Marg and Rob Humphrey


Marg and Rob Humphrey

Marg and Rob purchased a Horizon Wattle (Mercedes Sprinter) motorhome built by Ballina Campers and planned to circumnavigate Australia over the following couple of years, collecting it just after Rob retired in May 2011.
The couple of years grew out to over 4 years during which time we travelled from Brisbane to Perth return accross the Nullarbor both ways in 2011; in 2012 we travelled various places on the East Coast of Australia. The highlight of the year was our October November trip to Port Douglas which included the total eclipse of the sun. 2013 saw us do a 'Lap' or 'Trip around the block' as it is often called, circumnavigating Australia and then in 2014 we travelled to Tasmania in Feb and March, and then followed with another visit to our family in Perth including the Murray River and WA Goldfields and spending Christmas with our family in Perth and camping in Cape Le Grand National Park. Our final trip in 2015 was to Central Queensland with the highlight being a few days in Carnarvon Gorge.
We decided to advertise the motorhome for sale after we returned from Carnarvon Gorge, and it was sold for cash within 48 hours of publishing the ad.
A real change of pace followed in October 2015 with a 10 day P & O cruise to PNG.
What is next? Our next blog will introduce you to Sporty and CC. Just be patient and all will be revealed shortly.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane October 17th 2015

Some holidays should never end, and Cruising P & O is one of those. Rooms made up daily, lots of activities every day, places to discover, new people to meet, not to mention a chocolate on the pillow in the evening, all made up to a great 10 day cruise. The journey from Doini Island PNG back to Brisbane has two days at sea before arriving early Saturday morning in Morton Bay and then on up the Brisbane River to the Portside Terminal. So what do you do for a couple of days at sea? Once again, there are many activities each day both educational and physical as advertised in the daily news. I had won a Titanic Experience in a competition to have photos taken on the bow sprite the first day on the way ... read more
map with notes
Thomas Kinkade promotion

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay October 14th 2015

Doini Island is one of only a few privately owned islands in the region, and is located a little south east of Alotau which was our first port of call in PNG. It is a resort, and those staying here arrive by transfer jet boat from Alotau, sail in themselves, and maybe land on the Islands airstrip. There are no commercial flights to this resort. The Island is largely untouched, can be walked around or maybe climb to an observation point in the centre of the island. Normally Marg and I would have climbed to the lookout. But the track had many steep steps and rocks to climb, and I had a grumpy knee, so we stayed on the coastal flat. The beaches here are white sand, water warm and clear all year round, great for ... read more
Another P&O postcard location
Sun is up
Swaying Palm Trees

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay October 13th 2015

In many ways it is great that not many people know of Kiriwina Island because it stands as a largely unspoiled undeveloped community in the Trobriand Island Group. If you want to see how these people have lived for many hundreds of years, this is a great destination on the P & O Papua New Guinea discovery cruises. Once again we see some commonality with other island communities, and some unique things as well. This is the largest of the Trobriand Islands and supports a local population of around 12,000 people. We have returned to a Matriarchal society with some interesting values. (Rabaul with the groups we spoke to were community custodians of land) Possessions are passed mother to daughter, pigs are an indicator of wealth and are highly treasured, and we as visitors are known ... read more
The peir - Kiriwina

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » East New Britain » Rabaul October 12th 2015

This region of PNG borders on the Solomon Sea and while dotted with beautiful Islands, also has really deep troughs. We sailed over the Triobriand Trough which is 8000 meters deep on our overnight journey from Kitava to Rabaul, a distance of a little under 300 nautical miles. Did we notice the trough? Nope! Finally we turned and sailed down into Rabaul Harbour. The early morning skies had been quite ominous and we were thinking a wet day. It didn't turn out that way for which we are grateful. The other obvious issue was the active volcano to the right of the town centre, steaming strongly in the morning light. Tavurvur, or in English, 'Always there' has changed the landscape several times in the past 100 years - and we were going to the foot of ... read more
No bright sunrise today
Enough blue for hope
Entering Rabaul Harbour

