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April 16th 2014
Published: April 16th 2014
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We were all ready and packed and mentally prepared to leave our safe haven in Buenos Aires until it transpired that there wasa national transport strike and nothing was running the day we were due to leave. We booked in to a hostel near where we were staying and just had to suck it up for another night. after an extremely lazy/food filled day and sleep we were on our first bus of the final leg, heading north/inland to the second city of Argentina, Cordoba.

12 hours later we arrived without event, pretty done in from the journey. I wont go on too much about Cordoba because I dont really have much to say about it! A pleasant enough place but I didnt feel so excited by it.. nice churches, plazas and full of universities it is a nice city but nothing exceptional. I think it has a uni population of 200,000 so it is a young city and the appeal is in the nighlife. We went out for some cocktails and tapas and had a nice time but nothing wild. We had thought about staying an extra night as we lost one being stuck in BA but we decided to keep on moving and better stay longer somewhere we feel stronger about.

12 hours traveling north we arrived to the city of Salta, which definately turned out to be a hidden gem for me. After my standard befriending of a dog in the bus station (perhaps my favourite to date!) it was obvious how cold it was, probably the first time I felt genuinely like I needed a heat. It transpired that it is very cold overnight and in the morning but glorious during the day. It is about 1150m above sea level and situated in a valley so remembering my geography classes that adds up. The hostel here has been one of my favourites, not so much the hostel but the people running it have been so hospitable. Even though check in wasnt til 2 the man gave us brakfast and let us go to sleep and equally let us stay as long as we wanted while waiting on the departing night bus.

We took the cable car up to one of the mountains on the first day where there are several vistas and for some reason outdoor gyms! We had a good laugh messing around on them. The city itself I could best describe as a city that feels like a town. Being near to the Bolivia/Paraguay border people physically look different, darker skinned and more indigenous. They are so friendly and welcoming, the food here is delicious and cheap. With a pretty city, god shops, nice people and the safest place to date in SA makes for a good vibe. We visited the Archaological Museum where it details the discovery of ancient Inca communities found at the top of an extinct volcano (more specifically children who were put up as sacrifices). It was fascinating but they even had one of the children there on exhibition, incredible to think it was over 500 years old as there was no decay. Morbid yes but interesting insight into the area!

Everyone said the delights of Salta are outside it, so we took a bus to a beautiful town called San Lorenzo where we were met with spectacular scenery which words cannot really do justice. We took a horseride up through the mountain which I loved, loving animals/horses and it was Garys first time. After we were done we ate delicious food for very cheap (empanadas and a sausage/cheese/bread platter.

Here feels like "real Argentina" - what that is who knows as it is such a big coutnry, but it is a far cry from the city of BA and has the Gaucho feel about it. Loved my time here, hope the pics do it justice!

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