet bil til Cachi, hvor vi passerede fantastiske kaktuslandskaber, bjerge mv. Vi kom her op i 3000 meters hoejde, og stiftede for første gang bekendskab med coco theen, som skal blive vores foretrukne væske i det høje Peru !... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta October 20th 2013

Le lendemain de notre arrivée à Salta, nous faisons le tour des agences pour faire la boucle du NOA. Nous pensions la faire en 6 jours en louant une voiture, mais on peut visiblement se rendre dans tous les endroits intéressants en 3 jours, en tour organisé. Nous partons ensuite au terminal pour prendre des renseignements quant aux horaires de notre prochain bus et apercevons une colline à proximité, que nous nous empressons de grimper ! Pas mal de marches avalées en une vingtaine de minutes, pour profiter à l'arrivée d'un beau panorama sur la ville. Dans l'après midi, mission courses : pour la 1ère fois depuis 4 mois, nous allons nous faire à manger ! Mais ça ne commencera pas ce soir, apéro bière puis dodo sans passer par la case bouffe (...) Pour notre ... read more

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