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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Porongurup February 11th 2015

I guess we all like a challenge, and part of our return journey included a physical challenge - climbing to the top of Castle Rock in the Porongurup National Park. We had seen photos, and even a video which showed just how quick and easy the climb is. Marg had some doubts that I could do the climb after my back injury. I had some doubt that Marg could do it as well with shoulder damage etc. We left Wagin quite early in the morning to get to Porongurup early before the day heated up too much - about a 2 hour drive. We stopped at the Porongurup Caravan Park to book a site for the night and found that the National Park was opened today for the first time in a week after forestry staff ... read more
About 1/3rd way up track
The rocky terrain
More of the track

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep February 9th 2015

You know about the best laid plans of mice and man? Well, our eastbound return journey to Brisbane is and has been rather like that. When visiting Western Australia in January and February, be aware that this is 'Bush Fire' season. There have been several severe fires not too far from Yanchep where we have been staying, and we are greatful that those didn't get close to our part. But fire season has changed our return plans, delaying departure for a week, and adjusting our plans some what due to very large out of control fire in the south west closing several National Parks that we hoped to visit. Some of these fires have been lit by young arsonists, others as the result of the amazing electrical storms that hung around Perth for three days during ... read more
Sunset at Wagin
Merino sheep
The unique rainbow

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City January 23rd 2015

We love a day out in Perth City Centre. This is such a busy colourful city where tourists and locals enjoy the great summer living and buzz of so much activity. We can catch a bus close to Michael's place to Butler Railway Station, and then direct into the city centre by train. Total journey time is about 1:15 which is quite convenient. One thing we have noticed is that in Perth they love their bronze statues. Be they historical figures, or representations of wild life, there are many to view. One of my favourites is the clown doing a hand stand in the Hay Street Mall. The set of kangaroos down by the Supreme Court Museum is worthy of note too. We find the map confusing to tell you where this is - it could ... read more
Tail of the snake
Plumeria take 2
Time for a drink

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Donnybrook January 15th 2015

Donnybrook Excursion It seems like ages since we were out and about after I damaged my back. While I still have some discomfort, and walking is a little slow, we decided that we would revisit Donnybrook WA and also camp in the Wellington National Park if possible. The night before leaving Marg kicked her little pinkie toe and may have broken it or just plain badly bruised it. So we were both down to a slow pace, though Marg seems to be recovering quickly and I struggle to keep up. We drove across Perth south to Mandurah where we followed the old coast road down to Bunbury where we planned to have lunch on the foreshore. The old coast road runs between the ocean and a large estuary, but by and large neither is visible unless ... read more
Red Winged Wren
Bunbury Beach
Leschenault Peninsula 01

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep January 3rd 2015

December in Perth - well this includes part of November as well. Initially we stayed at the Club Capricorn Caravan Park while we helped our son get the parking area at the front of their home prepared. It was weird really, because when we pulled up in front of the home for the first time, we looked at the area and our hearts sank - it looked too small. Anyway, we got out of the motorhome and when we paced out the area it was going to be more than adequate. So we backed the motor home onto the site to check levels, and quickly worked out that there was a bit of work to be done before we could stay on site for an extended time. You would think that Perth would be pretty warm ... read more
Hot Rods 01
Carnaby's Cockatoos 02
The Walking Stick

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yanchep November 7th 2014

This easy one day drive really completes the first half of our journey. We have arrived at Yanchep (north of Perth) a little earlier than planned, and with a landscaping job to complete for our family here. We drove out the northern exit from Kalbarri so that we could turn south and drive through another old time town, Northam. This little rural town looks a little old and tired, but has one of the largest granaries we have seen. We had to chuckle as we drove through the town. There was a large rubbish skip parked in front of a quaint little brick commercial building, and a ramp from the front door. Next thing a miniature Bob Cat shot out the door, drove along the ramp, dumped its load and retreated inside. Not sure what OH&S ... read more
Snow fields that aren't
127 Little Digger

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri November 6th 2014

If you have been following our blog, you will see that we have adjusted our travel a little from the map we published earlier. As temperatures at Karijini were getting too high for rock climbing etc, we headed from the Gold Fields firstly to Geraldton, and then to Kalbarri. Our first stop just a little north of Geraldton was to Batavia Coast Caravan Land who have a good reputation for running repairs. In fact, we used them on our last trip for a toilet repair. It was the vacuum toilet again that had been giving us grief by not being able to hold vacuum. We had purchased the required seal and expected the service person in Ceduna to also install the seal. As we reported, he backed off and just sold us the part. The senior ... read more
Kalbarri Rescue Boat
St Francis Xavier Cathedral 1
St Francis Xavier Cathedral 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora November 2nd 2014

Which American President lived here? If you read further down the blog you will find out! Part two of the Goldfields Blog commences at Niagara Dam and takes us through the towns of Leonora, Leinster, Sandstone, Mount Magnet and finally to Mullewa. There is mining to the east of this region where there have been significant nickel finds. Probably the greatest rags to riches to rags story of recent times was the Poseidon Mine out from Laverton. Shares went from 85cents to $285.00 and now the mine is closed. A little closer to Leinster there is a huge new project which will be one of the biggest nickel mines in the world. It is only just getting under way with stage 1 currently, but much expense and expansion will shortly follow. No access to the region ... read more
The old windmill
Wedgetail in tree.
Golden wax like candle flowers

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie October 31st 2014

It's not easy to say quite where the Gold Fields story should start. East of Southern Cross, maybe at Norseman, Coolgardie, or Kalgoorlie Boulder? Geographically, the southern end of the gold fields is around Norseman, and extends across to Coolgardie and almost Southern Cross. Historically and financially, the find by Jack Hannan at Boulder would have to have had the biggest and most enduring impact. The earlier explorers here found alluvial gold, and then tracked the rock sources and started burrowing. In the Kalgoorlie Boulder area there were many mines, each productive but as time progressed, inefficient to operate. Most Aussies know of Alan Bond, and it was he who overtime bought each of the mine leases until he had the whole strip on the outskirts of Kalgoorlie. He had a vision for a deep open ... read more
Big Boys Toys
Kookynie - 1 horse town
The wheel inspecter

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mukinbudin October 27th 2014

Travel in the outback is full of surprises. Our previous blog was part one of a journey through The Wheat belt, and today's blog is the continuation of the loop through the region. The day was moderately warm, and we had been enjoying cruising through the back blocks, hung a left turn at Beacon after we photographed the tiny Anglican Church, and headed merrily on our way to Bencubbin. The map showed nothing of particular interest on this 40k stretch of road, so it was a complete surprise to drop down into a valley, and there was a frozen lake. Ice flows, frozen shore line and trees showing serious distress. As we got closer, the real story of this little un-named and unloved lake became more apparent. The trees and shoreline, ice flows etc. were not ... read more
Icey feeling
Anglican Church - Beacon
Big Rig 1

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