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay October 11th 2015

After a comfortable over night cruise of 200 nautical miles or so, Sunday the 11th saw us anchoring off a beautiful tropical Island. It took quite a while to anchor the ship. Later the Captain told us there was a strong current as well as a little too much wind and swell, so the decision to stay and disembark took a little longer than usual. We were not all that surprised at the captain's remarks. From the ship's deck we could see that there was a definite rip running around the little island that somewhat protected Kitava. The anchor was 270 meters down!! Kitava is pretty much unchanged in thousands of years, and the island dwellers of the Triobriand Island group (Part of Milne Bay PNG) all move back and forwards across the islands in their ... read more
Early reflections
Under sail
Kativa and its coral island

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay » Alotau October 10th 2015

Generally we are early risers, and today was no different. This time, we saw land for the first time since leaving Morton Bay, Brisbane. Did we know what to expect? Were there any surprises? No and yes respectively. We did know that the eastern regions of PNG were lush, but we couldn't see that too clearly as sea fog and or low cloud hung around the hills. The locals later told us they were glad of our arrival as it brought the first rains of their wet season, so these silver clouds brought liquid gold to these folk. David and Mary and Marg and I went different directions in Alotau. Milne Bay province was involved in the real turning point of World War 2 (and more so at Rabaul later in the cruise) where the Imperial ... read more
I wept
The Alotau Tug

Oceania » Australia » Queensland October 9th 2015

Our journey north from Brisbane is 3 to 400 Ks off shore from the Queensland coast through the coral sea. While we would love to boast of colourful coral reefs and atolls with swaying palms, and harmonic songs drifting across the ocean, we were too far out to sea for these Queensland spectacles. So, what do you do on a cruise ship for 2 days while traveling to the first port in Papua New Guinea, Alotau. I guess the first thing you are thinking is over eating followed by marathon taste testing of all things liquid. There is much more to do and enjoy than that each day. In the evening, our cabin steward placed on our bed a list of activities for the following day, and we keenly marked off various things we wanted to ... read more
The Sometimes Waterfall
Different arts
Food at the Waterfront 1

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane October 7th 2015

Exactly 5 years to the day after having a triple bypass operation (Rob), Marg and I set out on a less traumatic adventure. The bright white of a cruise ship is much more inviting than the adventure 5 years previously! Mary and David were travelling with us as well as their son John, and for them this was a case of revisiting a country where they had worked for several years, and John had visited some of the areas that the cruise would visit as a PNG school boy on an excursion. So they had an expectation, and we had an a real sense of adventure. One of my Father's cousins (Bev Sundgren) worked for many years in PNG, producing reading material for use in the primary schools of PNG, so we have also had an ... read more
Papua New Guinea
In the queue
Obstructed view

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Carnarvon Gorge August 6th 2015

Our Central Queensland trip now headed south west to Carnarvon Gorge via Emerald. The roads on this section were better than the development roads we drove to get to Moranbah. If you see a road marked as a development road, they have an interesting history to open an area for mining or agriculture. Often these were just a metal road, and then later a single lain of bitumen placed down the centre. As traffic increased, the seal was widened by adding wings each side of centre. Overtime, these outer edges seem to sink. Where a line marking had been neatly painted down the edge, time had moved the line to resemble a heart monitor printout. This section was flat-lined by comparison, that is, dead easy to drive over! We were about 20ks north of Emerald and ... read more
The easel
Vincent was (not) here
The sun flowers

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Moranbah July 26th 2015

After spending an enjoyable morning at Eumundi, we headed north west towards Moranbah to meet up with David and Mary ready to go to Carnarvon Gorge. David had been filling in at the Moranbah Baptist Church for three months until their new Pastor was able to start. Much of Queensland is in serious drought at the moment, so as we headed north west through Gayndah and towards Moranbah, the transition from the coastal lush to barren dry became evident. By and large the journey over three short days was easy and without incident, but we do wonder sometimes at some driver's mentality. We had stopped for lunch in a popular rest area, and after a stretch of the legs, we set out north again. We were approaching the highway entrance when a four wheel drive vehicle ... read more
Duaringa 01
Duaringa 02
Duaringa 03

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