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April 23rd 2009
Published: April 25th 2009
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Our muscles were feeling a little bit better the next day and we hit for the Agua Park at 10am to catch the 10:30 bus. Our bus was only 5 peso each way but the guy wanted to charge us 34 peso each way. After a bit of confusion we realised that I had said the wrong place and that is why it was a little bit more expensive! Soon we were on the right bus and it would take over an hour to get there. The scenery along the way was stunning and we even spotted a vineyard which had yet to harvest its grapes. The entrance was only 20 peso to the park which is quite cheap by Argentinean standards. We were a little surprised at what we found inside. The place was full of elderly people and it was more like public baths than a water park. We took a quick walk around to see what it was like. Soon we were changed and into out swimwear. Plenty of factor 30 was applied to the white areas of my body as this was going to be the first time they saw sun since, well……. I don’t know how long! Michelle was a little embarrassed that I had worn my white speedo’s but she soon got over it. First we went to the in door baths. Here there was 4 pools of varying temperatures. We tried them all except for one which was feckin’ roasting. After that we went to the outside pools and relaxed in them for awhile. While we were there Michelle said how much Sara would love this! Also, while we were there a young boy of maybe 4 years of age took a fancy to us all. He would just sit beside us and stare at us. It think the combination of white pasty skin, blonde and red hair is what amazed him. When we were finished in them baths we got our lunch and went down near the river to eat. We dried of quickly because even though it was warm, there was a good breeze too.

After eating we sat in the sun and read our books and listened to our mp3 players. I think in that time I was asked at least 10 times to take peoples photo’s. The girls were laughing at how many times I was asked. They put it down to me not looking busy enough and looking idle. There was a river pool going around the grounds of the park but the water was absolutely freezing. Michelle dared me to go in so she could get a photo. I duly obliged! It was extremely cold and I went under a waterfall of what I can describe only as even colder water. We then went up to the baths and repeated the same process as before. We finished up at half four but our bus was not until 6:50pm. We went to a nearby restaurant and had ice cream for awhile. We decided over ice cream on having some huge steaks for dinner as it was our last night travelling with Katie. When we got back to Mendoza I set out in search of the butchers. I got a 500g filet for myself and two 300g filet steaks for the girls. The total was only 25peso (€5) for the lot. It was cheaper than normal and I has to ask the butcher if it was definitely filet. He assured me it was and it certainly looked like it was. Michelle had the potatoes and carrots peeled when I got back and soon the dinner was underway. It was all so big it was hard to fit on the plate. Also we opened our ‘vineyard bought’ wine and chatted for the evening.

The next morning we got up early to say goodbye to Katie as she was catching an early bus to Chile. We hope to meet her along the way again but it might not be until we are in New Zealand. We had to wait around today to catch a bus at 8pm to Salta. We went to town for awhile and had a look around. On the way back we stopped at a local restaurant and had our lunch. I got a starter, mains and desert for less than €3. Also we had a 1.5ltr bottle of sprite for 75c. The prices are cheaper in northern Argentina and also better suited to our pockets!

In a bit. DH

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25th April 2009

Michelley you brought the hoodie we got you, looking good! ;-) xxx

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