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10th September 2018

Lovin' it!
Hope you two are having an awesome time. It looks like you are! Fantastic places.
From Blog: Lake Titicaca
10th August 2018

Loving these blogs guys!
3rd August 2018

Murder? !
Murder eh That will help us all relax with you out there Haha!, love the graffiti xxx
From Blog: Medellin
3rd August 2018

I love the blue footed boobies Why blue footed I wonder More amazing pics!, xxxx
From Blog: Galapagos
3rd August 2018

River dolphins... All sounds wonderful I'm sure v peaceful but I'm trying to imagine staying calm in sight of tarantulas around Were u covered head to to?! Take care out there xxxx
21st August 2016

A fantastic collection of pics on what was a fantastic weekend. Good one Hugh!
From Blog: Queen Hunting
14th March 2012

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12th December 2011

thank you and good luck, enjoy every moment and every sight
10th December 2011

Great story, very helpful, im going to do that this february, thank u :)
30th October 2011

You didnt touch the cat did u?? haha
From Blog: Beaching Around
30th October 2011

How cool are elephants
9th July 2011

you aer veari biutiful hishtorikal peas tahats veari naies pesa
17th June 2011

Where is this?
From Blog: The Coastal Haul
17th June 2011

In Wayanad in Kerela, I did a home stay and we went for a day trip with a local guide, an untouched piece of paradise, not ruined by locals selling stuff
From Blog: The Coastal Haul
31st May 2011

Epic shot mate!
2nd May 2011

Love this one ;)
16th April 2011

Wasn't this amazing?!
1st April 2011

I love that building. We were told Fred Estair and Ginger Rogers dancing!Awesome uploads hugh
From Blog: Praha
18th March 2011

From Blog: Random Mumbai
16th January 2011

Don't you be calling Tim horton's a plague! lol!Great photos Hugh!
From Blog: Canadian Views
7th January 2011

16th August 2010

Hi Goontack - just a quick note from the team here at Tourism Wollongong.Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time here in 'the Gong' and that you explored some of the greater South Coast.All the best for your future travels (and good call on
the SLR!).Best regards,Kate and the team at Tourism
8th July 2010

Hey thereWe stumbled across your blog and it's great to hear that you enjoyed Wollongong and the Grand Pacific Drive. Hopefully when you come back, your treated with some better weather at Stanwell Tops!All the best for your future travels,
Kate & the team at Tourism Wollongong

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