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October 1st 2019
Published: October 8th 2019
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Pamukkale is a well known place to visit within Turkey where there are amazing white tiered calcium deposits, old Roman ruins, an amphitheatre and pools all in the one place, it's a great place to visit for a day!

Many people will come here for a day trip and we were the same. We had spent the night in Denizli and caught a bus in the morning to get to Pamukkale.

It is better to get there in the morning before the tour groups get there. We entered from the South Gate and walked up the Calcium deposits while Hot Air Balloons drifted ominously above. By the time we slowly made our way to the top, more people had arrived so we decided to go to the quieter places like the pools and amphitheatre.

We contemplated going for a dip in the pools but were quickly deterred from the tour groups flooding in. The pools would be nice if you were the first to get there when they open. We then walked to the amphitheatre which was a lot quieter. We had never been to one and it was pretty impressive. We enjoyed sitting and taking in the atmosphere and wondered what it was like back in the days when Pamukkale was a bustling city.

Watch out for the Russian and Chinese tour groups walking around in bathing gear through centuries old ruins, it's a bizarre mix . If you minus the Russian and Chinese tour groups, the place would be quiet empty!

In retrospect we probably would have liked to start with Pamukkale and the cultural side of things first and finish with the cruise. Either way we had a great time in Turkey and were fortunate in the way it all worked out regardless!

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