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February 25th 2015
Published: March 4th 2015
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I soon became high on oxygen after suddenly hitting the lowlands after spending two weeks at high altitude. I felt as fit as a fiddle, and had plenty of energy from early morning to night even though it was hot here, and I was thirsty. I thought that I would head straight to the museums where there was least danger - unless a dinosaur fell on me or a mummy came alive and wrapped me up in it s bandages like mummies do to the cartoon character Scooby Doo when the team go to creepy museums. I reassured myself that this was a cartoon and was unlikely to happen to me, I felt today would be much luckier than yesterday. I had only been to one museum in Bolivia so now I had an opportunity to learn more about the south of Bolivia and the north of Argentina which share some of the same ancestors and indigenous tribes.


I went straight to the Historical Museum of the North to find out about pre-hispanic tribes. There were lots of objects on display from archaeological digs. Firstly, there were objects from the nomads whose main activity was hunting, then there were objects from 200 to 600 DC the north west of Argentina took to agriculture. There were pictograms shown from the time of primative man. Primative man used to write on lose rocks, up in the hills where there was less dust to destroy their writing The purpose of their writing was to try and discover how they came to exist and develop, amongst other aims.


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