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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington June 20th 2009

The weather the morning of the match didn’t really give us much hope of it been a clear winter evening. It was wet and windy and you could feel the cold cutting through you. We started the day early and went into Wellington city centre for about 11am. Parking can be expensive and limited so I didn’t want to be driving around looking for a spot while the match was kicking off. The stadium isn’t that far from the centre anyway and we luckily found a car park 5 minutes from the ground. It was only NZ$10 (€5) for the whole weekend so we could use the ticket for the rest of the weekend as it was only Saturday morning. We walked around Wellington for the morning and had a look in their shops. Although it ... read more
Westpac Stadium
Tana Umaga - The guy who did a job on O'Driscoll
Photo 7

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua June 16th 2009

We left our campsite at 10am the next morning in search of the Rotorua museum. A few quick spins around the town and we eventually found it. When we got to the ticket office we asked the guy behind the counter when the next guided tour was. He replied 11am in the poshest English accent. He would have made the queen sound common. As it was 10:15 we said we would come back before 11:00. We left the building wondering was it a joke and he was put up to it or were there some secret cameras filming us. We returned before 11am but someone new was behind the counter. The next person up was this eccentric old lady who was to be our tour guide. She was very good and friendly but a bit odd. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel June 12th 2009

Our transition from South America to New Zealand was pretty painless. We decided to try and not sleep on our flight from Santiago to Auckland so that we could try and beat jet lag. We would be moving from -5hrs from home to +13hrs from home. An 18hr difference. Also we would lose a day of our lives. We flew on the 9th of June and arrived on the 11th! In the airport in Santiago we picked up two bottles of Chilean Carmenere wine as little memories of South America. Our flight was fine and pretty easy. We had a good choice of movies and the time went quick enough. When we arrived in NZ we rang our hotel who had offered free airport transfer with bookings. We got to our room at 5am NZ time ... read more

South America June 8th 2009

Only six months left then! Three months gone and our South American adventure is over in hours rather than days. What an adventure it has been. We have travelled from Rio right down to the southern tip of Argentina, up the western border of Argentina, in to northern Chile to San Pedro de Atacama, across the salt flats of Bolivia and over to La Paz. From there we did a circle of southern Peru before crossing back down into Chile and finishing in Santiago. I don’t know how many km’s we have travelled but its sure to be near or even over 10,000km and most of it by bus. In my first blog I said our opinions and perceptions would change after travelling. They definitely have for South America. When we first thought about going we ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail May 27th 2009

Firstly, people at home you can now stop asking us when are we doing the Inca Trail. It’s over. Secondly, so much went on while doing it I’m going to have to divide it into different stories. Fifteen months ago when the idea of travelling entered our heads, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was the first on our list. It was to be the pinnacle of our South American adventure, the very reason why we came to this amazing continent. Now it is over, but here is the lead up, to without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing we have done. Problems When we arrived in Cusco we received an e-mail to come to the office of Llama Path as soon as possible as there was a problem. Not good. When we got ... read more
First Camp in a football field
View from campsite
Our group at the start

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina May 24th 2009

Just some pictures of us sand boarding in Huacchina, Peru that I forgot to put up. It was a s deadly and dangerous as you can imagine.... read more
Sandboarding Huacchina 002
Sandboarding Huacchina 004
Sandboarding Huacchina 005

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands May 21st 2009

When we got off our bus in Ica we met a tour guide working for the bus company. He offered us a tour to the Ballestas islands and the Paracas national park for around €25 each. There was another girl there at the time so for the three of us together he did a deal (well, he let us think he was doing us a deal!). After that he dropped us to our hostel where he knew everyone so we knew he had to be legitimate. He was to pick us up at 6:30am to bring us Paracas where we would get our boat to the islands. We decided to stay in Huacchina a small oasis town just outside Ica. Its so small you could do a lap of the place in 10-15 minutes. In the ... read more
Islas Ballesteras

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa May 15th 2009

I didn’t know how to write my blog about Arequipa. You see, nobody that we had met had ever raved about it and no blog’s I had ever read said it anything spectacular about it. The lonely planet describes it as Peru’s nicest city and the only place that I found some evidence of what was in store. Arequipa it appears, is a hidden gem. Although there are lots of gringo’s here, if you had never been here before, the high chances are that you would never heard about it before. How many people have ever heard of it but never been too it? From the moment we arrived we fell for this place. Our taxi took us through the main plaza and I can honestly say I have never seen one so spectacular. All the ... read more
View from our room

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 12th 2009

We had a 3:30am pick up for our tour of the Colca Canyon. Our trip was to be three days and two nights and there was some serious trekking to be done (by our standards anyway). The tour cost $55 which is cheap when you consider it’s three days travel, two nights accommodation and breakfast, lunch and dinners. Also you get a cool experience thrown in where you do something adventurous and different. Our bus arrived on time and we were briefed as to what would be happening. We were then told to sleep for a few hours before we would arrive at Cruz del Condor. We arrived there at 9:30am and got off the bus. There were many other tourists there but they all head back to Arequipa after seeing the condors. We were told ... read more
Our Group
Village in the distance we would trek too
Oasis at the bottom

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca May 9th 2009

Our border crossing to Peru was as easy as it gets. Off the bus on the Bolivian side get stamped, walk across a bridge to the Peruvian side, get stamped. Back on the bus and away we go. When we got to Puno there was many taxi drivers offering different hostels like we were told. One guy said he’d bring us anywhere for 3 soles (75c). We told him where we were going and he kind of hesitated and said 5 soles. He said ‘you see, up hill’. Everything costs more to go up hill in this part of the world but that’s cause the hills are more mountain like than hills. I don’t think arguing over 50c was really worth it either. Our hostel was nice and clean and the workers very friendly. We were ... read more
Lake Titicaca 021
Lake Titicaca 022
Lake Titicaca 025

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