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Suzanne and David

Suzanne and David's blog of our round the world trips; 2010-11 and now 2016-17.

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn September 10th 2017

Suzanne here... We'd not had long enough in either Baltimore or Philadelphia really. But we didn't have any flexibility. We'd booked our hotel in New York months ago. It was still eye-wateringly expensive, as New York always is, but a slightly better rate than booking last minute. Amtrak was more comfortable than the Greyhound. The journey passed smoothly and before long we were at Penn Station. On the way to the metro station, David patiently waited outside Sephora for me while I did a bit of shopping. The branch in Phily had been closed and I'd long ago decided to treat myself before we left the States. Very unlike me, I'm far from a make-up addict. But sometimes it's nice to try new things and overall I've not bought much on this trip. We bought metro ... read more
Johns of Bleeker Street
Central Park
View from the High Line park

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore » Inner Harbor September 6th 2017

David here... We got to Washington in terrible conditions. It was raining heavily and the interstate had low visibility. Still we got to the car rental drop-off in plenty of time. We jumped onto the courtesy bus back to Dulles airport and then onto the Washington Flyer to the Silver line metro. We were soon back in the centre of Washington. We had time for a quick lunch at Ray's Hell burgers again before making our way to the station to catch our train to Baltimore. We managed to get a seat in the quiet coach, enjoying that the rules are actually enforced, with people being told off for talking too loudly or using mobile phones. The journey was only 40 minutes. We then had a 30 minute walk to our hotel, the Days Inn at ... read more
The grave of Edgar Allan Poe
The Walters Gallery - Othello
I'm a little teapot...

North America » United States » Virginia September 2nd 2017

Suzanne here... Our Tennessee detour had brought us near the border of North Carolina, making it a logical place to stay for a couple of nights on our way back up to Virginia. We knew nothing about North Carolina to be honest, but some hasty research suggested that the mountainous Blue Ridge Parkway area was worth a stop. We found a likely looking campsite in Linville and decided to head there. On the way we stopped at the town of Asheville for lunch, at Tastee Diner (we do love a good old-fashioned American diner) where we had some excellent burgers. We finally pulled into the campsite at about 5pm, chose our pitch, got the tent up, and enjoyed showers. I mean, we really enjoyed them. They were our first showers for three days. We'd chosen the ... read more
Linville Falls
Linville Falls
Linville Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee August 26th 2017

David here... The journey into Kentucky was around 2 hours. We stopped at yet another Walmart for supplies, including vodka and more bourbon as this Walmart, unusually, had a liquor store attached. We also managed to download Amazon Music and a few of our albums onto the tablet so we had some music for the evenings. We were staying in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The pitch was among the trees on a gravel pad and quite secluded. It was early evening when we arrived so wandered down to the lake and around the area before settling down at camp for the evening. We had pasta bolognese, and drank beer and spirits, listening to Iron Maiden. A pretty good way to spend any evening. We also had lots of insects visiting us to keep us company. ... read more
Daniel Boone National Forest
Daniel Boone National Forest
Daniel Boone National Forest

North America » United States » West Virginia August 18th 2017

Suzanne here... We knew that Washington has too much on offer to do in one trip, but we were still sad to leave. Then again, after four days of full-on sightseeing the more relaxed pace camping offers seemed attractive. After picking up the hire car, our first stop was Walmart to buy all the camping gear we needed - cheap tent, bedding, cookware etc. We got most things we needed, but decided to stop at another branch nearer the campsite for food. We did this, and got another few bits of camping gear. In the end I reckon it cost us around about £200. Seems a lot when most of it won't make it home with us. But a hotel would be anything from £50 upwards per night, so we'll soon make that back. I'd booked ... read more
Horseshoe Flat

David here... So our South America adventure was over and we now had only 1 month left of our RTW trip to go. The flight from Quito to Fort Lauderdale was 5 hours and we didn't sleep a wink. We landed just before 5am and had a 10 minute wait on the plane until Customs and Immigration opened. We first went through the automated kiosk area, where we had photos and fingerprints taken, and then onto a real person. We were asked a lot of questions about our time in the US and what we planned to do. They asked about our camping plans and if we had camping gear with us. When we replied that we were going to be buying what we need from K-Mart or Walmart he helpfully suggested that the latter would ... read more
The Supreme Court
Library of Congress building
Library of Congress building

South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo August 9th 2017

Suzanne here... Mindo was a bit of a last minute decision. We'd done cities and beaches. So when we read about a small town in a cloud forest two hours from Quito, it sounded an ideal finish to Ecuador. We arrived at 11.30am, a bit early to check in. We'd not eaten so found Mindo Bio cafe and had a hearty breakfast. It was still early so we sat in the square for a while. It was hotter than Quito, but not unbearable. Our hotel was about ten minutes walk from town. We had to cross a river via a narrow rickety bridge, which added to the fun. We arrived at where we thought the hotel was, only to be faced with a locked gate. So near yet so far. Neither of us fancied trailing back ... read more
...Coffee Lodge Spa
Typical view of the area
A blurry hummingbird outside our room

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 6th 2017

David here... The 8.5 hour bus journey was the usual mix of bad films, terrible music, great scenery and the pain of reclining seats. Arriving at the Carcelen bus terminal, we were immediately surrounded by taxi drivers before we'd even got our luggage. We had done our homework though, and knew we could get a local bus from behind the terminal pretty much to our hotel. We had 3 bus numbers to look out for, but the buses didn't actually display any numbers. So we jumped onto one displaying Versalles, a road near our hotel. The local bus wasn't too busy, but we couldn't sit together so I made my way further back and sat down. As the bus got busier a shifty group of people got on. Suzanne spotted them looking at her handbag and ... read more
Las Empanadas de Morocho de la Ulloa
Another city, another cable car
Quito spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?

South America » Ecuador » West » Bahía de Caráquez August 4th 2017

Suzanne here... We were sad to leave Puerto Lopez, but grabbed a tuk-tuk ($1 this time which is probably the going rate, but I can't say I begrudge an extra 50c) to the bus station. We were not entirely sure how to to Bahia de Calaquez. At the bus station they had told us we'd need to get a bus to Manta. It was a Sunday and the bus station was somewhat deserted. Luckily the one bus in was going to Manta. Five minutes later we were on our way. I'll admit that the beach cocktails and beers did not seem such a clever idea at this point. Luckily I was able to open the window slightly, so I did ok. The journey was longer than expected and it took just over three hours to get ... read more
Close up of quake damage
Rock City beer at Coco Bongo hostel
Canoa beach

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 30th 2017

David here... On the bus journey from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez (PL) we had the joy of that classic film 'My Mom Robs Banks', starring the uniquely talented Charisma Carpenter. Surely due a big award win in the very near future. The bus terminal at PL is 3km outside of town and for once we weren't feeling stubborn enough to decline the offer of a tuk-tuk at only $1.50. We were at our hotel within 10 minutes. We were staying at Tuzco Lodge, which suffers the same problems as most accommodation in hot places; it had a damp, musty smell and numerous insect visitors. Apart from this, it was actually a friendly, comfortable, clean place to stay with a breakfast that changed each day, the variety making a nice difference. After settling in we went straight ... read more
Beach market
That's why we're here
Setting off to Isla de la Plata

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