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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 28th 2009

The Martial Glacier was our destination today so another packed lunch was made this morning. Breakfast is now becoming boring with the usual bread, butter and crappy coffee being wheeled out every morning. We have decided to maybe start buying our own so tomorrow we are going to have boiled eggs. Now although they wont be the eggs you get out at the Creaven household, they will definitely be the highlight of our morning! We had to book a taxi to the glacier because no buses ran our direction to the start of the trek. It was 20 pesos about €5 and not bad value for the distance he brought us. Entrance to the glacier was 35 pesos each (€8) and we got a map and advice as to which way to go up. We had ... read more
Chair Lift
This bridge was broken before i stepped on it!!
Martial Glacier

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 27th 2009

We arrived back in BA and to the same hostel we had left three days earlier. We were hungry and didn’t want to eat out. As we had the use of a kitchen we decided on using it. We went to the supermarket and got some pasta and also a bottle of red wine. It was the one we fist had in Puerto Iguazu. It was only 11 peso which is about €2.50 so we knew we couldn’t just leave it there. We had it with our dinner and we sat and talked about how our adventure was to change and become more physical than our previous two and a half weeks. After finishing the wine we decided on having a beer at the bar. Down there we met a guy from Dublin travelling on his ... read more
Weird shadow/Gaurdian Angel behind me!!!
Getting ready for the cold
Steak Sandwich

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 25th 2009

We arrived in Colonia in no time on the boat. The journey only took an hour by fast boat. We had only just relaxed and settled into our seats and we were getting off again. We were given a glass of champagne for travelling first class. Everyone else seemed to be getting more, so we ended up having a few. Our hostel was easy to find and our first impressions of Colonia was that is was very picturesque. We checked in and went out to find a restaurant that didn’t have steak on the menu! Michelle got a chicken salad and I got chicken and chips. A jug of the house wine was only €1 so we also had to have that too! We noticed as we sat beside the street that the same cars and ... read more
colonia Street
Me in Buggy

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 23rd 2009

Well, I’m sure there was some party back home. Sixty one years is a long time to wait to win something and hopefully it wont be that long before our next one. We watched the match in Sullivan’s Irish bar in Palermo with the two girls (Linda & Eimear) that we had met in Puerto Iguazu. We had already met them on Paddy’s day here in BA, where we celebrated our Patron Saint in fine honour! I had left my clothes including my irish jersey in for cleaning two days before the match. On the morning of the game the laundry still had not returned. We waited until 1 o’clock and had to leave at that stage as the match was at half two our time and we wanted to make sure we had a good ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre March 21st 2009

We had heard about a small town north of BA called Tigre. We heard that it was picturesque and worth a visit for the day. The subway ran from near our hostel to the train station so we decided to get that instead of the bus. Our train tickets to Tigre were a little under €1 each return, for a one hour journey. We passed through many towns on our way out of BA and saw a huge racing track called the Hippodrome. When we got to Tigre we went looking for a tourist office to see what there was to do. The town itself is on the river Tigre and takes its name from there (obviously!). Most activities are based around either taking a walk or a cruise along the river. We chose to take ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 20th 2009

Today we went to see two of the most famous tourist attractions in BA. Both of them were completely opposite. Lets just say one was alive and kicking and the other was as dead as a door nail. Both attractions were on opposite sides of the city so we had to split our day in two. We had a bit of a sleep in until 9:30 am and didn’t hit the road then until about 11am. We had to catch the No. 29 bus to La Boca, which is home to Maradona and Boca Juniors football team. The area we were going to was Caminito and the LP had warned not to stray off this street as the rest of the neighbourhood wasn’t exactly the safest. Boca would be Buenos Aires poorest neighbourhood . When we ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 19th 2009

Last night we donned our best clothes and took the subway to and area of BA known as Palermo. The LP had suggested that if you eat in only one steak house in Buenos Aires let it be La Cabrera. That was the only incentive that we needed to go there. The subway dropped us off at Bulnes and from here we ventured around trying to find the right street. Buenos Aires looks small but only when your looking at a map half the size of an A4 page. Buenos Aires is in fact huge and just because a place is on street doesn’t mean it will be easy to find or with in walking distance. Some of the large streets run for miles through BA and they can be very deceiving on the map. I ... read more
Darren & Michelle

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 18th 2009

I’ll get to Paddy’s day in a minute but for those of you who are avid readers of my blogs from the past , you will know that I have an ongoing battle with mosquito’s/midges. For the first two weeks I thought maybe we had come to an understanding and that the war was over. But oh no, the little b******ds snook up behind me while I was sleeping and had the best Irish steak dinner they could have. Alone in one area on my stomach I have nine fairly nice bites. I thought maybe, it would be bed bugs but I was informed the bite’s would be in a straight line. Now the last thing I want is to have to resort to the measures I took in Thailand, which involved getting up half an ... read more
Kilkenny bar
St. Patricks day

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 17th 2009

Well the bus journey was 100 times better than the Brazilian bus journey. For starters our seats reclined to 160 degrees and there were only three in a row instead of four. We got a pillow, a warm blanket and there was a TV screen for every three rows. The bus pulled out on time but not before the Brady Bunch got on board! Half were behind us and the others were in front. They all seemed fine until one of the girls around three years of age started balling her eyes out for well over an hour. It was one of those angry temper cries that kind of screams as much as cries. Luckily our mp3 players were well charged and it didn’t really bother us (that much!). We had been told that we would ... read more

Iguasu. Iguacu. Iguazu. Iguaçu. These are all the different spellings we have seen for the waterfalls. Here they are known as Cataratas. The picture’s I have posted with this blog do not do the falls enough justice. They’re so big it took us four days to see them properly. You can see them from just about every angle possible and the sheer size of them is immense. There are approximately 270 waterfalls and there is four main trails to see the falls. The Upper Trail We walked this trail on the first evening we got to the national park. It’s about 650 metres long and takes you along the upper lip of the falls. The views were fantastic and you got to see the water gush down over the side of the cliff. The views from ... read more
Garganta del Diablo
Lower Trail
Isla San Martin

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