Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 24th 2020

So I've finally gotten around to doing my blogs, one and a half years later! Thinking back, we were very lucky to have squeezed in a two week trip to Cuba as a global pandemic was forming. A few weeks later and most of the world shut down! So after a while of not doing this blog, my memory is a bit hazy. Our first two nights were spent in Havana, a nice city with a mixture of less than glamorous buildings in dire need of a make over (on the outside but nice on the inside), history and colourful 1950's American cars. Most people will splash out for a city tour in one of these cars but we opted to join the one of the Free walking tours of the city which we tend to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales February 24th 2020

I don't know what it was that really made me want to go to Cuba, but after many years of holding on to that dream, it finally came! Two weeks is enough to get you to the main west coast hot spots such as Havana, Vinales and Trinidad with maybe another smaller place on the side. We spent the first two nights in Havana and then took the Viazul bus to Vinales. Tourists in Cuba can only use one bus company (Viazul) to get around and with limited routes and limited buses per day, these get booked in advance. If you don't book a bus, the chances of you getting a seat in and out of these hot spots can be very difficult and costly.I had booked our tickets online about a month before. It was ... read more
Tobacco Plantation
Ox Farming
Cigar Making

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale October 1st 2019

Pamukkale is a well known place to visit within Turkey where there are amazing white tiered calcium deposits, old Roman ruins, an amphitheatre and pools all in the one place, it's a great place to visit for a day! Many people will come here for a day trip and we were the same. We had spent the night in Denizli and caught a bus in the morning to get to Pamukkale. It is better to get there in the morning before the tour groups get there. We entered from the South Gate and walked up the Calcium deposits while Hot Air Balloons drifted ominously above. By the time we slowly made our way to the top, more people had arrived so we decided to go to the quieter places like the pools and amphitheatre. We contemplated ... read more
Roman Amphitheatre Pamukkale
Pools Pamukkale

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye September 14th 2019

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Turkey? Does sailing on blue clear Mediterranean waters, walking bare feet on hard white calcium deposits, sitting in a centuries old Roman amphitheatre and visiting temples carved in to cliff faces come to your mind? The problem with Turkey is that it is a big country and sometimes there is not enough time to visit everywhere but if you have a few weeks then the South West coastal route might just be what your'e looking for! Our plan was to fly in to Antalya and out of Bodrum. We had a rough idea of what we wanted to do but once we arrived, our plans changed almost on a daily basis. We stayed in Antalya for the first sweltering two nights, a temperature ... read more
View Overlooking Oludinez Beach
Sail Cruise
Antayla Harbour

The Abel Tasman trek is one trek we have been wanting to do for a long time and after waiting 5 years to return to NZ, we got our chance! After attending my cousins wedding in Queenstown followed by a chance to cycle some hills around Akaroa and Lyttleton, we flew in to Nelson from Christchurch. As with most big treks within New Zealand, we had booked several weeks in advance along with the transport, a bus to the start of the trek and back and the water taxi from our last point, Awaroa, to Kaiteriteri. We were lucky that we were doing the trek after the summer peak time, during the week and also the week before the school holidays which meant that it was quiet and unspoiled. We also struck gold with the most ... read more
Walking Towards Bark Bay
Anchorage Bay
Bark Bay Campsite View

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 4th 2018

Our final stop on this trip was a 10 hour layover in Bogota, Colombia. We had no interest of visiting the city when we were here previously but seeing as we had time to kill we thought we had better make the most of it. It turned out to be quite nice for the time we visited! We booked the free walking tour and then planned to have lunch and dinner and that was going to take up most of our layover time. Plus we get to visit Colombia again which was our favourite country on the trip! We were slightly annoyed that our flight was delayed from BA making us 30 minutes late in joining the walking tour and missing lunch. As usual a walking tour is a great way to visit areas of a ... read more
Museum Courtyard

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 3rd 2018

BA! The end of the road for us and what a road it has been! We haven't been in a city of this size since Lima which was about 7 weeks ago and getting used to the size and modernity was a good way of easing our way back in to normality. We stayed with a university friend of Anna's in Palermo, north of the city. Staying at Fernandos was helpful for the budget, not only for the accommodation but also to be able to cook and it was also nice to reconnect with him. In the afternoon that we arrived we took a bus in to the central area and from there we walked around various sites such as Plaza Mayo and the waterfront. BA resembles a European city and at times some of the ... read more
Plaza Mayo
Dog Walking is a walk in the park

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta September 27th 2018

Argentina! The last country to visit on our trip and the realisation that soon we will have to merge back in to normal life! (I know what you're thinking!) Our entry in to northern Argentina became a bit pricey when we should have done changed our leftover Bolivian money in before crossing the border and we lost a fair bit money when paying for our bus tickets with Bolivian money and exchanging the rest with some old lady selling sweets. Oh well, lesson learnt! Our transition from Tupiza to Salta was smooth although it took all day. We had a huge thunderstorm on the way which was also the first rain we had since northern Colombia, basically two months with no rain! The first impression of Salta/Argentina was that there is a lot more of ... read more
Garganta del Diablo
Winery Cafayate
Landscape To Cachi

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni September 23rd 2018

Day three was dubbed the rock climbing day as again we were the first of the groups to set off in the morning following a pancake breakfast (better than the stale bread we had the second morning). We stopped at various sites, a rock resembling the football world cup and a camel which we climbed on to. Also another group of rock formations where Hoshin our guide got us to climb up 50 meters for a view! We also visited a tiny part of a huge rock landscape that stretches many kilometers. Here we climbed up for a view of a small lake which forms the shape of South America. It was a perfect sunny day and good for some reflective shots! Our final stop before lunch was called the Anaconda, a windy lake in ... read more
Reflective Lake
Salt Flat Cactus Island
Classic Perspective Shot

The huge white expanse of Salar de Uyuni, salt flats, has to be the most well known place to visit in Bolivia and I'm sure there aren't many people who would bypass it, why would you?! It's an incredible part of the world! People either do it as a multi day tour or day trip or the occasional adventurous people cycle there! For us, we heard that a lot less people do the tour from Tupiza than from Uyuni town (also less people per jeep) and that tours from Tupiza arrive at different times to places than the swarm of Uyuni or San Pedro tours (due to going the opposite direction) so the decision to go from Tupiza was a no brainer even if more costly. We chose Alexandro Tours from reading some excellent reviews and ... read more
Llamas and Landscape
Laguna Verde and Lincancabur
Thermal Lake

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